Here we have our GKv range, this
is the for GKv4360 and this is for when clients don’t necessarily need their
gastronom compatible cabinet just a store trays etc. etc. So if I open up
and show you, we’ve gone now from a stainless steel
interior and exterior to a stainless steel exterior and a food service grade
polystyrol lining. The polystyrol is very, very hard-wearing, very easy to
clean, very, very difficult to damage also. Quite easy to mould so you can again
adjust your shelf positions quite easily without the need of runners. General
storage etc? Exactly, exactly and the footprint of this one is quite unique in
that it will fit into most places and again not being stainless steel interior
it does keep the cost down slightly also. What sort of temperature range are you running? Again this is a standard refrigerator so it’s not the extended as we had before on the GKPv heavy range but still easy
to operate, simple up and down procedures here. Very, very precise but again the
extended -2 is not needed on a cabinet of this size normally, it tends to be set
at +5 and you would normally stay there because you’re looking at general
purpose, so salad items, bakery items etc. It can be dropped down slightly lower than that but you’ve got to be careful that you don’t freeze solid items if you go
below so +4. This is a static freezer as opposed to a fan assisted freezer that enables us have a better and bigger capacity than
we would do on a fan assisted freezer. You’ve got the evaporator plates here and
three baskets and the spare space beneath so you can organise your freezer
compartment quite specifically. So you don’t have quite the same flexibility to move the shelves but you maximise your storage space? Maximising storage space, more capacity and the baskets do help you to actually store and keep things
in a precise order. Temperature range on this one again not
down as far as minus 35 but again on this cabinet wouldn’t need to be,
general storage on a static freezer will be minus 19. Okay
as with all the Liebherr product range we have a two year parts and labour warranty
and again ten year parts availability after we decide to change or delist
a product range thank you very much, thank you.