Jon Taffer is here. Really? We’re ready, guys. We’re each doing one of each
of everything. – Jon: We don’t like to share.
– All right. – Thank you.
– Jon is here. So we gonna do the best, okay? I feel, like, scared,
because I don’t know himand I know he has a–
he got his reputation.
So I feel kind of nervous. ( speaking Spanish ) Sake sangria. I would not have expected this
to be this color. – Would you?
– No, I did not. But it looks so tropical,
so Caribbean, so fresh. It’s good. It is.
Well-balanced cocktail. – You like it?
– Yeah. – Wow.
– Futumaki. I love how he’s infused
the mango into the sushi. He’s really created
a fusion here that works. And then you got
the butteriness of the avocado, you got the sweetness
of the mango. The spice from the wasabi.
It’s a really beautiful bite. – I’d come out
of my way for this.
– I would, too. Plate three. The best ones,
take the best ones. ( speaking Spanish ) Excuse me, gentlemen. – Ooh!
– We have the Fufu dumplings. – Wow, look at that.
– Enjoy. Jon:
So that was Maria
who served us.
She’s not only a manager here,
she’s Jonathan’s girlfriend.
Okay, good job,
good job, good job. Wow. And your lemonade.– ¡Salud!
– ¡Salud!
Good balance again. – Yeah.
– Miso mofongo chicken. Can you tell us
what’s in here? Yeah, this is–
Do you know mofongo? – Have you ever tried mofongo?
– Yes. So it’s a Puerto Rican
traditional mofongo. In your case, it’s with chicken.
Yours has steak in it. The yellow cream,
it’s miso sauce. And on top of it,
you have– That’s furikake,
and the bok choy we have. – I hope you like it. Enjoy.
– Thank you. Thank you. There’s passion here. Gabriella knew everything
about this food.Personally,
I like my brother’s cooking
’cause I really love sushi.He has his twist on it,
so it’s really good.
And people who try his sushi
tend to really like it a lot. – Good flavor, Chef.
– Mm-hmm. It was a little fishy in odor,
but not in flavor. – No, you’re right.
– Think about this. They all love this.
If in fact, he can get people to come here when
he’s a guest chef, he can certainly get them
to come to his restaurant – Right. Yeah.
– when he’s his own chef. – How often do you go out
in your dining room?
– Every night. The thing about a restaurant is have your locals
and your regulars, but you always have
different people in there. So it’s important
to get to know these people,
make a connection. Why isn’t Jonathan here? If I knew Taffer was here,
potentially open up my bar, – I’d come say hello.
– Oh, yes. I wanna actually go back there
and see how busy he is. I wanna see if he could’ve
come out to say hello. Sounds good. ( speaking Spanish ) Jonathan! Yes? You busy? Um, not right now.
How was the food? The food was great.
Why didn’t you come say hello? I’m kind of busy. – But you just told me
you’re not too busy.
– Yeah. – I go now.
– Come on out. I need to talk to Jonathan
and Gabriella. The fact is, we had a really
successful night. People came. So why haven’t
they opened their restaurant for all these months? I had some fantastic food
tonight. – Thank you.
– It was creative. Cocktails were balanced
and beautiful. That’s why you invested
in him, isn’t it? Yeah, I mean,
he’s my brother. I am proud of his talent. – I don’t blame you.
– Yeah. Your sister and brother-in-law
invested with you
in the restaurant. Yes. And you opened your restaurant
when? How long ago? One year ago. So you were starting
to make money. Yeah.
We started, we started. Maria devastated
the restaurant. – Yeah. Yeah.
– So you were closed. – For seven months now.
– We lose everything. So you don’t have
the dollars then to fix it, – so you’re stuck.
– Both: Yeah. – We’re broke.
– It was devastating just to have
something so good and then because of a hurricane,
you just lose everything. – The restaurant’s bad?
– It’s very bad. You know, I have to rescue
people sometimes
that don’t deserve it. You deserve it,
but it still worries me that you haven’t tried
to open it more. I was fighting, but I can’t do–
I can’t do more. You can now.
You ready to fight with me
to do this? – Yes.
– All the way. So let’s see how bad this is. – Can we go see it?
Okay, let’s do that.
– Sure, yeah. I’m a little apprehensive
about the state of this bar. But I need to know
what I’m dealing with. That’s it? Gabriella:
Yes. Doesn’t look bad out here.
The front’s okay. – Yeah, it’s–
– The sign’s missing. We don’t have any sign,
we don’t any light, but the power’s pretty
unstable still in the island. So maybe we have power
for two weeks, but then we have a blackout
for more than maybe ten hours. – Wow.
– So it’s pretty
unstable, yeah. – Let’s see inside.
– Okay, let’s see. Okay, go ahead. Thank you. So, this was Shibo. It doesn’t look so bad. Jon:
So this carpet, was this wet? ’cause this doesn’t even look
like this was wet. No, I don’t think so.
It’s just dirty, yeah. So there’s no water line. The water, I think,
from the back, from the kitchen door,
got a little bit of water in. You can see the water
on the border of the bar. You can see
the water damage. Well, but this is
the worst part. Eight black ceiling tiles,
and that’s fixed. But you said to me
this is terrible. This isn’t terrible! There’s no water line,
there’s no damage at all! What’s so terrible?
Is this chair ruined? It just has to be cleaned. Could we clean this room
if we wanted to, to be open? Why didn’t you? Honestly. I could clean this room myself
in a week, couldn’t I? Give me some chemicals,
let me clean. Who would’ve given you
the chemicals, if you don’t have any money? A few hundred dollars
worth of chemicals? Yes. – Not even that.
– Did you go price it? No. So you didn’t even try. You just gave up
before you started! I get that
there was a storm, but you gotta fight
to get out of it! – And you didn’t.
– We thought about doing it but since we ran out
of inventory, we just didn’t have
anything– So inventory was your issue?We didn’t have
the inventory to–
Literally, we had no money. Like, zero
on our bank account. It would’ve been difficult
to buy all of the stuff. Let’s go see the kitchen. Let’s see what we got
from there. – Do you have any light?
– Yeah, we have light. Jon:
Look at this place. Oh! Ugh! There’s– There’s bugs
in all of this. Yeah, I know. That’s roots. – Yeah, it’s–
– Ugh! Look at this.
I don’t even wanna touch this. Those are cherries
from seven months ago. What’s wrong
with this kitchen? – That works, doesn’t it?
– Yeah. Everything was new,
everything was brand-new. But everything works.
There was no flood
in here, was there? We have a little bit of water
that came up from outside, – but–
– How much water? ( speaking Spanish ) So it’s an excuse,
but it didn’t hurt anything. Yeah. – This equipment works,
doesn’t it?
– Yeah. If I clean this kitchen, could I cook in here
tomorrow? – Both: Yeah.
– Why didn’t you?
I don’t get it! Help me understand this!