These subtitles were made by the author of the video, if you find any error please comment this character is the favorite of the most of the fandom of hazbin hotel
and there has been much speculation about him all this based on your
behavior and in its history narrated in the pilot but perhaps the creator vivziepop left something in the appearance of this character that could give us some
hint to know more about him to start Alastor is the name of
a demon and we know this name what he had in life however according to some
mythologies this is also the name of a being from hell which has led to
some to theorize about this demon could have sponsored the same Alastor in life others however we have theorized about the physicist of Alastor the
which is very similar to a wendingo and in fact in the video about the appearance
I left an interest in alastor about this although nobody mentioned it in a way
direct I see that if it influenced many in the comments
and in fact I usually let them easter eggs about my next videos almost always
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content don’t forget to subscribe first let’s talk about his name and how we know the
creator vivziepop doesn’t put her stuff at random everything carries a background
according to some mythologies and religions Alastor is a demon that is under the
Lucifer’s orders is an evil genius of the antiquity of the soro-star
called the executioner he is also known as Azasel the
exterminating angel according to Greek mythology this demon
was responsible for tormenting relatives of detractors of the divine laws
tormenting relatives more young for the crimes of their
ancestors it is also said that the ancients
the geniuses were called Alastores malevolent and planners
however in other sources about demonology say that Alastor is a
evildoing genius a severe demon who embodies nemesis and happiness and that
some confuse it with hazasel and others with the exterminating angel but it
think they are different entities in summary about the name of Alastor
some see him as a servant of demon others like the same demon and
others more like a being than storm filling with happiness before the
despair of others this fits very good with the Alastor character of hazbin hotel but especially since some in the fandom believe it’s the
same father of charlie disguised though I personally doubt it although we could
face an equal case of rose and pink diamond
but now let’s talk about his appearance physics wendingo is a creature
mythological that appears in the legends of the Anglo-Quino peoples and those of the coast
this and the religion of the great lakes in usa and canada described
as a human being and beastly looking who is usually related to him
cannibalism some cultures describe in wendingos as beings
cannibal malevolent supernaturals and holders of a great spiritual power
also wendingos are personifications of gluttony and
greed as well as excesses do not satisfy only with killing and
consume only one person but they are constantly looking for new
victims in some legends humans they are overwhelmed by greed and
they can become one of these however in other cultures where it is
present this myth there is the belief of that human beings can become
in this monster if you have ever practiced cannibalism or if they are
possessed by the demonic spirit what which can happen during a dream as soon as the transformation occurs the
person will become violent and obsessed with eating meat
human the most frequent cause of that transformation is that the person has
resorted to cannibalism devouring the another person’s body in order to
avoid starving for a great period of need this coupled a
previous video about the death of Alastor could be that this charges a little
felt because the killer Alastor from Hazbin hotel lived in a hard time however this topic becomes even more
interesting when we know about legends of the wendingos in several stories it is said that it was a great hunter that was lost in the forest and that by feeding on human flesh it was
punished and transformed from this monster with big hands with claws and
very agile servant-like which it feeds on human flesh and the most
interesting at least in my opinion arguably a legend tells that the
first wendingo was a mortal betrayed by his beloved who stops
avenge the kill and eat your heart however instead of savoring the taste
from his revenge the heart will be froze to see what he had done and he
became a beast that ate hearts which ended up being hunted let me tell you this just what investigate and I didn’t know about these
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