(upbeat music) – Hi guys, it’s Jordan
and today I’m here with… – Katie from It’s Katie Donnelly. – And… – Rykel from the channel Rykel. – And today, we’re going to be playing last to leave the hotel room. So, how this works is
we’re going to go inside the hotel room and we’re going
to do a bunch of challenges and see who can last the longest and whoever stays in the
hotel room the longest wins. So… – [Girls] Um, um. – Yeah, let’s go! Come on! Into the hotel room! – [Katie] Once you go
in, you can’t come back. – Wow, it’s so bright! So, we’re actually in
California right now. So there’s bunch of palm trees. – It’s like 100 degrees. – Yay! So, I’m hoping that the AC
is working in this room. Let’s go inside. – [Katie] How are we supposed to get in? – [Rykel] Oh, I have a key. Ready? – [Jordan] Knock, knock. – [Rykel] Beep, beep. – [Jordan] Someone’s in there! Wait, open it! (chattering) – The moms are in here. – [Jordan] The moms are in here? Mom! What! What’s happening? Wait, okay. Wait, wait, wait. – [Katie] You guys aren’t
supposed to be here. – Hey! – [Jordan] Rykel’s mom. My mom. Oh, hi. – [Rachel] Even big girls have sleepovers! – [Jordan] And Katie’s mom! Wait, what are they all doing here? Um okay, I guess they’re
joining the challenge? (laughs) I guess they’re joining the challenge. Why not? That was a surprise. – [Rachel] Who volunteered
me for the challenge? (laughs) Is it Katie? Did Katie volunteer me? – There’s two Katies by the way! Yeah, my mom’s name is Katie… and then Katie. Wait, so wait. What we’re going to say:
Katie and Mom Katie. (laughs) – Oh, Katie Mom. – Katie Mom. (laughs) There we go. Okay, now that we’ve got that cleared up. Okay, so you guys, you’ve
now entered the challenge. We’re playing last to
leave the hotel room. – The challenge? – [Jordan] Yeah, good luck. You’re a part of this now. – I got this! What do I win if I stay? – It’s a mystery. – [Katie] A hug from Katie. – [Katie Mom] Aww. I want a hug from Katie. – [Jordan] Aww. – Well, only one of you can win so… – Yeah, all right. So, I think we should start
with the first challenge. We’re going to have like a
bunch of challenges mixed in with this challenge to see
if we can knock people out of the hotel room so… Let’s go come up with a challenge. (upbeat music) – I have the first challenge! – [Jordan] No, wait! You can’t! What, no! No, wait! – You have to take a bite of
whatever is under this plate. – Here’s the thing, it’s
older before younger so be careful what you are challenging. – [Jordan] Yeah, you guys have to start. – [Katie Mom] If moms do it, we stay and you guys have to do it or you’re out. – [Katie] No, it’s whoever doesn’t eat it. So, if you guys pass and you
say we don’t want to eat it and then we pass, then everyone stays. But if you guys pass
and we eat it, then… – [Katie And Rykel] You have to leave. – The mystery plate of food! That has been sitting in
this hotel room ever since like six in the morning. – Hey, I’ve got a stomach of steel! (laughs) Ready? You want to see what’s inside? – [Katie] Makes me nervous. – Three… – [Rykel] Oh, you have to
choose one of these toppings. – [Rachel] Two… Wait, wait, wait. We have honey, we have
strawberry preserves… – [Rykel] Orange marmalade… (excited chattering) – [Rachel] Tabasco and ketchup. – [Jordan] And butter? – [Rachel] And butter. – [Jordan] Okay, okay, okay. – [Rachel] Three, two, one… (yelling) (squealing) – [Jordan] Wait, what is that?! – [Rachel] This is… Wait, wait, wait! Avocado toast that is brown now. – [Jordan] Avocado?! That’s avocado toast?! – With a poached egg. I’m taking the first bite. (screaming) – [Katie] Ew! (girls screaming) (moms cheering) – [Jill] Good job, moms! – Moms, point one! – [Jordan] Oh my goodness,
there’s actually a bite in there! She ate the nasty avocado! – Yeah, we’re doing it! – [Jordan] We’re so doing it! – Then, you throw up! (chattering) (screaming) – [Jordan] Ah, she’s going on the top! – Tomato! – [Rachel] Moms all the way! – [Jordan] Oh no! Oh no. Oh no. Oh… – [Jill] Good job, Katie Mom! (cheering and clapping) – Katie Mom! – Good job, Katie Mom! – Moms rule! (chattering) – You didn’t add your topping. – You’re going to have
to take another bite. – [Rachel] No, we don’t. – [Jordan] Yeah, your topping. – [Rachel] Whatever, go for it. – We’re canceling out the topping rule. Okay, come on guys. – [Rachel] Katie is examining
this and she’s not quite sure if she even wants to partake in this. – That egg is probably
like the worst part. – [Rachel] It’s poached by the way. That means it’s semi-runny and it was… You know how they do the poached? They like drop the egg… – [Rykel] Don’t do the egg! (screaming excitedly) – [Jordan] We’re all screaming! – [Rachel] Wait, wait. Look at the moms! (screaming) – [Jordan] Oh! (chattering and laughing) (clapping) – [Rachel] We’re going to do it again. (screaming excitedly) – [Katie] Don’t eat any egg! – I’m going to go for not the egg and not the tomato because
