from the outside the Barbary Coast collective looks like a trendy bar inside it’s a throwback to San Francisco’s Wild West past there’s no food and it’s illegal to sell alcohol patrons here are smoking we have to worry about you know hiding or being in the shadows the Barbary Coast opened in 2013 as a medical cannabis dispensary it’s now open to anyone over 21 years old business is booming think what recreation has done is just open the door for more people to to be able to come in and have this experience California is expected to rack up five billion dollars in pot sales this year when you walk into this place we want you to feel like you’re coming into hotel like you’re coming to a nice restaurant the lounge is located near the Moscone Convention Center and Union Square appealing to locals and tourists from around the world it’s illegal to to smoke weed in Egypt but you know I like it everything here is new and nice you know I never thought I would be able to see this in my lifetime lounges like this one have been popular in Amsterdam since the 1970s San Francisco dispensaries are hoping to be just as popular in the United States the city was among the first in the state to allow for what basically amounts to a cigar bar for cannabis specially designed vents are required to keep the air clean and circulating just around the corner from the Barbary Coast the bloom room probably most closely resembling Amsterdam’s coffee shops that sell weed not actual coffee after registering customers can consult a budtender and take their pick from different strains of weed we have a full vapor lounge here where members are invited Pino vaporizers we also have a dab bar during our Deborah hours I’m just a kind of a safe place where people are medicated at urban farm on 10th Street there’s a steampunk vibe and there yucking it up comedy nights every week in there giddyup lounge every day we get a new you know wave of customers have never been in a dispensary and I feel like you know now that the kind of taboo is getting lifted there’s a lot of opportunity an opportunity that now has a global reach so me sitting head in 10 friends disability smoking in this joint this is like an achievement and for some a whole new reason to visit reggie aqui ABC 7 News