hey guys there’s nothing wrong just
quickly there’s nothing wrong with your screen if you’re watching this this is
my 360 hotel review of the Hilton in Pattaya so that means if you’re watching
this on your phone you can probably scroll around with your finger or move
your phone and you can look around the room 360 degrees around up and down on
your desktop use your cursor and look around the room as if you were here and
I wanted to show you this amazing beautiful hotel only one the best hotels
here in the city and although primarily I’ll talk about budget hotels this I
wanted to show you if your budget comes to it what you can get and it’s
beautiful it’s amazing so I’m going to show you the room I have another video
that’s not 360 if you haven’t checked it out I can show you the pool the
facilities and they’re in the room again but have another look around so you can
walk around you can follow me have a look and see the sea view a huge huge
double bed pink chair flat screen room service it’s beautiful it’s really
beautiful vicinities here infinity pool by reception as well as another barn and
there’s a rooftop bar open in the evening with a pool as well it looks
amazing I’m very excited to check it out so have a look around that put the
prices are round and they fluctuate from day to day but around 150 pounds for a
night for the cheapest room that’s about $200 so again not a budget hotel but not
crap I’ve seen more expensive still in this really good value for your money
from that everything every finish is amazing from from the beautiful flooring
marble I’ll show you the bathroom in a second
that a sweet little note I got left here which is cute
saying welcome they have room service let me take you out in a second let’s
have a look outside so this is a smoking room and they’re
smoking and non-smoking as this one is on the 20th floor it has a beach view
every room pretty much has it means view I’m sure and I’ve been told and you can
see all the way across you have a look over here is that Pattaya sign beach
road walking street over where the other budget hotel is that I stayed in which
you can see a review on and it’s just beautiful which is really nice okay so this this is the bathroom
European American standard it’s beautiful there’s a huge bath here with
the window you can look through and see out into the sea watched you’re having a
bath it’s really nice and all the usual complements and things you would you
would expect towels there’s a wardrobe behind you there minibar which had your
robes in everything there’s a shower of course just there and your toilet it’s
is just luxury at its finest it’s really really nice I’m looking forward to
getting in this tub later but there will not be a video of that and you’ll be
glad to know okay so thanks for watching very much that was my 360 review of the
Hilton Pattaya which is on Beach Road central festival or anymore a beautiful
hotel you’re getting great value for your money in that if you came for
escapism for luxury then this is it this really is it’s about as good as it gets
in the city it’s amazing fully recommend checking it out use the links below
I used booking.com I link right below in the video here and you can you can check
it out for yourself see what your dates look like or play around with some dates
and have a look also you can check out my site W dot Dan Britain com well
almost forgot my own site and it’s my name I go check it out have lots about
other hotel reviews on there also traveling travel on a budget or lots of
stuff lots of resources on them anyway thanks so much for watching my 360
review of the hill town and I will see you on the next one