I don’t love tomatoes and the egg is probably
going to be really gross. So, I’m going to go for
the avocado that’s rotten. – [All] Ew! – [Katie] I’m just going
to eat this honey now. – [Jordan] (murmurs) Yummy. I took a big bite! That was huge! (laughing) – [Rachel] Oh and Katie
is sucking the honey. – Cancel out the taste. – [Rachel] Okay, Rykel, you’re last. – No, I already ate. I ate… – [Rachel] No, that was like not a bite. – No, I ate… (yells) – Ugh, that tasted… (laughs) I’m going to open this up and eat this. – [Rachel] All right,
challenge one accomplished. (cheering) Everyone gets to stay in the room. – [Katie] You guys are
still not out of the room. – [Katie Mom] You guys are so boring. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Guys, I’m really bored. So it’s been like a hot minute since we did that last challenge. Like, it’s probably been like 25 minutes since we ate that nasty avocado toast. (shrieks) Rykel! Rykel just fell off the bed. Well, anyways, like I was saying… (laughs) We’ve been just sitting
here and I’m getting bored. Nobody is dropping out of this challenge and my phone is on like 2%. So, we really gotta do
like another challenge to try and get some people out because I’m getting really bored. So… – (whispering) But we
have to get the moms out. – We have to get the moms out. (shushes) So, let’s come up with a new challenge. Are you guys ready for it? New challenge, guys! Everybody get up! (grunting) (beep) (laughs) – Wait, no, sit down! We’ve got to get up at the same time. – Okay! (gasps) – We should have the moms do this! They can’t pull their weight up. (oohing) – Hold on, I got this! Okay! We have to sit down three ways and link your arms sitting backwards and then you all have to
press up at the same time. – Okay, that’s the challenge! If you can’t do it, you don’t make it. – We can totally do this! – If you can’t do it, you’re eliminated! (upbeat music) – [Jordan] Let’s try it! – All right, so sit in
like a triangle formation. – Triangle formation. – [Katie] Lock arms really
tight and put your feet really close to your butt… – Wait, wrong arm, Jordan. Jordan… – Okay, put your feet really close. – [Jordan] This is so uncomfy! – I know but it works! – Are your feet close? Ready? One, two, three, push! (laughing) – [Jordan] Hold on, hold on! (screaming) – Wait, wait. There we go! – We did it, we did it, we did it! (cheering) – Does that count? – That counts! – I say a re-do! – No, let’s see you guys do it. – [Jordan] Okay, let’s see this, ladies! – [Rachel] I noticed
your feet have to…yeah – [Katie Mom] Oh my goodness, I’m old! (laughing) Oh, I don’t know if I can do this! – And you’ve got to
push evenly on the back. – Wait, I’ve got to get my feet. – [Jordan] Ready? – [Rachel] Feet as close
to your butt as possible. – [Jordan] Okay, let’s do this! – One, two, push! – [Jordan] What?! (screaming excitedly) What?! – You guys were not as good! (laughing) – You guys, we are so cool! (upbeat music) (laughing and screaming) – [Jordan] Wait, what? (laughing) – I think we get to
pick the next challenge. – That’s a good idea. I think we did it better than the girls so we get to pick the next challenge. (upbeat music) – I don’t know how we
failed so bad at that. I mean, we still won the challenge but, like… Oh! They have an idea! – We have a challenge that
we know you cannot win! – [Jordan] Okay, what is it? – You’re going to tell them. – Oh, me? Oh. You all get to take… Hold on! This hot Tabasco sauce
and use it as lipstick. – [Jordan] No! No, no, no, no, no! No, that’s so… Oh! Rykel’s going for it. No! Okay, this is going to be
so burn-y on your lips. – [Rachel] And remember,
if you can’t do it, you have to leave the room. – My lips are chapped. – If you can’t do it, you
have to leave the room. – Well…we’ll see. – I’m down for a challenge, let’s go! – [Jill] Oh, you’ve gotta like really… (gasps) – You’ve gotta, like, really pour it. (laughing) – [Rykel] That is your fault! (oohing and screaming excitedly) – [Rachel] You’ve got to hold
it there for five seconds! One… – [Jill] Your whole
team has to have it on! – [Rachel] Oh, the whole team! – [Jordan] Okay. Hurry, hurry, hurry! (laughing)
(screaming) – Hurry! Ready? Get it on! – I can’t open it! (screaming) – Oh my gosh! Oh, that’s spicy! (laughing) – Hurry up! – My eyes are watering! Hurry! (laughing) – [Rachel] You’ve got to
rub it together, Rykel. (screaming) – My eyes are watering,
I am almost crying. – Oh! We’re done! – Ah, let’s go! Wash it off! Go! (intense music) (water running) – Hey, look! It makes your lips redder. (laughing) At the very least. It’s going to be so much
