LF Group, Distributing components, spare parts & accessories in original quality worldwide Date of foundation, 1982 A succesful story Italy turnover, Export turnover Date of foundation: 1982 Office surface: 1,500 m2 Warehouse surface: 8,700 m2 Total surface: 16,000 m2 Capital stock: € 1,840,000 i.v. Emplyees of LF Group: 170 Items in catalogue: 100,000 Cross reference to manufacturer’s codes: 270,000 Items in database: 1,400,000 Export sales share: 70% Export countries: 96 Infrastructure: Automatic stocking system with integrated computerised management Sales: Only and exclusively to specialised service and tour operators with authorised service centre Leading distributor of components, spare parts, accessories in original quality worldwide MISSION – One stop-shop, Just in time Product quality without compromise Worldwide service and sales organisation Certified quality management system and automatic storage system Professional service and best customer care Most advanced and powerful new technologies to make the job of our customers easier, reducing costs and time wasted The most complete offer of spare parts in original quality worldwide Cooking equipment: 14,317 items Washing and laundry equipment: 11,023 items Coffee and vending equipment: 12,647 items Refrigeration equipment: 5,259 items The most extensive range of spare parts for commercial kitchens Cooking equipment: 14,317 items Cooking equipment, Ovens, Pizza ovens, Microwave ovens, Food processing equipment The most extenisve range of spare parts for warewashing and laundry equipment Warewashing and laundry equipment: 11,023 items Warewashing equipment, Laundry machines, Ironing equipment, Commercial faucets The most extensive range of spare parts for coffee and vending equipment Coffee and vending equipment: 12,647 items Espresso machines, Superautomatic machines, Filter coffee machines, Coffee grinders, Vending equipment, Barista tools, Bar equipment The most extensive range of spare parts for refrigeration equipment Refrigeration equipment: 5,259 items Commercial refrigeration, Blast chillers, Ice makers, Dispensing equipment Full transparency, at LF you know what you buy Focus on these marks in our catalogues and Internet Shop The most powerful one stop-shop quality service worldwide 24-48 hrs delivery | by 72 hrs delivery | 72+ hrs delivery The only one components, spare parts dealer with Quality Certified Management System All management, administration, marketing and logistics process are checked yearly and certified from an accredited and independent quality advisor Professional service and customer care Technical consulting and parts on request (not included in our catalogue) Our country and area managers are well trained and each one of them speak and write 3-4 languages fluently Easy communication in many languages: Italian, English, German, French, Spansh, Russian, Arabic The most advanced and powerful Internet shop portal Electronic interactive catalogues from live parts data The most modern & advanced cloud of services of the industry Always with you… anywhere, anytime 7 days – 24 hours Many thanks for your time