people go two jabs in Haiti seven percent of americans and guess what and they pray they don’t get fired host that Smith that’s no way to live that’s why you’re here yes then no what no I ain’t going out like this you and people think you crazy and you all got me crazy then you got to be out of your mind my favorite books and let that mind be in you you got to have another mining you said I got this this is my life I own this i’m going to call the shots here nobody’s gonna tell me how much I’m worth what time I can take a lunch break I’m not going to anybody and ask for permission to take my family on vacation no no I got this I’ve got a vehicle i can take me to another place that’s why you said yes give yourselves a round of applause mr. watch examples around transform your mindset number two he said practice let us say together oqp write this down only quality people only quality people you don’t want everybody in your organization you want only quality people there’s nothing else he said Mr Brown yes Sarah and this is what we’re going to do in this presentation that’s called presentation power he said develop your communication skills how you present yourself how you sell yourself he said once you open your mouth you tell the world who you all and then he said something else let’s stay together with conviction I want everybody to join me on this let us sit together you gotta be hungry then again you gotta be hungry he said what do you want to do with your life young man’s that’s not one of my mother home he said you gotta be hungry I said what do you mean by that is that people are hungry are willing to do the things today others won’t do in order to have the thing tomorrow others won’t have he said people that are hungry are relentless people that are hungry unstoppable people that are hungry refused to give up people are hungry no excuse is acceptable for not making that dream become a reality is that i’m hungry so I’m hungry to take care of my mother I’m hundred if you’ll never have to play another bill once i turn 18 and she hasn’t mr. Washington hungry sir for another life I’m not gonna die here in Liberty City I want to travel so wanna see the world said you could do that to you said practice oqp only quality people if you run around with nine broke people he said I guarantee you you’ll become number 10 it’s a work on your mind so listen to these audio programs i’m giving you every day will in turn a dare to be great everyday dr. norman vincent peale jim rohn everyday Ziggler program your mind mr. he said how do you plan to buy your mother home I Sarah want to become a disc jockey he says that right is yes sir that’s good he said work on your mind your car keys what what what do you want me to do with this at lunchtime going my car turn on the radio and listen to Paul hobby why he’s the world’s greatest communicator you want to be successful yes sir he says listen and studied people that are great communicators that’s the key to controlling your future i said but that’s at lunchtime in order to be successful you have to be hungry you’ve got to be willing to do the things a day others won’t do are you willing to do that to be successful to buy your mother home yes there yes sir and that’s what you have done you’ve got some goals that you want to gene there’s some things that you want to do and you’ve said yourself I’m willing to face to nose you said yourself I’m willing for people laugh at me you said yourself I’m willing to cut this out you said yourself I’m willing to make this happen you said yourself I’m gonna do whatever it takes to build this business I can do it if anybody’s ever done any point in time in history that was possible for one it’s possible for me and I’m gonna do it also she said yourself he said listen to Paul Harvey every day so you want to be a discharge yes sir because i want you to create your format what will your personality be what style you’re going to have to wait a minute I want to be a disc jockey I don’t have a job yet and then he said something is that it’s better to be prepared for an opportunity and not have one then have an opportunity and not be prepared he said you got to expect to become successful let’s stay together I expect to win i expect increased my recruitment I expect to be a great presenter I expect to become a millionaire it’s my time it’s possible it’s necessary it’s me it’s hard it’s worth it she said if you know the wife or living you can do almost any harm your homework assignment write down five reasons that will make it worth it for you so when the tough times come and they’re going to come when you feel like you can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and that’s a part of the process your reasons will be your rod and staff to comfort you to take you through the storms of life he told me you want to be a disc job practice on your communication skills visualize yourself talking to thousands of people mr. ball see yourself on stage presenting be willing to invest in yourself Warren Buffett was being interviewed by financial analyst on CNN said what’s the most important investment a person can make today warren buffett a billion it has billions of dollars in the stock market billions of dollars in real-estate he looked at the reporters that the most important investment you can make is in yourself the reason you’re here the reason you invested your money your time and energy and transportation and the room and all the cost of the so-called tough economy because you have the mindset of a billionaire you know investing in yourself you are your most treasured asset give yourselves a round of applause come on bring energy level ok so I said Mr Brown I’ve done all that I can do for you you got to go out and face the music you go for the things I’ve taught you and make it happen i went to WM radio station Miami Beach Walton butterball Swift is the program director hello mr. butterball my name is less sponsor I like to get this job is that young man you have any journalist in your background will start don’t you have any experience in broadcasting no sir I don’t but I practice every day let me edition for you let me show you how