Good morning Today we leave Grand Canyon And drive towards Vegas! Let’s go! Oh my god, we’re here It’s sick! Vegas has delivered! And we’re still in the car Everything is so over the top Our hotel is incredible Here we go! Here we ***** go! Las Vegas! We’re trying to find the elevator to our room It so big! We can’t even find the elevator to our room crazy And right now Alesso
is playing by the pool beach party at the pool yup Tomorrow Zedd is playing And Diplo at night And tonight it’s Martin Garrix Tonight it’s Martin Garrix at Ceasar’s Palace And apparently this hotel have one of the best clubs in the world I don’t know where to go! There’s a ton of restaurants AT the hotel I think she mentioned at least 12! Yeah, she was like … “Choose your kitchen” “Do you want Indian, Asian etc etc” I mean look at this! And this is just the ground floor the ground floor! We’re staying at the 19th floor Way to many impressions yeah … I had no idea it was going to be like this no! I thought we were going to stroll around Nope, this is crazy There’s different elevators we’re on floor 41 … no we’re on the 19th floor room 41 … oh! Look! Golden elevators ok… Let’s see The door handle is golden Woah!
Oh my god … It’s like pink! Oh my god! What?… What!? This I like! Look at this mirror! Wooooah We should have this at home! What!?
The bathroom is sooo big This is bigger than the room in San Fransisco Yup I want to stay here longer What do we have in here? The toilette… Oh my god … We have both a shower, AND a bathtub Oh my god… And the walls are golden Babe check this out! Oh wait!… Film this! What!? Oh my god! This is sooo crazy! There’s Trump Towers… Oh my god! Holy shit
Shit Here we can see Trump His golden tower Dump the Trump… Shit… What is this!? Oh my god! I’m so freaking happy right now! Woooow! Alright, let’s hit the pool I guess … I’m just overwhelmed This feels..
Can I really go through the casino in this? Let’s go down and plan what to do tonight Where we should eat We haven’t booked the Garrix tickets yet Alright let’s do that Then we hit the pool Back from the pool Holy shit it’s hot Yeah and it’s 5 pm… And it’s more than 40 celsius outside I could lie in the sun for no more than 2 minutes before I had to cool off in the pool or shower The had like 4 pools in a big area when we got out we were all … “oh no there’s no sun by the pool” “Oh wait the pool is like a mile long” “There’s plenty of sun at the other end” yup So that was nice now we’re headed to … to purchase some “supplies” yup We haven’t even said what we’re doing tonight nope, what are we doing tonight? We have purchased VIP tickets to Martin Garrix Oh my god! At one of the biggest clubs in Las Vegas I was going to say “LA”, but no in Vegas What was it called? “Omnia” At Ceaser’s Palace Ceasers Palace That’s where we’re going Oh my god… To see Martin Garrix “ah ma ga…” So that’s going to be very nice Alright, let’s go out woho! Now we’re inside a regular convenience store A regular food store basically A regular store… That is all over the US We normally come here to … Buy like cookies Water, sun lotion … And this is what they look like in Vegas I was not prepared for this! This is more of a Casino than our hotel!? Where do you even buy the stuff? Yeah where are all the shelfs? We came here to bun sun lotion… but … like… where? Where is it? Ok… our mistake This was … A hotel casino Apparently you were supposed to Turn here after the escalator THIS is a convenience store This is a food store Makes more sense And we were all like “Oh my god!”
Our bad… There goes room service And here we have… food wow! damn! We’re actually going to see Martin Garrix tonight Tonights outfit I love these shoes I’ve been waiting for forever to wear them Yup and this is… This is the some of the shopping I’ve done
in the states some Forever 21 Super pretty And I… They have a “no shorts” rule for guys Well most places have that … So he had to settle for pants It’s going to be so hot! Haha totally! Come on I want to eat! Let’s eat! Vegas!!! We’ve finished eating mhm… And we’ve done some dancing A lot A lot of ugly dancing I’m all out of breath And now we’re in a hurry to get to Ceasar’s Palace Apparently we had the time wrong for an hour we thought it was 9:45 but it was 10:45 Yup and now it’s 10:55! 10:55pm… So yeah, he’s kinda stressed This guy So we’re leaving! Now we’re going to have an awesome night We’re going to see Martin Garrix! Bye! Good morning! Good morning Las Vegas! So Amazing, what a night! We had a super cozy dinner in our room right here looking out here over the Las Vegas night sky and then … we saw Martin Garrix Which was completey bananass At first we didn’t think we would get in because the line..
how long was the line? 4-500 meters? It was soooo long Yeah, you couldn’t even make out to what hotel it was headed that’s how long it was but fortunately we’d bought VIP passes So we could go in through the back which was sooo worth it so worth it It was really needed so we got in we we’re in like 2 hours before he started playing there was somebody before him which kinda looked like him! he looked like Martin Garrix We started shouting “GARRIX!” And then “wait a minute,
this is someone completely different” We had a blast! We didn’t get back too late we got in at around 4am set the alarm for 9am didn’t go up set the alarm for 10 didn’t go up now it’s 11am
and we’re headed to the pool yup So to the pool and then at 3pm we’re getting picked up so I can drive a Lamborghini GAH so excited And I’m going to watch so excited … Amanda can be the photograph… we’re finally here I’m gonna drive the shit out of that Lambo Let’s go! Sideways!
Woohooohooo! We’ve just come in from … It looked like my nose was purple… Ah it’s that light! of course! We’ve just gotten in from the drifting And the driving It was super scary But it was fun! It was crazy fun! Driving was … Waaaay scarier! The car easily started drifting and … It was so… cool! alright, time to get back and then… we’ll see we’ll see… something fun! Now we’re going to … a place called … Costa di Mare Apparently some fancy sea food what not Here at the Wynn So we’ll see what it’s all about How’s it going darling? oops! We just ate at the most luxurious restaurant so far yup so luxurious! really luxurious really expensive … and now we’re going to … discover Las Vegas That is the idea! We’ve been here a day and a half But we haven’t really seen the city No, it’s just too hot during the day yup now we’re headed outside it’s way too hot outside to be outside and walk around it’s still 40 degrees Celsius outside yeah, it’s just sick Here we go! There! We’re back Soon, at our hotel after … a loooong walk We’ve been walking for … I would say close to 2,5 hours shit! But there’s just so much to see and it’s so so hot! don’t know how many times I’ve said it but it’s so hot … It’s still 40 degrees Celsius and it’s 1:30 am Now we’re headed to bed We’re gonna get up early get some tanning in and then drive to San Diego yup! We are so psyched for San Diego! So good night!