[ Bell dings ]
Blink-182. [ Bell dings ]
Johannes Diderik van der Waals. [ Bell dings ]
James Van Der Beek. [ Bell dings ]
The identification
of chromosomes as the carriers
of genetic material as stated in
the Boveri-Sutton theory! [ Bell dings ]
Pogs. Correct answer! Mm!
Time to tally up the score
and announce our winner. Winners.
That would be us. I’m so glad you stalked me
here tonight. If we win, I probably won’t even
call the cops on you. Listen, I have an extra ticket
to a show. Do you want to go to Philly
with me for the weekend to have a spa day
and see Boyz II Men? That sounds really nice, but I
don’t even know that group. “I’ll Make Love to You.” I think you may have
different expectations for this friendship
than I do. No, that’s one of their hits.
Like… ♪ Motown Philly’s
back again ♪ ♪ Doing a little
east-coast fling ♪ ♪ Da-da-da ♪ ♪ Going off ♪ ♪ Not too hard,
not too soft ♪ That’s Boyz II Men? Oh, I do know them.
I’m in!
♪ Motown Philly’s back again ♪