-Goodness gracious. -Get it together, Lautner.
-I know. I’m struggling over here. Take a pic. Is that what my
hair looks like? There you go. Hi, I’m Lea Michele,
and this is– I’m Taylor Lautner. And we’re sitting here
now, asking each other some really fun questions. And, oh yeah, we’re
on Scream Queens. -That’s true.
-All right. Where are you from? I am from Grand
Rapids, Michigan. Interesting. I have no idea where that is. It’s in a state
called Michigan. All right, Lea.
What’s your middle name? Guess. Uh– It’s Christopher. Good guess, but it’s Michele. That’s my middle name, and
I use it as my last name. No way. We’re doing so good. This is chemistry, guys. Of your previous projects–
oh– which cast member have you laughed the most with on set? Robert Pattinson? Do you laugh a lot with him? I don’t laugh a lot with him. Is he so funny? I can’t understand
anything he saws. I would go with Kristen. OK. -We laugh a lot together.
-There you go. Yeah. Something people
may not have known. And they know now. Breaking news. All right, serious question–
do you still get starstruck? -Yes.
-You do? Yes. I just saw a Guy Fieri from
“Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives,” and I saw him at Coachella, and
I almost cried, because that’s my favorite show. I really get starstruck
when I see reality stars. Me too. I don’t know what
it is about them. Yeah. But if I ever saw,
like, a Housewife– Right. I would probably–
it’s like, that would be a fantastic thing. -I’m the same thing.
-Really? Yeah. Like what? If I ever see,
like, a Bachelor, or, uh– yes, I just admitted,
I watch “The Bachelor.” OK. Who taught you how to drive? Well, that’s interesting. My mom did teach me to
drive when I was like, nine, in case of emergency. Where are you doing that? I was in New York. I learned really–
-That’s tough. In a tough city. Yeah. Here we go. Are you feeling lucky today? Oh, is it a scratcher? It’s for money! We could win! I didn’t win. You’re not getting your
lucky thing with that penny. OK. Emma buys scratchers every day. PS. Fun fact. What’s the theme song
for your grand entrance? Uh– have you
ever seen “Mulan?” Most important thing
that happened here today is that I know that
you’ve seen “Mulan.” You guys, this has
been the most fun time. Out of everyone else
that was here today, we were definitely the best. It’s not a competition, but if
it were, we would probably win. Signing off, Lea Michele. Taylor Lautner. Watch Scream Queens. See ya.