– I’m going to have a surrogate mother. So I think I’m going to
go ahead and tie my tubes. What do you guys think about that? (R&B music) – Good morning, hunties and uncles. Hope everyone is well. If you recall from yesterday’s video, before wrapping it up I told you guys we would be going to
connect with Pretty Vee. She invited some family and friends at Old Lady Gang, which is Candy’s Restaurant here in Atlanta. So, Pretty Vee recently
got onto a reality show with Lil’ Kim, and so yesterday was the first day of the show premiering, so, like I said, she
just rounded some people to watch the show with her. We did vlog it, so I’m going to showcase
the content right now. So this is from yesterday when we were at Old Lady Gang Restaurant ushering the premiere of
Lil’ Kim’s new reality show, with Pretty Vee and a
bunch of other celebrities like Mya and Chilli. (laughing) – We’re at Vena’s launch party. So she’s on a show called Girl’s Crew, starring Lil’ Kim and she is on the show and I’m so excited to watch for my girl. So I brought Sparkle out here. I brought the whole family. Sparkle, there go Keisha, pat, pat, pat. Yes, (mumbles). Jeremy, what’s good? Larek, Milan, Sam, Chloe B, Adam all here. – [Woman] It’s the whole musket. – [Latoya] I know, the whole musket here. And Vena’s crew out here. We’re at O.L.G., Old Lady Gang. – I’m taking over again. Hey y’all. – Oh yeah, I forgot. Kiwi. Kiwi’s out here. – But first of all, doesn’t
she looks so gorgeous? – We’re out here. – She looks so good. – I have to go say
congratulations to Vena. I’m so proud of my friend! This is my baby here. (mumbles) – Girl’s Cruise is on. – Yes, Girls Cruise. So make sure you check it out– – Check it out. – Every Monday at nine? – 9:00 only on VH1.
– Eastern standard time. Okay, period, point blank. So, one thing. Sparkle is a terrible friend for real. Every time I invite this girl somewhere, oh, something comes up. – I was PMSing. (laughing) – Yes. I’m like (laughs) and then there’s my hubby. Get excited! – I get a break, I get a break. – He gets a break. Oh, my God, I’m vlogging, you guys. I’m vlogging! I’m so excited. I’m in a good mood, you guys. Shout out to Candy. We’re about to eat some fried chicken. Some collard greens. Some mac and cheese, okay. – The first episode it’s
separate than what we did. The second episode will be more exciting than the first and I want to
say thank you guys so much for coming out. And keep supporting the momentum, my movement. (mumbles) My music, so much more to come. So I thank you guys so much. God is definitely a good God. Just to see myself on
the Donald’s commercial. That’s huge for me. – [Woman] Whoo! – I just wrapped up. (clapping) Thank you. Thank you. I just got wrapped that up and also Hip Hop Squares
and you know, MTV, recaps of the show and all these things. My (muffled speaking), so it’s just really really
a big, big blessing for me and I just want to say
thank y’all so much. (intense hip hop music) You’ve been rocking out with me. So I give it to him and yes, so I just want to say praise him. (yelling)
(clapping) (laughing) – [Woman] Yeah! (screaming) – Eh, eh!
(yelling) – [Woman] Whoo! (screaming) – [Woman] Whoo!
(screaming) – [LaToya] Yes! (smooth hip hop music) This is oh well gee. Some fried chicken, collard
greens, mac and cheese, yes. Where your food at, get
cha, where your food at? Eh, where your food at, get y’all? Where your food at, get
cha, where your food at? Eh. – [Woman With Shaved
Head] Where your food at? – [LaToya] Eh! Where your food, eh? Where your food at? Hey, Sparkle! – Mine is right here! – It was so fun hanging
out with you ladies. Thank you for coming out. – Welcome!
– [Woman] It was so good. – And supporting Vena. – Inviting. – [LaToya] There’s Sparkle and Keesha. Yes, you look so good. You look so mature. – Thank you. – [LaToya] Wait, hold
on, hold on, hold on. Yes, I love the haircut. – Thank you. – [LaToya] I love the glasses. – Thank you. – [LaToya] They’re so
cute, I love your outfit. – Do I look 25 now? – [LaToya] No, you look– – [Adam] 24. – [LaToya] Yeah. – 94? – [Man] 24.