good I am he says no we don’t have any job honey I’ve been rejected raise your hands I was devastated with rejection i went back mr. Washington said mr. Washington is that know is that don’t take it personally most people are so negative they have to say no seven times before they say yes he said you gotta be hungry go back again I said yes sir i went back again hello mr. butterball how are you sir my name is les brown so I like to be a disc jockey is that I know what your name is want you here yesterday yes sir did not tell you know yesterday yes sir he said then why are you back today as well sir I didn’t know whether or not somebody was laid off with somebody was fired sir don’t want to Madoff a fine i get on out of here I came back the next day talking loud looking happy like I’m seeing it for the first time as it always the butterball how are you my name is less round so I like to get this jacket that I know what your name is weren’t you here the last two days I said yes sir then I tell you know the last two days I said yes sir he said why you back today is it sir I don’t know where that’s the one got sick of someone died sir he said no one got sick and died no one was laid off I don’t you come back here again I came back the next eight talking about looking happy I got singing for the first time I said on the support of all how are you he looked at me with rage he said go get me some coffee is that you’re so my favorite books that the greatest among you will be your servant so I became the errand boy for the disc jockeys i was serving them they’ll get their lunch and dinner and are coming to control watch them working the control room knobs and switches knowing my time will come let us sit together my time will come when i’ll be a top producer I want i’ll come up on stage and they call my name because of my accomplishment my time will call because i’m going to put forth the effort and so on the weekends when the discharges will come out to the parking lot the cars we clean the inside out and said hey who did this I did sir how much do you charge young man oh nothing sir just want to help out right this out bill relationships build relationships give before you ask people to come into your business find some way to compliment them talk to them ask them questions find out what’s important to them what’s stressing them out what keeps him up at night what drives them what they value don’t advance with the business people do business with people they know like and trust that’s why you want to tell the story and as key questions you want to be strategic that experience you write this up you have an energy signature people the feeling you out there listening to you they’re watching you and so it said look here my car keys young men don ross and the supremes are coming time the four tops and the temptations I want you to pick him up at the airport and take them to the fountainbleau hotel on Miami Beach it is my pleasure to serve you sir i would drive these entertainers all over Miami Beach and the discharges big long Catholics I didn’t have any drivers license but I Drive like a hat so then one day is a saturday afternoon or discharged by the name of rocket roger was drinking while he was on the air rock’n Roger got so drunk he could not complete the show he began to start his words he’s about to fall off the chair is a saturday afternoon i was only one they’re looking at into the control room window walking back and fall ya ready and hungry I was sandragel broad drink drank rock hard on getting some often asked me to then pretty soon the phone ring it was a general manager said hello he said young boy this is mr. Clyde I said I know he’s a rock and finish the program i said i know is that what you call one of the other djs then I said yes sir hung the phone up and now he must be think i’m crazy i call my mama and my girlfriend Cassandra as that y’all come out on the front porch turn up the radio i’m back to come on there I windfall by 20 minutes and I calling back as that mr. client i can’t find nobody hears that young boy United work to controls us that yes sir he said going on set with the records but don’t you say nothing here I said yes sir I could wait to get all rotted away i put on a fast record i said look out this is me lb Triple P les brown your planner plan Papa that were not before me and that will be not after me therefore that makes me the one and only young and single of domingo certified bona fide duly qualified to bring you satisfaction in a whole lot of action look out baby I’m your love man i was hungry getting home and around the phone was angry I was wondering I was wondering you gotta be hungry shake someone’s hand on your right and left and say you gotta be hungry do that right now shake somebody else’s hand so you gotta be hungry people are hungry believe if you do what is easy your life will be hard but if you do what is hard your life will be easy people are hard to believe what zigzag when he said you give enough people what they want they will give you what you want people that are hungry believe always tried to get on top of life because the bottom it’s overcrowded people that are hungry on uncommon people there say yes to their dreams they say yes to an opportunity where they can develop their entrepreneurial skills where they can develop their mind and their leadership skills where they can become versatile and flexible and creative bill of business they can be part of people that hungry have a vision of themselves when they leave him leaving a legacy and not liabilities people that hungry understand that most people died aged 25 and don’t get buried two other 65 because they’re not willing to take a chance on themselves people that are hungry a rare breed their risk takers I don’t know what you want to do seem like yesterday when I was the new kid on the block now it’s 68 on the old-time you think people in their forties roll 968 i feel like i said that the Lord and I know I look young for 68 because i use my scared to cover migrated here don’t ask every the marina he has been scary she said oh you look just fine i can say daddy you look distinguished with your gray