Hello, monsieur. How may I be of assistance? There should be a reservation under the name of Taylor Raskin let me see here ah there you are How many nights will you be staying – Madam the whisky? I’m actually a guy Then why do you have a woman’s name? it’s not a- Just forget it. Tell me my room number That will be room negative 121 Negative. We miss you is in the basement, okay? Thanks. Of courseha ha ha… … huh?[Access Granted]Huh, this doesn’t seem too bad. Huh??[Spider scuttling sounds]I guess, I’ll go to bed.Please insert your social security number. well forget this. I’ll just grab a muffin I’m not really hungry anyway I’d like to file a complaint regarding the condition of this establishment Of course, then I will ask you to follow me into the complaint room. Huh? I’m afraid I cannot allow you to leave and jeopardize my hotels 5-star rating You see this fellow here. This is bill. He was Unsatisfied with the home service here he is much more quiet now Where did you go? Ah, I should have locked that Oh, no I hope you’ve enjoyed your stay Madam whore skin oh I’m checking out now, huh? [Car]