fun to watch them do it. – Oh! That was so spicy! That challenge was brutal. My tongue is burning and,
like, my lips are still really, really burn-y. I’m pretty sure you’re going to drop out because mom does not do spicy. Mom Katie does not do spicy. – Oh, I got this! So, I feel like Mom Katie
is going to drop out. We’ll see! – [Rykel] So, here’s how it goes. You have to go first
because Katie went first. – [Rachel] We’re going to
do it all at the same time! (chattering) – [Katie] No! Because I had to hold mine
on my lips for like… – We’ll hold it for 15 seconds. – [Girls] One, two three. (screaming) (laughing) – [Jordan] What?! – [Jill] See ya! – [Rachel] Bye! (girls screaming) (door shuts) – [Rykel] I mean, I guess they’re gone. – Wait, did we really… Did they just leave us? – We got rid of them. (hands slap) – Guys, wait! We actually got rid of them. What?! Okay, so, we’ve been sitting here. The moms have left, a while ago. And we really need to get
rid of that avocado toast. – I know, that’s disgusting. – Really though, it’s quite gross. But, anyways, we just busted out popcorn. (chewing) We’re just chillin’, we
don’t have anything to do. But, I think we need to do
another challenge, you guys, because, unfortunately,
there can only be one winner. – What challenges can we do? – I don’t know but we
need to come up with one. Whoever cannot land a popcorn
in their mouth, loses. (laughing) – [Katie] Oh, I’m so good at this. I’m so good at this! – [Jordan] Katie just
straight up like throwing… Okay, maybe this is not a good challenge. Okay, we’re going to find a new one. (laughing) Oh, wow. Wait! Oh my goodness! Katie! – No! (screaming) (laughing) You left the hotel room! What?! Katie, you’re out of the challenge. We can’t leave! You’re out of the challenge. – [Jill] Poor Katie. – [Jordan] Bye! – I just wanted to get
rid of the avocado toast. (laughing) – [Jordan] You can’t leave! – Okay. Well, I’m coming back in but you guys win. Obviously, I lost. – Okay, okay. I guess Katie just dropped
out of the challenge too. (laughs) – I didn’t mean to leave! I didn’t mean to do it! – I don’t know. It’s just between me and you now. So, I think we’re just going
to chill here for a little bit. I’m going to see if Rykel
will just drop out on her own because I think she’s
getting a little bored but, like, we’ll see. I don’t know! – Oh, I ain’t getting bored! I’m throwing popcorn! (murmurs) – Ah! (laughing) Okay, we’re just making a mess. That’s it! Time for a new challenge. – [Katie] What?! – We’re going to do… – [Katie] What?! – The new challenge is who
can wall sit the longest. (whooping) – [Katie] Okay, I’ll get my camera ready. – I did swimming for a long time and we had to do wall sits. – [Katie] She’s an expert at wall sits. – I just played myself. – [Katie] Yeah, you did. You really just got yourself. – Right. (upbeat music) – 90-degree angle. Down lower! – Okay. – [Katie] Can I just examine
these 90-degree angles? (laughing) That we don’t have going on here! That’s maybe… That looks like a 110-degree angle. – [Jordan] I’m trying! She’s up higher! – [Katie] This is way less
than or more than 90… There you go! Yeah, there it is! There’s 90! Jordan, you’re looking a little big there. (laughs) There it is! (laughing) – You’re looking a little big. – [Katie] Hey, no hands! – [Katie And Jordan] Oh! – [Katie] She’s getting fancy on us. – Wait, is that comfy? No, that’s not! (laughing) – [Katie] I feel like you’re cheating. – How? – [Katie] I don’t know!
Your messy bun looks good. – Yeah. – Thanks! (laughs) – Whoa! – [Katie] Link is description below! (laughing) – Ugh, there we go. – [Katie] Bruh! You are not even… Look at this! If you look under… Just look at that angle! (laughing) – My legs are longer! – My legs hurt! I’m not going to… Listen! Okay, I’m out. – [Katie] Oh no, Jordan! – I lasted for only like 20 seconds! (bag rustling) – Wait, if I’m eating it– – Okay, I’ve got to leave the room! – then am I a loser? – [Katie] Bye, Jordan! – [Rykel] Adios! – [Katie] We’ll miss you! We love you! You’re not allowed back. (laughing) (knocking on door) – [Jordan] Hello! (knocking) – [Katie] Look through the peephole! (laughing) – All right, so I guess
Rykel is our winner! Yay! (whooping) – Ready? Now we all have to do the victory dance. Ready? – [Jordan] Victory dance for Rykel! Ooh, ooh! Get it! Yes! I love it! Okay, so Rykel is the official winner. Good job, yay! You get the prize, Katie’s hug. Go ahead. – Ah! – Ah! – Well, anyways, make sure
you check out their channels and subscribe to them! They’re amazing! We filmed videos on their
channels, go check them out! Link in the description box down below. And we’ll see you all next time! – All right… (murmurs) – [Jordan] Bye! (upbeat music)