A few days after the Salone del Mobile we met again at Pedrali and seen as the great appreciation of the Log chair we immediately thought of how to extend the collection it was quite natural to think to a lounge version of the chair we decided to apply a small review of the lines and the curves we softened the marks, we increased the thickness to offer more comfort We thought to add a pouf too that can be used as an additional support, an extra seat or even a footrest in a somewhat more cosy use as in a home or a hotel room One of the strengths of the Log project is definitely versatility thanks to its recognizable but unobtrusive shape it can be placed in different contexts from the lobby of a hotel to the home living room Also both the armchair and the chair are extremely light so you can create configurations of space, relaxation shared spaces that are extremely fluid and flexible The material is definitely a key part during the design process There are two different approaches The first path: you can start from an idea and develop it initially freeing yourself from the material and once the characteristics that the project have been identified you choose the material or the mix of materials that can better represent the performance you want Another way is to start from the material and through the project enhance the physical, mechanical or technological characteristics