I remember walking around
the rest of the day thinking, “What happened?” Tapping into the space of me and being aware of what I truly am. My eyes were like…
I could see things clearer. There was nothing in my mind. I wasn’t thinking anything,
I wasn’t planning anything. I was just being in the moment. It creates more space in my life. I have met a lot of wonderful people. It just makes me happy. And for weeks later
I had a sense of tingling joy. Then as the years are progressing, you start to feel the energy. Maybe for the longest time,
I didn’t feel energy. And my whole life changed. I’ve pretty much done it
every week since then. This has been going on four years now,
so it’s been amazing. The awarenesses just
keep growing and growing. Since then it’s in my life.
I’m grateful for who found it, Thank you very much.