So I’ve done a bunch of mods on my Tacoma
so far, and today, after installing both the winch and the bumper, it’s time to wire up
the light bar. I’ve been driving it around for a couple of
months with the light bar completely not wired up, just there for decoration, and it’s time
to fix that. If you want to watch any of the bumper or
light bar mounting videos, I will link those in the video description. This video is specifically going to talk about
the wiring and the actual mounting of the light switch in the dash of the Tacoma. There are not many videos out there that show
how to do this. We’re not exactly sure how the dashboard comes
out. I’ve got my buddy Braxen here. He actually has a YouTube channel of his own. Hit that subscribe button if you want to support
him. But, if he stops posting weekly…hit the
unsubscribe button! [Braxen] Ha ha! Ouch! [Zack] We’re not sure how to do this. Feel free to join us as we take apart my truck. It’s gonna be an interesting experience. Let’s get started. [Intro] Alright, so I will link these in the video
description. This is that little Tacoma switch that just
kind of mounts with the factory switches in the dash. And then we have the wiring harness here,
which connects to the light bar and then goes inside the cab through the fire wall. So there are a couple different switch locations. There’s one on the other side of the steering
wheel, but I don’t have any empty slots except for this one right here. So we’re going to have to figure out how to
pull this away from the truck and Brax thinks he knows how. [Braxen] It should be pretty similar to the
2nd Gen Tacomas, which I’ve taken a lot out of my 2nd Gen. [Zack] That’s currently his truck right there,
taken apart. [Braxen] It’s only got half a face right now. I’m making a small little adjustment. It’ll be fine. [Zack] Alright, so what are we doing with
this? [Braxen] So on the manuals, the first thing
you gotta do is twist this to the right and then drop it down so you’re not pulling this
whole section off. And then unscrew the gear shift. And then that will let this section slide
up and over the top. Next part is going to be to pop this open. There’s a little piece of carpet down at the
bottom. Pull that out and just set it to the side. And then inside there are a couple bolts. [Zack] Alright, so we have the two 10 millimeter
bolts out from inside of this little container here. And then the center console part, this bottom
section, comes off in a couple different pieces. There are some clasps. So this center part right here with the gear
shifter comes up, and then the whole point of this, because we have the bolts out of
the back, is to pull it away from the cab here. Alright, so remember my truck is a manual,
so an automatic might be slightly different, but there are also 2 screws before this whole
center console can shift back. One right here and then another one here on
the side. Just little Phillips heads. After those 2 screws are out, hopefully this
whole thing…if you just pull back far enough…I don’t see any extra wires there. Now, to get this piece of plastic off right
here where all these switches are…remember we have this one empty panel. So I have this bolt right here and then another
screw right down there. That Phillips head screw. And there’s one more on this side right here. And then Brax has one more on this end. [Braxen] This is the one that Zack just pointed
out. And then right underneath there’s one more
right there. [Zack] Alright, so after removing those bolts,
the center console still wants to stay in place, so we’re not going to risk pulling
it out the rest of the way and I’m going to use a razor to just pop off this cap right
here. It should be pretty straightforward. It’s just got 2 little clips inside of it
like that. So if I wanted to I could just put it back
into place too. And we should be able to put like a wire in
here and pull up our cables that we need to from the bottom without removing this whole
centerpiece of the console. We’ll give that a shot. Alright, so this light bar has the black back
to it. I will link it in the video description. So my wiring from this light bar has just
been kind of sitting inside of this. And I’ll wrap this up inside of the cab here
in a second. But this right here is the little connector
for the wiring harness. And so the wiring harness will plug into that
right there. And all of this is going to be inside of the
engine bay, which I’ll show in a second. And then right here, this is all the stuff
going to the battery. We have the ground and then the positive terminal. And then this stuff is going through the firewall,
into the truck, and this is the switch that comes standard with the light bar. But we are obviously going to rewire it so
it looks more professional and matches the rest of the buttons inside the cab. Alright, so if you remember that wire that
goes from the light bar. So that wire is right here off of this, coming
through the front middle of the truck. And then that comes around here. We have the red wire going to the red positive
