my daughter’s 28, she
represents Jack Daniel’s in the liquor
distributing business. So for recon tonight my daughter Sam is gonna walk
through that door in a minute.I asked her to sit at the bar
and let’s see what happens.
Jon’s daughter Sam
enters Liquid Lounge
a 2500 square foot space with
outdated decor, no POS,
one well, and no dedicated
area for entertainment.
Hi! How are you?
Good how are you? Welcome to Liquid. Sam knows me, she knows
what I’m looking for. Yes she does. Could I just do a
Jack and Soda? -OK, no problem.
-Thank ya. That’ll be $7. Wow, so she’s paying $7
for a Jack and Cola, that’s an expensive
cocktail. -There you go baby.
-Thank you ma’am. You’re welcome. Wouldn’t a Jack and Cola be 3
parts Cola to one part Jack? To be balanced,
Look at her face. How do
you blow a Jack and Cola? Can I have a couple
more limes too? She’s tryin’ to dilute it
a bit so it’s palatable. She’s chasing flies
away from her limes.What, did he bring food
in from the outside?
Yeah he just walked
in with that bag. But would you let
them bring food in if the kitchen
was open? No! Why would we do that? Why
would I work against myself? Look at Rob standing there
watching them do this. With his arms crossed.
Who’s running this place? That’s a good
question. Do you guys
have a menu? -Menu?
-Yeah. -Thank you.
-Yeah. Here’s some of it. You go to the window,
order up there, he’ll tell ya
what he’s got. I’m not sure I can
let her eat there. Hello? Tiffany:
So she can’t even find
the guy to place an order.
Look at how she
stands in the window
looking in that
disgusting kitchen.If there was ever
a kitchen in a prison,
That’s what it
looks like.
Can I do a shrimp kebob?
Yeah I’ll do that. Let’s see what
happens. Tiffany:
Ew, what is that? Oh my
He’s skewering some shrimp. Do
you think that shrimp is fresh?
That’s raw, and then he’s
touching everything! Rob Floyd:
Now he has shrimp juice
all over the handle. Look at this, what the hell
is that? Is that even clean? I would not eat that. This bar is
fricken disgusting. There’s fruit flies
flying around Sam,she has to put napkins
over her freaking glass.
Can we serve these
cocktails Rob? Rob Floyd:
Absolutely not.
Can we serve that food?
Jon, you cannot let her eat
that. She’s gonna be sick. Jon:
So we have dirty surface,
there’s filth
fricken everywhere.
Let’s stop this guys before
somebody gets sick.