[intro music]>>GIRL: Layali Hookah Lounge has been open
in Kissimmee for a little bit- about a year and a half now. Been open since about May
5th, 2012. We’re trying to bring as much of a diverse amount of people as possible.
We would love to have, you know, young- younger kids, we’d like to have older people, we
would like to have just a complete diverse area just to welcome everybody in as much
as possible. [music]>>GIRL: The brands of tobacco that we serve
are Al-Fakher, we charge $10 for those. We have Fantasia, we charge $14 for those. And
then we have Starbuzz, we charge $15 for those. Some of our favorites, you know the most well-favored
flavor that we have here at Layali in Kissimmee is the Double Apple. With the Fantasia blends,
we have a lot of people who enjoy the Incredible Hulk, and then with the Starbuzz we have a
lot of people who enjoy the Blue Mist. A lot of things that, some of the things that people
don’t know about Layali is the fact that we do have Zaghloul, and a lot of people don’t
know that. Some people, they come in here, they just wanna be able to smoke, just the
regular tobacco, no flavor, and they’re not, you know, aware, that we have the Zaghloul,
and we do. And another thing that we also have that’s available is the Nakhila Tobacco,
the Double Apple. A lot of people enjoy mixing the Nakhila and the Al-Fakher, you know, they
like to mix it together, or just have Nakhila by itself. Just want to let everybody know
that we also have those as well; those are also available. We serve a lot of foods and
snacks here. All of them are previously prepared. We have plenty of drink options that are available
for all of our customers. We have teas, Moroccan- Moroccan tea, red tea, green tea, black tea,
we can put fresh mint in any of those. We also have Turkish coffee that’s available,
regular nos-nos, half-half, or cappuccino. We have plenty of special sports events that
we have to offer to the public. We have a lot of football that we play during the fall.
We have basketball season’s just started. We also play some different leagues and stuff
like that that’s available through soccer. We play the Europe leagues, the Spanish leagues,
the American leagues, all of those things are also. We have three 55 inch screen TVs
that are also available for anyone to watch as they like. And we also have a 96 inch projector
screen, I believe. And we also have XBOX and a couple of controllers that are also available
to enjoy FIFA. [music]>>GIRL: Come on down, you’re more than
welcome to have a seat, anybody here is definitely more than welcome to come along. And we serve
anybody 18 and older. And I just want everybody to, you know, to feel that this is their living
room, they’re more than welcome to come along and have some fun and hang out at a
good spot.