The first time I noticed swelling in my ankles, I was not surprised because I was constantly on my feet all day… I am 45…and age seemed to be catching up with me very quickly. My legs ached; ankles were swollen… and I even noticed unsightly brown spots appearing out of nowhere on my legs! But the worst part was I kept tossing and turning at night, as my legs felt restless Low on confidence, fighting through pain… and weary from the sleepless nights;my problem is effecting nearly every aspect of my life When I finally went and met with my doctor, I was diagnosed with Venous Disease. When he told me there was no cure, my heart sank… There is hope! There are ways you can help to alleviate the symptoms caused by venous disease. When my Doctor noticed my distress, he told me about the Lounge Doctor Leg Rest. The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest is the only patented leg rest based on science designed to properly elevate your legs to maximize the blood flow back to your heart. What a difference The Lounge Doctor has truly made in my life! Today, nearly one half of the adult population suffers from some sort of Venous Disease and all of them would benefit from elevating their legs with the Lounge Doctor Leg Rest. People with Venous Disease have trouble with circulation and often experience many symptoms associated with this problem. The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest was invented by a Board Certified Vascular Surgeon to properly elevate one’s legs while contouring to the natural shape of your legs. Using the Lounge Doctor 20-30 minutes a day, can change your life! The Lounge Doctor Leg Rest is also beneficial for those suffering from Restless Legs, Back Pain, discomfort caused by Pregnancy and Lymphedema. It is also helpful before and after surgery. Athletes can use it to prevent muscle soreness and speed up muscle recovery. It is also a great way to simply relax For more information about The Lounge Doctor, and how these products may be able to help you Please visit, or call us at 844-335-6452