– [Jamerrill] Oh, Daniel. Say Happy Father’s Day. – Happy Father’s Day. – Okay.
– Mommy you see? I watering. – Snack, snack, snack. (gurgles) Hey, guys. So, kind of breathless right now. It is Saturday evening, And I just got done filming a big after freezer cooking aftermath. I stayed up and I was freezer
cooking till like 3 a.m., but I didn’t get started until 7 p.m. I’ve shared a bunch of that on Instagram if you’re looking for that story
or pictures, what have you. Anyway, momma slept in. I left the mess. Just did a YouTube Power Hour. It actually took me an hour and 25 minutes to get my kitchen picked back up. So now it is Saturday evening. Travis is cutting steaks. He’s gonna grill, we got
hot dogs for the kids. I have some asparagus I
thought we would try to grill. I’m going to sit down
with Benjamin though, for a few minutes and catch my breath. Are you enjoying your Saturday
night barbecue Benjamin? Travis did a good job grilling asparagus. Of course we have some
grilled hot dogs for the kids. He also grilled the buns. So today is Father’s Day,
and we are taking Travis on an adventure that he
has to drive himself to. So this poor man only
ends up getting clothes like once a year or
so, and that’s because, and you’ll know if your
husband’s a really tall guy, he’s six foot six, and it
is hard to order clothes that end up fitting him well. Last year for Father’s
Day we did just that. We put in a big DXL clothing
order, most of it fit okay. You know, just following
up with exchanging things and returning things,
I am not super at that. So anyway, today we are going over the river and through the woods to go to a DXL shop in northern Virginia so he can actually try things on and such. What ends up happening
is, so his newer clothes from last year are now becoming
his grubby work clothes, that he works in the shop wearing a lot. So now he’ll have new,
fresh, going-out clothes, and I don’t have to tell him that, “No, you can’t wear that, you look like you just got off a shift
at the mill, ha ha.” So we’re going up to the
city to shop for that, and we’re gonna find a Cheesecake Factory. If you watched our new van tour, and then also my large family
van organization video, you know that with our van it
didn’t come with the back-up camera and the navigation
system and all that. So Travis has been having
fun upgrading those things. So I’ll show you those now. So this is what Travis
has installed for us. Really it’s a lot like a tablet. We can get internet on
it, put on YouTube videos, obviously use the navigation system. Sorry, my camera is bopping all around. And then up here, now this
may not show up in the video. What this is though, is
it’s a rear-view mirror that also can show what
is behind you at any time. And this big honking thing
here also becomes a back-up camera whenever you
put the van in reverse. So we’re up here now in the big city and story of our life, I didn’t realize they had a parking garage
for this clothing store. So I called, they gave us a tip on somewhere else we can park, ’cause our big, tall van, we
don’t do parking garages well. How many Stewarts can
we get on a elevator? – [Liam] A lot. Almost… – [Jamerrill] Oh, oh,
it’s opening up again. So Daddy is trying on clothes, and we are maxing and relaxing. You have been snacking. Snack, snack, snack. (gurgles) Oh! Oh, Daniel. Say happy Father’s Day. – Happy Father’s Day – [Jamerrill] Did we make
it to Cheese Cake Factory? – [Children] Yeah. – [Jamerrill] We did it, yay! Daniel, what kind of
cheesecake did you have? Was it Reese’s cup? – Yes! – [Jamerrill] Hey Miss Amelia,
you wearing Daddy’s glasses? We’re obviously back home now. Do your dinosaur noises, Liam. – It’s a bald-headed eagle noise. – [Jamerrill] Bald-headed eagle. – Uh-huh. – [Jamerill] Do it. (screeches) (Jamerill laughs) (growls) Wow! You bald-headed eagle? So we are back home, and we’re walking off some of that cheesecake
factory, tryna get steps in. You want to help me water the plants? – [Amelia] Yeah, sure. – They need it. I’m all out of breath now, but we’ve had so much rain that I haven’t been watering
my outside hanging plants. But I’m gonna need to. Because my petunias are fading so gotta give ’em some attention. While we’re up here, here’s
how my jungle’s doing. Okay, so Amelia’s gonna help me. You pull it, or at least
hold it till I get there. Okay.
– Mommy, you see? I watering. – Yep. There you go ivy. Well thank you so much for spending a little bit of this weekend with us. Travis had a fantastic Father’s Day. He ended up with 2 new pairs of shorts and 2 new pairs of jeans
which are very hard for him at 6’6 to find. I think he got 5 new
shirts, like going-out, as I would call them,
t-shirts, dress shirts, church shirts, that kind of stuff. So that’s good. Cheesecake factory was great. Brand new week. Buzzing full steam ahead tomorrow. I’ll see you next time with
another brand new video. Buh-bye.