Hi, Bob the Canadian here. Do you know what this is? Do you what we call this in English? Well in this video, I’m
going to bake some cookies in my kitchen and while I’m doing that, I’m going to teach you some
English words and phrases that you can use when
you are in a kitchen. (mixer grinds) Whoa! (laughs) (gentle upbeat music) Well hey, welcome to this video where I’m going to help you learn some English words and phrases that you can use when you
are talking about a kitchen. We are out of cookies. We have no more store bought cookies. Those are cookies that
you buy from the store. And we have no more homemade cookies. Those are cookies that you make at home. So today in this video, I am going to bake some
cookies from scratch. That means I am going to
use all of the ingredients that I need to make cookies at home. But before we get started, though, if you’re new here, don’t forget to click that red subscribe button over there and give me a thumbs up if
this video is helping you learn just a little bit more English. So it’s important whenever
you are making something in the kitchen that you wash
your hands before you start. So I am using the water from this faucet to wash my hands and
I’m using this hand soap and I’m going to use this
cloth to dry off my hands. Notice this cloth has a nice Bob the Canadian blue plaid pattern on it. So in order to make cookies, I’m going to need some
kind of instructions. In English, we call this a recipe. A recipe is something that
you find in a cookbook, like this book right here, and it gives you all of the ingredients, the things that you need to
make what you want to make, as well detailed instructions
on how to make it. So when I read my recipe,
it tells me what ingredients I need in order to make cookies. So I have all my ingredients
right here ready to go. They were originally up
here in the cupboard, but I’ve put them all
out here on the counter, or countertop, and I think
I’m ready to get started. Of course you might be wondering what these things are called. We would call these measuring cups. These are plastic measuring cups. We also have glass measuring cups which allow you to measure how much of each ingredient you need. We also have measuring spoons. So when you need to
measure out smaller amounts of different ingredients,
you can use measuring spoons. And you might be
wondering what ingredients I’m using in this recipe. Well I’m using flour, oatmeal, brown sugar, white sugar, an egg, baking powder and baking soda, vanilla extract, and of
course, chocolate chips. I should sample some of these to make sure they’re good. Mm, they’re good. So an interesting thing about Canada is that we have an American
system of measurement on one side of our measuring cups and a metric system of
measurement on the other side. And there are a few other things I need in order to bake cookies. I need a few utensils. So I have a fork and a couple of spoons. You’ll see what these are for later. And I also have the
baking sheet right here. This is called a baking
sheet or a cookie sheet. This is what I will
actually bake the cookies on once I have mixed all
the ingredients together. We’ll also need a few small
appliances to bake our cookies. I’ve already used the microwave to melt the butter a little bit. We won’t be using the toaster. And we won’t need the coffee maker. But I will be using this mixer when I put all the ingredients together and I need to mix them. We also have large
appliances in the kitchen. I won’t be needing the
stove to make cookies, but I will be needing the oven. In fact, I should
probably preheat the oven to the right temperature. I’ll do that right now. So I’m setting it to 375. When this little red light goes off, we’ll know that the oven is
at the right temperature. I think we’re ready to make the cookies. I am going to follow all the
instructions in the recipe and put the ingredients
into this mixing bowl so that we will have cookie dough. After I have mixed
everything together carefully I will put the dough on the cookie sheet and we will bake the cookies in the oven. Let’s get started. (gentle upbeat music) (mixer buzzes) (mixer buzzers) It’s going good so far, I think. (chips rattle) This is really hard to stir. I hope I made it right. If it falls out, you just eat it, right, if it’s a chocolate chip. Well there you have it, cookie dough. Next I’m going to use this spoon to put the cookie dough
onto this cookie sheet, or baking sheet, and then I’m going to put the cookies in the
oven so that they can bake. I’m not very good at
making cookies, by the way. There we go. So now I’m going to put
the cookies in the oven so that they can bake. I am also going to set the timer. The recipe said to set the
timer for 10 to 12 minutes so I’m going to set it for 10 minutes and now we’re going to wait. This is the hardest part of making cookies is the waiting, the waiting is
definitely the hardest part. I love the smell of cookies when they are baking in the oven. In fact, it just makes me
want to eat more of them and I’m going to try and
limit myself to just two. By the way, did I tell you we were making oatmeal chocolate chip cookies? I’m not sure if I mentioned
that earlier in the video. That’s definitely what’s
baking in the oven right now and I can’t wait to have
one or two, but not three. Maybe three, we’ll see. In about four seconds the
timer is going to go off. (timer beeps)
There it goes. When the timer goes off, I am
going to turn the timer off and then I am going to take
the cookies out of the oven. (pan rattles) Don’t they look really yummy? I’m going to just put them here on the stove top to cool off for a bit. You’ll notice I’m wearing an oven mitt because I certainly don’t
want to burn my hand when I take the hot
cookies out of the oven. In order to allow the cookies to cool off, I’m going to put them
on this cooling rack. That will just let the
cookies slowly cool off and then they will be ready to eat sooner. So there you go, an oatmeal
chocolate chip cookie. I think the last thing to do, besides the dishes, of course, is to eat the cookie,
or to try the cookie. Let’s see how this tastes. Ow, it’s really hot, mm. But it’s really yummy. I’m sorry to eat on camera (chuckles). Well I hope this English
lesson helped you learn just a few more English words and phrases that you can use when
you are in a kitchen. I am going to finish this
video by doing the dishes, or washing the dishes. I’m Bob the Canadian and you
are learning English with me. Thank you so much for watching. If you’re new here, don’t forget to click that red
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little bit more English. And if you have time and you
wanna learn more English, why don’t you stick around
and watch another video? (gentle upbeat music)