hair as the 16 I’m not trying to distinguish I’m trying to do what I tell you the story don’t tell anybody please i gave this speech at the George don’t and after i finish it’s called it’s not over until I win and after i finish somebody came backstage mr. Brown I know you’re tired and at an out speaker council do you have enough energy to do another problem is the dome time so we can pay your full fear $25,000 as in the market is able they took over to the judges world congress center it was an intimate setting people very close to state so i looked in the role and then I went to restroom and got below Mademoiselle mascara out to cover grain you know ever brushed a shit everything so i can remove the lady wanted everybody to know that she knew me so she said various Les Brown I came up on the same she holds the cheek out for me kiss it I kissed on the cheek and left his big black smudge on our face was that oh my god sorry go to this i just sat down so the people down front . saying there’s something on your face he looks at me she said one of this land that I don’t know their one knows the lady went over to open her pocketbook and gave our mirror well nobody asked her to do that getting the kool-aid don’t know the flavor she looks it see the big black smudge on her face she’s at how did this get here what do you think maybe some of this rock off well-reasoned tell you this don’t worry if I kiss you today cuz Marines there you don’t need you be justify you look distinguished you want ever hoping you’d like to learn how to improve your presentation skills yeah we’re under webinar that will walk you through a process then and teach you how to tell your story so you can speak in your community and volunteer basis then and be able to make a difference i don’t really like to make a difference that you start raise your hands very good we will show you how to do this I’ve been doing this down for 40 years I’ll love and admire Eric worry for who he is me as a friend but the passion that he has given you the tools that you need not just the mindset but the skill set of what it takes to build a strong multi-level marketing business i can tell you based upon my experience and he’s not paying me to be here he’s got a blue light special going on this is my friend that I love me one of the few people who call me and i’ll get on a flight it only had four hours of sleep to come and speak i was very subdued and conservative today but I love and admire you i like to leave this with you after leaving zigs memorial yesterday was a great man who contributed so much to so many people I said God let me touch and change millions of people’s lives like Singh has done let me make my mark i create incredible mom let me touch hearts and minds like you touch me when I first saw him and I drove many miles for 500 miles to see him in general and dr. norman vincent peale and Charlie tremendous Jones that may be an instrument to give people hope to inspire them to expand their skillset to encourage them to create collaborative achievement driven supportive relationships god let me live a life that counts that means something to people helped me to be able to inspire people like mr. Washington inspired me like mike williams my mentor for the past 43 years who saw something in me I could not see in myself who believed in me when I didn’t believe it myself please that’d be live a life that matters won’t leave this with you this stage of my life my goal is to train 100,000 speakers who will have 1 message hope skill set and collaborative relationships that will change how people think how they feel and how they act 100,000 people outside of religion and outside of politics both of which i believe polarized and divide people 100,000 ordinary people who want to live an extraordinary life God give me the stamina and division to use my gift that you have given me to work with people who are hungry to make their lives cow i won’t leave this with you that my mother used to love to say to me when she was in pain Leslie yes ma’am coming here yes mama what is it baby see the thing for me boy that makes me feel good yes my mom my mother’s dream was the reins seven children she’d have to make sure we had a roof over head and food on the table and she never fail we never went to sleep hungry she’s a hard worker and she had faith I remember the first home I border is home she saw as a mama how you like that she said if I lived in something like that I would feel like mrs. Rockefeller she didn’t know I had planned to get that home for i purchased the home and I said mama I think I know the people who live there you do I said yes ma’am I said stop in and say hello and i drove then I opened the door and she got out of mom at that time around 76 she held my arm and we’re walking toward the house she looked at how beautiful this house will she let me show you know these people yes ma’am I do and we got to the door and I I couldn’t hold it anymore i reach in my pocket and took the key out and not put it in the door I said mrs. Rockefeller this is your home she said lastly what are you talking about it said mama I bought this you push the dolphin she’s stuck here the dossier anybody who I said no mama nobody’s here this is yours is fully furnished multi-level marketing made that happen this is going to happen for you it’s already happened for some of you mama has since passed she was born over the six just like saying I remember walking around the house looking and said thank you Jesus thank you Jesus and lastly you are such a problem give you were so crazy is that I know mama but i’m rich down I dedicate this to the dream and you said I think for me boy yes ma’am if you want to think that enough to go out and fight for it to work day and night for to give up your time your peace and your sleep for of all that you dream and schemes about and I seems useless and worthless without it and if you got his sweat for in front for the plan for and lose all your terror of the opposition for and if you simply going to that thing that you want with all of your capacity strengthens our gas today faith hope and confidence and stern pertinacity………Habits Of The Wealthy