– So this little
area here, there’s several bars in this complex. They have college night. So it gets really packed. We have a lot of
problems with just drunk disturbances, assaults. I mean, just people get
drunk, and they get rowdy. So I’m just going to
have to check it out and see if anything’s going on. She’s very drunk. – Is she all right? Well, I’m not worried
about her driving. I just want to make
sure she’s OK, like– – Well, this is not a
good way to be turning 21. You can’t handle
your liquor yet. If she’s good, then let’s go. Pick her up and get
out of here, man. OK, then let’s go. Pull her shirt down too, man. Laters. So that girl clearly had
way too much to drink. It’s really dangerous. I mean, you see them
out here at these bars, I mean they’re puking
their guts out. We can stop them and let them
know, hey, I’m calling Uber, get another ride. Just make sure they’re making
good decisions before they make something that’s going to ruin
their lives or someone else’s life. Clearly intoxicated
here as well, and taking a little
ride in a shopping cart through the parking lot. – Get an Uber! – 35 [inaudible] – Did you say 172? – 72. – That’s a solid stream
you got there, buddy. You almost done? – Yeah, almost. – Hurry up and cut it. I don’t want to see you
taking a piss out here. Let’s go. Let’s go. But it already, man. Come on.
Put it away. Put it away. – I’m sorry. – 1580. You’re good? – Yeah. – You got your own pen, man? I don’t want you
touching my pen right now when you sign your ticket. – What do you mean
you’ll get a Lyft? You’re going to sign a
ticket right now, man. You can’t take a piss out here. – Sorry. – Why couldn’t you go inside? – Go stand over here by my car. – No. Just urinating in public. Can’t urinate in public. Ho m Probably like $127. You know your social? What– I’m not– sorry,
i thought my voice was a little deep calling me sir. OK, what’s your social? That’s all you know? That’s all you know? Well, that doesn’t
help me at all. It doesn’t matter if the
business is open or not. It’s still in public either way. Nobody else needs to
see you taking a piss. OK? You can’t do it in public. That’s reserved for
being in the restroom. OK? All right. I mean, obviously the gentleman
thought it was a good idea to urinate in public. And if he already has that
mentality, who knows what other decisions he may
try to make while he is in that intoxicated state. I definitely think
having a presence out here will make
them hopefully make some better decisions.