Alright, Bucky, let’s get out of here. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What is it? What’s going on? Have you heard of personal space? I mean, your hair is all in my face and stuff. I have to lean back that far in order for
the cockpit to close. See? Guess it’s alright, then. We are after all really good friends. Alright, let’s get out of here. By the way, what conditioner you use? It smells wonderful. It’s an off brand. Hey Lego fans! Welcome to another edition of This Old Lego
Brick. Today, I am going to showcase my police station
MOC as well as my Japanese dojo and sushi restaurant. So, I hope you enjoy watching this as I enjoyed
building it and as always, leave your comments below. I want to hear from you. Alright, come on, let’s check it out. This is the subway level. This is a portion of the Lego Batman Movie:
Mr. Freeze Ice Attack. I thought it fit nicely down here. I also need to order a gray, solid door to
fit right there. There’s the guard that comes with the set. And some valves and pipes. I thought it worked well down here. Here’s what it looks like on the other side. What should I put down here? My first thought is maybe a secret villain
base beneath the police station would be quite humorous or a super secret police station. I have plenty of those sets. Or extend the prison. I’m not quite sure, but I like to hear your
ideas. And from the subway level, we go to the street
level. And I am missing a few bricks for the road. I’m in the process of changing it up. Making the street the street a little more
secure. I would like to thank, Mark Cotter, for making
that suggestion in one of the comments below in my earlier video. So, this is the first floor of the police
station. I want to give it a sort of a fifties-type
vibe with the architecture here and right next to my Japanese sushi restaurant and dojo. Let me open the doors to take a peek inside. When I designed this station, I took my cue
from the fire brigade set modular building. I definitely knew that I wanted to do two
garages. Here’s the garage where the mechanic can fix
the vehicles in much need of repair after chasing the bad guys. Here is the interior. Here’s the rear of the building. This is the rear of the Japanese sushi restaurant. Not finished here. I have to put pieces on to finish that power
box, that meter box. Alright, let’s take a look inside the sushi
restaurant. Here’s the interior of the sushi restaurant. We have a little hibachi table. A grill under the stairs, a place for the
cook to get to work, and we have a geisha minifigure to greet guests. I was really surprised when the sushi pieces
came out. I really love them and I made a few modifications. The sushi I had in here before were brick
built and rather large. Here’s a close-up of the exterior. The stair entrance right here sort of mimics
the pet shop and this sushi right here fits into that gold platter. This is the jail section that fits separately
on the back and it has some playable features. So, let me show you. First, on both levels, the doors slide out. By placing some dynamite here and turning
this, the wall explodes for the prisoners to escape. Also, each of the windows of the cells can
be removed. Of course, all the beds have little secret
compartments for crowbars or knives or anything else the criminals might wish to hide. Here’s the exterior of the second floor and
as we go in, there’s a bustle of activity. There’s Chase McCain hard at work at his desk. There’s access to the first floor of the jail
through the archway and here, there’s the chief’s office. So, let’s get a closer look. There’s the external floor of the dojo, the
second story, right above the Japanese sushi restaurant and these figures here, these characters,
are Japanese. I did the best of my ability to make it spell
“food” in Japanese. At least from that angle. The reverse angle, I am not sure what it spells,
if it says anything. Let’s take a closer look at the interior,
here. We have Sensei Wu training two of his disciples
and there’s another angle. I really love those printed window pieces. The exterior of the third floor of the police
station looks almost exactly identical to the second floor, though inside, we have a
court scene. We have an English judge. Another access to the second floor jail. Some artwork. Sherlock Holmes and a slick lawyer. I’ll give a little bit more detail of him
later. As well as his client. Alright, let’s check out the roof. And here is the details of the exterior of
the roof. You might have seen an earlier video of this
MOC. I used to have the jail located up on here,
but I did want to fit a police helicopter. I moved the jail to where it’s at now and
those of you who are fans of the Lego Avengers set recognize this set. Aside from the play features that came with
this set, you can see the wall does break out, but there’s also this level here that,
when pushed with more force than I gave it, will explode this wall out. Here’s the rear. Like I said, I do want to close this and extend
it, and this back wall comes right off. It exposes the stairs that leads up from the
roof as well as a few other hidden rooms. And here’s the exterior from the subway level
up. Here, again, is the subway level, and the
street level, all the way to the top. Let me pull out some of the minifigs that
I made special for this MOC. First, we have a police officer on horseback. I have only one of those type of police helmets
and I can’t remember where I got it long, long ago. And, here is a bad guy on trial. And his lawyer. I particularly like him. It is one of my favorite minifigs. He just looks like he might be the devil’s
advocate and that’s kind of how I designed him. And then, with the Lego Undercover Police
video game, I don’t think they ever came out with a Frank Honey figure, so I did my best
to recreate that, so Chase McCain can have a bud as well as the police chief. And then a young D.A. Let me show you some of the micro builds that
I really enjoyed making. First, we have the Captain’s chair. Now, this is on a swivel base, so I didn’t
get that out of the MOC. You can see how it’s put together. Now, this is one of my favorites. Just a water cooler. Thanks for watching. If you haven’t subscribed yet, please do so,
like, and of course, leave a comment below. I want to hear your thoughts. And until next time, happy building!