LES BROWN► I want to share with you how to reach
your goals I think the Bible greatest motivation book ever been written now I
want you to repeat after me please we got to recondition our minds first let
us say together good things that’s supposed to happen to me yeah write that
down I want you to say that to yourself every day see we live in a world where
we believe that bad things are supposed to happen to us
I remember a part of my life issued when things are going good for me and I said
this is too good to be true something is bound to happen
guess what it did thou shalt decree a thing that shall be established under
you and shall accomplish that when – it has been sent what’s your word what what
you say about yourself about your fears be conscious of that on a daily basis
why because your words are powerful in the beginning was the work life and
death is in the tongue watch what you say never say I’m broke I’m overcoming a
cash flow problem claim what you want not what you don’t
want so firm good things for suppose to happen to meet and begin to believe that
began to expect that now I was talking to my oldest son Calvin we’re going for
walk and I said Calvin do you want to be successful he said yes i dad okay
kept on walking then I stopped and I looked him in the eyes it’s my namesake
my Junior I said Calvin we’re looking at each other I died on do you expect to be
successful given the fact that you are a single parent of two kids given the fact
that you decided not to go to college to further your education given the fact
that you’re very talented but you’re behind on your dream and your bills do
you expect based upon your performance based upon what you produce at this
point in time in your life do you expect to be successful and Calvin got quiet
you can see if you ask most people that the manpower conference do you want to
be successful do you want to live a life of productivity do you want to live a
life of contribution do you want to be a better father do you want to have your
own business other dreams you want everybody will say yes but the one shows
up in conversation expectation shows up in behavior say I can tell what you
expect by what you do that’s why the Bible says judge it’s a tree by the
fruited bear not to prove that it was not to prove that it talks about not the
fruit that it claims but by one thing you are doing see what
you do when you leave here when the music stops when the shouting dies down
your behavior how you conduct yourself writing your goals down deciding to
enroll in school to get a GED deciding to sit in the class with children young
enough to be your grandchildren decide to find some part of some idea of some
service that you can provide so that you can begin to create some value for
yourself so you can create well let me tell you
something ladies and gentlemen it’s very important that we begin to learn how to
create well I’m not talking about loving money don’t believe that a lack of money
is the root of all evil people are steal for money people have killed for money
people go to jail for money every time the unemployment goes up in those areas
where the unemployment is higher that’s where you have the highest incidence of
crime and violence whenever the unemployment goes up 1% in our community
10,000 children and women are better won money makes a difference in your life I
never wanted to be rich all I’ve ever wanted to do was to be comfortable how
many of ever want to become will raise your hand then I realize not to be
comparable you’ve got to be rich no friend of mine Zig Ziglar said people
say money won’t make you happy but everybody want to find out for
themselves Rita Davenport said money and important
but is right up there with oxygen and let me tell you some fellows even if
you’re homeless I am if you’ve got some money women will find something cute on
you he got yellow like Dimmesdale honey money makes a difference I used to be so
broke when creditors would call the house my children would answer the phone
and say bye daddy say yeah I was gonna broke it once on my life I want my bacon
trip the alarm I’d say you poverty sucks you hear me
repeat after me please I’ll never be broke again
yes write that down I affirm that I’ll never be broke again never never will I
ever be broke again let me tell you what money does number one it gives you
control over your life write that down number two it gives you
options three it allows you to live a life of contribution to contribute to
things that you feel strongly about like this ministry and the work of project
2000 we’ll be doing to change the lives of young people
Bishop Jake’s vision is that we can have little league football teams and
baseball teams and basketball teams then we can have Lou League dermatologists
and cardiologists and endocrinologist so he is now establishing an institution
project mm to give our young people the methods the techniques to reinvent
themselves as we go into the next millennium and this era that Peter
Drucker calls the era of a three C’s accelerated change overwhelming
complexity and tremendous competition so here’s the first step to accumulating
wealth if you expect to do it write this down you must be willing to do the
things today others won’t do in order to have the things tomorrow others won’t
have that’s why the book of life says the road to life is straight and narrow
and few there be that find it because fuel there will be that are willing to
do the things today others won’t do in order to have the things tomorrow others
won’t have what are the things that others won’t do number one make
discipline a major force in your life how many of you know if you’d have been
more disciplined you’d be further alone to reach your goals right now Socrates
said the undisciplined life is an insane life
Road life is straight and narrow because few there be that are willing to
discipline themselves here’s something else that most people won’t do make it
okay to fail a lot of people 85% of people allow their fear of failure to
outweigh their desire to succeed repeat after me please anything that’s worth
doing is worth doing badly yes anything is worth doing is worth doing right as
we have been taught if you know how to do it
but if you don’t know how to do it is worth doing badly until you get it right now write this down you don’t have to be
great to get started but you have to get started to be great the first time I stood up to speak I
stood up and my mind set down I looked at the audience and I’ve had it I had to
introduce a play at school we approved we brought the school ran up mr.