– [LaToya] 24. Yeah, you look good girl. – Okay, so Adam is sending me
the dinner tonight you guys. So now we’re on a roll
for the gender reveal. – We’re on a roll for the gender reveal. So I think we’re gonna go ahead and plan a gender reveal
slash baby shower. Here in Atlanta since–
– [Sparkles] Finally. – Adam and I are going to Toronto. But my only concern is I don’t
have many friends out here. – [Woman] Yeah, they know. – Or like family out here so it’s like, we’re gonna have two people. – When would the date be? I think she’d be like (mumbles). – On a Saturday. – [Adam] This coming Saturday? – [Woman] No, no, no, I
think it should be in August. – [LaToya] I think it should be a Sunday. – August? – Wait, we in July. We need to get in time. You need to talk to like– – [Adam] We going to Cabo on the 31st. – [LaToya] Sparkle, are you
gonna be able to make it? – What day you doing? (laughing) My birthday, I’m gonna be (mumbles). – [LaToya] Oh Leo, wait,
when’s your birthday? – August 11th! – [LaToya] August 11th. – I’ll be here, yep. – Okay, August third. – [LaToya] August third. We’re gonna have an August– – [Adam] I don’t think we’ll be here. We’re in Cabo. – So Adam wants to take me to Cabo. – [Woman] Oh, for baby moon. – No, where’s Cabo? Mexico? Bruh, see if I have this
baby in Mexico, bro. Then I’ll have a Mexican baby. – [Woman] Oh, hell no. (laughing) – Bye Sia. I’m gonna have a Mexican baby, hey! Right, so y’all gonna teach
my baby how to speak Spanish or what not. – [Woman] When’s the next baby? – The next baby– – [Woman] You mean it’s today? (laughing) – What are you doing? Listen, okay, honestly guys, I don’t think I’m gonna
physically have another baby. – [Woman] Why not? – I’m gonna have a surrogate mother. So I think I’m gonna go
ahead and tie my tubes. What do you guys think about that? Tying tubes?
– [Woman] Tying your tubes? – Yeah. – But then if you get a surrogate, you’re gonna have to do two, because it’s not gonna be fair to one because they’re gonna feel neglected. – [LaToya] Why? How they gonna know? How they gonna know? – Why didn’t you have me? – [LaToya] How are they gonna know? – That’s why Sabrina, she had two, it makes sense. – [LaToya] Yeah. – You can’t do that to the baby. We got all these kids– – [LaToya] A test tube baby. – She had another two from a surrogate. – [LaToya] Oh yeah. – Who? – [LaToya] Kim Kardashian
had two surrogate babies. – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [LaToya] Yes, your sis (laughs). (laughing) We’re sisters. I’m Kim. Okay. – [Woman] She only had one. – Yeah. – [Woman] The other ones (mumbles). – So. I’m gonna have a surrogate mother. What do you guys think about surrogacy? Comment below. What do you guys think about surrogates? – I can’t even believe
surrogate stuff is a thing. I just can’t even believe it. – [Woman] Why?
– We’re in that world. – I can’t even believe we even think that that’s an alternative. It really is. – [Woman] Y’all wanna held their own kid. – Yeah, but in a time where
it’s possible through science to have children not naturally. You know what I’m saying? – What I don’t believe, I don’t like the fact that
they can mix the chromosomes. – [Adam] It’s still
naturally because the mom– – It’s not natural. Is it natural? – The conceiving is unnaturally. – Bro, bro. – But your birth is– – The birth is natural, but how it was conceived is not. Your injected through something. – [Sparkle] To your ovaries. – [LaToya] No, then into your ovaries. Is that normal? – It’s your uterus. – [LaToya] Yeah, it’s not
through a penis and a vagina and an egg and sperm. – We gotta know where– (mumbles) – There’s no hair pulling involved. Nothing.
– I don’t get it. (laughing) There’s no booty clapping. – No booty hits. (soft electronic music) Do you guys know what day it is? Taco Tuesday! (festive Latin music) (record scratching) Um, LaToya. I got a little surprise for you. – [LaToya] What is it? – All right. I wanted to take you to the future. – [LaToya] Okay. – All right? So that way you kind of know
what the future looks like. – [LaToya] That would be perfect. – Okay. You ready? Can you turn around? – [LaToya] Mm-hmm. – [Adam] All right. Turn around. Look at the– (LaToya laughing) – [LaToya] Mm ‘kay. That’s me? – [Adam] That’s you in the future, LaToya. – [LaToya] Ew, I’m still kinda cute. (child laughing) That’s 75. Black people don’t age like that. – Oh my gosh. – [Adam] All right, y’all. And apparently this is how I’m gonna look. (Adam laughing) Wow. Everyone’s going crazy with this app. – [Boy] Let me see that. – It’s kinda interesting though. I like it. – [Boy] Daddy, can I see that? – Although I think it’s totally off but– – [LaToya] Why you think it’s totally off? – I look Asian here, okay? This guy here does not, this guy looks like an Asian guy. I look Asian. Taco Tuesday. Taco Tuesday. – Taco Tuesday. – [Adam] Turn around and eat, baby. Turn around and eat. Mm ‘kay? Bon appetito. (smooth hip hop music) All right. We just finished having our Taco Tuesday. It was yummy, right, the taco? Oh, you can’t talk? Zane, did you like the tacos? – Yes! – You did? Nice, nice. We’re about to wrap up today’s vlog. – Ba, ba, bo, bo, bee how. – What? – [Serena] He said peace out. – Peace out, oh okay. – Peace out! Bye bye mom mom. – Thank you guys for tuning in. Wrapping up the vlogs. – [Zane] Bye bye, peace out, baby. – About to read with the kiddies. Superman. – Superman. – Batman. – Yes. – What about you, Serena? What book you got? – [Serena] I got this one. – [Zane] LaToya forever. – LaToya’s life. Y’all can go get this book. I’ll put the link in the description. If you have not got this book yet, it’s a good read. – Say I’m sorry. – Dive into the life of LaToya. (Zane talking) We out. Subscribe. – [Serena] Subscribe. – Subscribe. – Bye, race car. – Bye race car. (smooth jazz music)