of the battery. And then the black wire is just bolted into
the same ground that we use for the winch right here into the sidewall of the truck. And then this little relay thing is just bolted
onto a random bolt that we have here. And then the rest of the wiring…this is
for the switch, which is currently lit up which is great news for us. Which means if we press this it should light
up the inside of the warehouse. Kind of fun. So we’ll take this switch, unplug it right
there at that white point, and put it through the firewall and we’ll wire things up all
nice and professional-like. Alright Brax, what are you doing now? [Braxen] So you gotta get the end of the connection
that goes to the relay through the firewall. So there’s a little rubber gasket thing right
here that we’ve got to get this piece through, and it’s not really the easiest thing to do. But we’ll get it. This is like the 3rd time I’ve done it…so
kind of a veteran I guess. [Zack] Alright, so if you remember, we were
taking the wiring and bringing it into the truck through the firewall and we have it
underneath right here, where my feet go, wrapped up, and then it pops out right here. So right now we have all of these switches
in place except for this little guy right here, which we use to turn off and on the
LED bar. Obviously this is not what we want. What we want is another switch like this,
which is more square and matches the other switches that are already mounted in the truck. I’ll show you how to mount this. This is from Amazon, I will link this in the
video description. So in order to get this button to light up
automatically when it clicks on and off, we need something called an add-a-fuse, which
is this guy. It plugs into the fuse box and then has room
for additional fuses up top, which will give power to the new switch that we installed. Alright, so we are going to use something
called an add-a-fuse, but with that add-a-fuse, it extended the fuse box out too far so that
the cap wouldn’t fit on anymore, and I kind of want the fuse cap to fit on that little
box. So what we’re going to do right now is we’re
going to jerry-rig a little thing into the button next to it so that it will pull power
from the button next to it to light up the button itself. And we’re doing that by stripping down the
wire that brings power to light up the buttons, and then we’re wrapping the button that we’re
adding into that same line without actually cutting the wire. There are a couple different ways to do it. This is the way we’re choosing. And then we’ll insulate it with a little piece
of electrical tape so it keeps it separate from the rest of the wires. The wire that was powering the lights inside
of the button was the green wire. [Braxen] So to wire up the switch, the light
bar has 3 separate wires, and they come out of this black wire right here. You have your power, your ground, and basically
a trigger that goes to a relay switch. So your ground is always going to be your
black one. Power in this case is the white. And then the one that triggers the light on
and off is going to be the blue one. And that’s going to connect to one of the
red wires on the switch. So if we follow this back to the switch, the
one that needs to connect to the trigger wire for the light bar to turn on is going to be
the one that’s right next to the green wire. And then the other red wire right here is
going to be the one that’s connected to the dash lights. And that way when the dash lights come on,
so does the light. And then when we trigger the light bar, the
other one lights up. So once everything is wired back up, just
feed the wires inside. [Zack] So it looks like it is slightly brighter
than the rest of the buttons, but it is the same color, and turns off and on with all
the rest of them. And it works. So here we are inside of my truck. These are the normal lights. These would be the high beams, the brights. And then this is the LED bar. I think mine’s kind of angled a little bit
high. So I mean, it will light up like all the trees
and everything around me. But let’s go drive it for a second. [Braxen] It’s always nice to light up the
trees in case there are any owls that you might hit. [Zack] Just the brights with the LED bar. No brights. Yes brights. Yeah, I approve. No brights. Yes LED lights. [Braxen] It really brings out the scenery
of the trail. It really does though! [Zack] It’s like we’re riding during the day. Alright, we are finished. Everything is wired up. The bumper is in place. The lights are in place and everything is
working. Make sure you check out Braxen’s channel. Super huge thanks to him for helping me wire
this up. Brax does a bunch of different projects. [Braxen] Yeah, I got a bunch of stuff on the
2nd Gen Tacomas. I actually have a video where I show you how
to get wireless charging in the 2nd Gen if you want to do that. Most of the 3rd Gens have it. So go check it out. [Zack] Thanks a ton for watching, and we’ll
see you around. [Braxen] Peace.