Hey everybody wanted to do a life update with you For you and if you are new to the channel, hello, welcome and everybody he’s coming back. Welcome to you guys, too So if you’ve been following along, you know or about two weeks that’s out of town with some tour stuff But also some family vacation but a lot of things have been happening Behind the scenes that I can share with you first thing music is kind of shifting right now So it’s it’s changing and I can share more about that second thing So as you know, we moved to this apartment, but out of an IR also, we’re starting in the coffee shop downstairs So we’re literally starting up an entire coffee shop so that’s like anything and again more info will come on that so that’s been taking a lot of headspace and Finances and things like that. Also. We got a puppy. This is patchouli This is been too easy to see this little baby, but she’s a puppy so she’s not least being that much at night And she takes a lot of our attention and she’s still like teething Um, but we love her so much We rescued her for rescued her from a shelter in Kansas, and it was just awesome The experience was amazing, and we worked with her foster Mom Tracy who was amazing with her into her and now she’s our little baby My name is patchouli. And if you haven’t already you should go follow her on it. Grant. Oh, she’s so cute So besides starting a business getting a dog. Oh, I also started a new job I want an that you shop like a couple blocks away because we have one car so I have to Walk to wherever I’m working. So I chose a place that was really close and it’s juice jumps so it works out I’m still working his evening Shifts at his job and he has been working I know that’s about 45 minutes away Because we moved and I’m also really trying to do this YouTube channel and making that a priority So, um what is going on? And I really appreciate you sticking with me I’m really glad you’re with me on this Journey, because that’s what it is a journey and just wanted to give you a little life update My birthday’s on Monday and then we would have been on Tuesday And then our Grand Opening Carl’s coffee shops on Wednesday, and I started a job yesterday It would go to puppies like fucking script. So anyway, all things are good much. Love you guys. I Music is kind of shifting. We’re into this music is cut a big transition Sookie does Oh Okay