Dr. Hans Liebherr, who wasn’t much involved in the hotel industry. He wanted to build a house that is better than all houses in which he spent time during his business trips. And that’s what he did. The Liebherr Group is huge and well-known in this region, because it is a reliable business partner and a reliable employer. The Liebherr family is a great company to work for. Historically in Killarney. So it’s great to be involved in that environment. The investment that we’ve just had here and before that in The Europe. I think there is no other hotel that can match that, certainly in this area. It’s a very, very good company for promoting. They always try and promote from within. Which means you can start anywhere and do anything. We did a wine tasting a few weeks ago, which was very beneficial to us. I place great value on giving them a very good, outstanding apprenticeship. Also in terms of further education and training courses. This is something extremely important and significant. Another advantage is you get to go and move between hotels. So for the winter season I could go work in one of the other sister hotels. Like the Loewen or the Interalpen because we close here in October. When I would like to learn English, which is very important today, I could go to Ireland. This is a great opportunity for me. We are very fortunate to have the Liebherr family behind us and like I said it works very, very well. They give us what we need to operate the business and all we have to do is do our job. So my name is Jason, I am the general manager at The Dunloe Hotel and Gardens. I am Elvira and hotel manager of the Hotel Falken in Memmingen. My name is Alan. I work in The Europe Hotel in Killarney. I am a personal trainer here. My name is Noemi and I work as a receptionist at the Loewen Hotel. My name is Debbie, I am the manager at Ard na Sidhe Country House. My name is Abraham and I’m assistant front office manager at the Interalpen-Hotel Tyrol.