Washington mr. Brown where you going on mr. wash and I I can’t think what I
don’t know did you rehearse yes I did well what’s wrong why did you say your
Liza I don’t know so I just got up and I looked at them and everything let me let
me do it another day please oh no go back out there mr. da mr. Washington how
much the police searched so don’t don’t don’t send me I did not mess up this
around if you run now you will always be running anything that’s worth doing is
worth doing badly until you get it right why are you moving I guess I got to go
to bathroom sir mr. brown go back out there yes sir Wilbur espanha
please call 12 Angry Men directed by you still you are in Washington now ran off
the next day hey alfalfa Bravo are you they dogged me out they
talked about me so bad the next time another event came up mr.
Washington mr. Brown you’re up I said no mr. Washington everybody says no not him
I said there right mr. Washington not me he said mr. Brown you uh yes sir and I
went out and pretty soon the people laughed at me didn’t bother me they
would throw paper and I can catch it without losing my concentration and then
one day I came out and a hush went across the audience because it must have
been something about me that indicated that I had come to myself and mr.
Washington been practicing with me to give a presentation and I looked at the
audience and I said I choose not to be a common man it’s my right to be uncommon
if I can I seek opportunity not security I do not
wish to be a kept citizen humbled and dull by having the state look after me I
want to take your calculated risk to dream in two bills of failing to succeed
I refuse to live from hand to mouth I prefer the challenges of life to the
guaranteed existence the Parilla fulfillment to the silk arm of utopia I
will never cower before any master nor been to any threat it’s my heritage to
stand erect traveling afraid the face of rebellion say this I have done girl
stood up say that’s my boy free hearty unlike me from there our baby but I
didn’t start off like that you have something special you have talents
abilities in you that you don’t even know so how do we begin to create wealth
let me give you some some ideas number one right if found knowledge what
knowledge that you have in this economy part of what we need that people willing
to pay you for that next is talent what talent jion’s talents playing football I
don’t have that as a tower my talent is talking to me that my definition of
success is doing what you love to do and find somebody to pay you to do it you
want to master your talent find out what it is that you love to do I love the
tall scriptures another key that says to us and what we need to do to begin to
develop ourselves Luke 1234 where your treasure is there
will your heart be also so what do you love to do and then explore ways in
which you can earn a living doing that cooking writing painting working with
numbers working with people the other thing is not only must you have
knowledge talents some skill but the other thing that’s important face to act
on whatever your dream is see if you don’t believe in yourself how many
people you know that have a lot of channel a lot of abilities but they
don’t believe in themselves raise your hands
cf faith is very important so the faith to act on those dreams those desires
here in scripture that I that I like very much proverbs 16 16 chapter third
verse commit thy works unto the Lord and I thought shall be established commit
means to carry into action deliberately commit means to make it happen no matter
what commitment
the difference between next time you have bigger than age the chicken was
involved the pig was committed he had to give it all up that’s going to take a
minute to sink in alright so when you make a commitment I’m going to become
wealthy when you make it important when you decide I’m going to do it no matter
what life changes for you see most people don’t keep their commitments to
their commitment that’s why they lead lives of poverty lives of misery lives
of unhappiness Socrates said the uncommitted life isn’t worth living so
part of what you must do whatever commitment whatever covenant you make
with God while you’re here to go back to be a better partner to go back to make a
difference in the community to go back to change your life to decide not to
ever to use drugs or alcohol again to decide to visit you’re going to begin to
recreate yourself that you’re going to be reborn to a new state of
consciousness whatever commitment that you make keep your commitment to your
commitment no matter what if it’s hard then do it hard
particular commitment to your commitment