We are right now in beautiful Bad Saarow, near Berlin – three quarters of an hour away. We are at the waterworks here, the former waterworks of Bad Saarow, which we have transformed into a beautiful hideaway. This means that it is possible to stay here starting in May in the former halls of the water and electricity works. We are still completing the final construction, but soon everything will be ready. The water tower is next to the waterworks, and it is very popular, and we have been renting out space there for more than one year. The main business of Floatel is acquiring acquiring new lighthouses and remodeling them. We are in different phases in projects in seven different properties. We just won a public competition for one project, and the contractors are already installing the windows at another project. There are no gold water faucets, no absolute luxury, and instead there is simple elegance. In the meantime, we have obtained six professional investors who have made substantial investments to enable Floatel GmbH to develop its business. The entire situation is professional, and the course has been to roll out business model throughout Europe and worldwide. Two Two particularly completely historic, unique opportunities have developed in Spain and Italy where both governments have decided to allow their lighthouses to be used for tourism concepts. The public tender involves a number of difficulties. That is a general problem. With regard to the formalities, we accordingly need tax advisors, Graf von Westphalen, Italian lawyers and everything needed to succeed.