first ticket just came up. All right.
I’m ready. Aaron:
The same thing you guys
tasted earlier
is what you wanna serve
your guests at all times. I got her drink already.
I got her drink. Okay. Who? I’ma add it to your tab.
Can you add it to her tab? I was makin’ it
right here. You makin’ more
than one drink at a time? You’ve only served one drink
down here, right? Anybody else
need anything, guys?
You all good? The server
has to bring it up, and she hasn’t
brought it up yet, okay? Adam,
look around the room. – You see food anywhere?
– No. Don’t you think food
should be out of your
kitchen in 15 minutes? – Yes.
– So we have a problem,
don’t we? – Have a major problem.
– Okay, go see what it is. Okay. Okay, put the ticket
with the food. What happened with this?
You gotta rip this.
Let ’em know it’s– Which ones are these? All right, right here.
Here you go.You cannot get easier than
a buffalo chicken dip.
It’s a sad thing to see a 20-minute ticket time
on a simple dishwhen it should only
take seven minutes.
We got to get the pace up.Here you go.
Thank you very much
for your patience. Do you need anything else
at this moment? – Who are these for?
– Um, waitress. Waitress. Okay, so put ’em where
she knows they’re ready. Put ’em on the end.
Do something.Get them ready
so they know they’re set.
We need to get these
to tables.
Don’t be afraid
to ask for help. Okay. I don’t wanna
drop all these. We’ve been waiting for the drinks
about 30 minutes now.It just seems
real unorganized.
It’s bad. It’s real bad. Raise your hand if you
haven’t gotten a drink.Look around the room, guys!Look at this. Fix it!
Come on, get us dug out. Lisa:
We’re moving like snails.
There’s no time for that.
Let’s go. Pick it up. Excuse me.
Someone will be
with you shortly. We’re a little
backed up today. I just asked anybody
who hasn’t gotten a drink
to raise their hand and 60% of the people in that
room raised their hand, and we’ve been open
almost a half hour. – Is that cool?
– Oh, really?
No, that’s not cool. So you gotta fix it! Get these orders out.
He’s been here first. Get those out first. – What’s those?
– I don’t even know. – What you waiting on?
– Drinks. Oh, my God.
They even had you waiting? Woman:
I’m not trying to be rude, but it’s been 30 minutes. I’m sorry, ma’am. Let’s get to these tables.
Come on. Get people to come back.
Service. Service. Yumeka will be back
with you shortly. – I just wanna bring
your drinks to you.
– Thank you. Come on.
Let’s get these orders.Yeah, this stuff is not
coming up with tickets.
– All the orders
is in the window.
– Oh, brother. I took your drinks
to table 18 for you. Okay, thank you.
Um, and table 18… Here’s the drinks right here.
I already took it to ’em. – Okay. Appreciate it.
– Not a problem. – Sharee?
– Yes? Sharee, when you rung up
the three margaritas, did you put in
the three chicken– You didn’t tell me no food.Yeah, I gave you a ticket
with the food on it.
you have to communicate.
We have to execute.
We have to complete something. The jalapeno is six count,
right? No,
jalapeno is one count. Let’s go, guys.
We gotta move faster. – What’s going on?
– It’s just a little chaotic. I’m really surprised
with Alison.She’s gotten great speed,but drinks are dying here.Meka’s overwhelmed
on the floor.And Sharee’s just got
a station that’s a hot mess.
Why is everybody
so frickin’ calm? – Where’s the energy
to fix this?
– There’s no energy. Jon:Let’s go, guys.
Let’s see what you got.
Come on!
We gotta get some drinks
on the floor, guys.
Where’s this going? I just want my, uh, my drink.
Can I have my drink please? Adam, I’ve got a table,
and they’re very unhappy
over there. Is everything okay? – They walked out?
– Yeah. Are they planning
on coming back? Adam’s in
the finance business.He understands process.He understands procedures.But he has
none of them in his bar.Adam is running
all over the place
trying to solve problemsthat wouldn’t even existif he had trained his staff
in the first place.
He needs to start thinking
like an operator. You guys moved? Let me find out
what is going on. I’ll be right back
with it. – What?
– You’re on your own,
Jerroid. You gotta keep an eye
on that fryer, too. Jerroid, I got
three people out there that are still waiting
on some chicken dips. Jerroid:
Two of ’em in the window.
They ain’t getting
’em out the window.
They can’t keep up with me. – Did I hear you right?
– No drinks. – How– hour and a half?
– Hour and a half. Yes. No water.
Can we have some water? No water, no drink. Jon:
Guys, look at this!
Do something. Come on.Thank you guys very much
for your patience tonight. Would you like
anything to drink? – Some water.
– I’ll bring water right away. Why don’t you guys
come back Monday night
after I fix this place and we’ll see how
we do then, okay? – Okay.
– Cool. – All right. That’ll work.
– Give us the chance
to redeem ourselves? Will do. – Adam.
– Yes? We’ve seen
what we need to see.
You agree? – Yes, I do.
– We know where
our problems are? We need some work.
Yes, I do. Let’s shut it down.
Tell everybody we’re closed. – We got a lot of work to do.
– Good evening, everyone! We’re gonna have
to close the operations for the remainder
of the evening. Finish your drinks,
finish your food. Thanks again for coming out. Tonight was wild.
We got beat up a little bit.I hold it totally on myselffor not putting procedures in
and training my staff properly.