Eat the head – Heat the egg (Vietnamese spoonerism) I don’t remember exactly
It’s correct! Hi~ Good morning everyone, I’m Khoai
Welcome to Khoai Lang Thang channel I’m at Hanoi But I won’t make videos in Hanoi and I’ll move to Sapa I’vs just arrived here at…
What I’m saying??? I’ve just landed at the Nội Bài airport yesterday evening So I stayed in Hanoi for 1 night and today I’m about to go to Sapa I have a backpack for my filming equipments A backpack for my flycam And a huge suitcase Can you see my suitcase?
1,2,3,4,5,6,… 7,8,9,10,11,… 12,13,…
A lot of stamps like these Actually, whenever I go by plane I’ll stick a luggage control stamp And when I came back home, I was so lazy to remove them But I also need water to help me remove them, because they have glue They look not good if they’re not removed properly, so I’ll let them there Until I come back to Saigon, I’ll remove them later Later on, until 8 AM, a driver will pick me up and drive me to Sapa To go to Sapa, you can go by many ways
Maybe by train Or by bus, limousine,… But today, I’ll rent a car so they can drive me directly from Hanoi to Sapa For about 5-6 hours He’ll be here at 8 o’clock, so now I’ll go down the hotel to have breakfast Ah, introducing to you, right behind me, can you see that? That’s a penetration toilet I think people are prefer to design hotels in those penetration ways nowadays I’vs seen so many hotels make penetration toilets And because of it, I booked this hotel [Khoai]: Thank you [Khoai]: Yes, that’s right I’ll get on this limousine We only have 15 minutes left to go to Sapa I’m having a car sick, the road from Hanoi to Lào Cai it’s okay But the road from Lào Cai to Sapa, the road is pretty bad, so I’m feeling not so good right now The car is shaking Because of car sick, I looked so bad [Man]: Please try some cinnamon tea
[Khoai]: Okay, thank you! This is…
[Man]: Hot cinnamon tea This is the welcome drink of this hotel [Man]: With the flavor of cinnamon, honey And apple juice [Khoai]: Apple juice?
[Man]: Yes The key room is put in a brocade bag, so cute! My room number is 224 I’m taking back the camera from my cameraman My room is 224 Is over here This is like a park in the middle of the hotel I can come here to enjoy the atmosphere in the evening From here, we can see the Sapa lake over there [Khoai]: Oops, I’m taking this towel with me
[Man]: It’s okay [Khoai]: Thank you! This is my room There’re 2 views, 1 is looking to the center of the town And this view is looking to the park of the hotel We can sit here in the evening And drink something This is one of the oldest luxury hotels in Sapa For about 50 years ago, this place is the best in Sapa There’re many new hotels are built now Sapa is developing so quickly I’ll show you around my room To find if there’re any special things inside Wait a sec They always have some fruits on the table I can see apple Peach Banana And a plum This banana is so small, so cute Two bottles of water, they’re free Tea and coffee here are also free As you can see, there’s a bench for us to enjoy the view My room has 2 single beds And they also have a bench inside Can you feel that the interior is kinda… They have feeling of Indochina in the past Indochina style is based on the France erection, when the French came to Vietnam When they came to Vietnam, they also bring their erection to Vietnam But after using for a period of time, they know that this erection is not suitable with Vietnam weather In Vietnam, it’s rain a lot The weather is hot and windy Especially, in the North, when the windy season comes, it’s really cold So the architectures in that time had to combine the French erection With local one, to provide a new erection Which is more suitable with the weather in Vietnam They started to bring… The materials that are so “Vietnamese” Bamboo, wood or bricks,… And they also love to make halls
Did you see when I come inside, there’s a hall? I’ll show you There’re always have halls like that When the sunlight points directly in this direction These halls will make the sunlight points less direct into our room On the rooftops, there’re lines for the wind to run through So the hot air will be get rid But now, they closed them all and use air conditioners So they’re somehow used to decorate and give the us the feeling of the past Indochina Hi, good evening everyone, I’m Khoai again It’s 6-7 PM now When I checked in my room, I sleep deeply until night And now…
Oops, let’s turn over here And I’ve just get out of my room Get out of the hotel to find something to eat, I’m so hungry now Can you see the road leading to the town is kinda deserted There’s nobody There’re some creatures are sounding I feel like I’m the only person going on this road This is not the holiday season of Vietnamese people, most of the tourists are foreigners Vietnamese people may travelled on the Independence day Can you hear that sound from the square? It destroys all of the romantic feeling of Sapa Why people turn on the music so loud like that? It’s not fit this scene at all OMG~ Give me back my peaceful Sapa Over there is the stone church of Sapa And you can see, there’re many local people They’re wearing traditional costumes and selling accessories Just a few In weekends, it’s more crowded Going straight over there is the restaurant that I’ll have dinner tonight The weather is kinda cool, it’s maybe about 21-22*C Not too cold But because it’s summer here
In fall or winter, Sapa is super cold, colder than Dalat This is the place where I’ll have dinner at Isn’t it cute? I’m in love with restaurants that have balcony, garden or have many trees People play disco music everywhere It’s so crowded, I’ll ask a waiter The area inside is kinda dark And there’re a lot people are eating inside, I was afraid that it’s gonna be noisy, so I moved outs side Outside is much brighter, fresher and less noisy This is the menu Omg~ The restaurant looks so luxury, but the menu is so simple and cute As you can see, there’re… They have local chicken Salmon, acipenser, stream fish Deer, beef and underarm-hanging pork
There’re also many kinds of soup And they sell a huge portion They sell a whole roasted chicken for about 500,000 VND 490,000 or 530,000-560,000 VND for 1 chicken They will roast or steam that chicken They don’t sell half of a chicken
So if 2 people eat 1 of this chicken, it’s gonna be so full So I think if a group of 4 comes here, you can try other dishes And if 2 people come here, notice that you can only eat 1 dish Now I have to sit here for about half an hour To wait for my chicken And roasted pork to be brought out Because they only roast a chicken if there’s a customer order So if you want to come here and eat immediately, you have to call them first The first dish is underarm-hanging pork, or they can be called “black pork” Black pork is sliced into very thick pieces Just like these and then they’re stuck to skewers The pork is grilled, they smell so good
And then sprinkled with some sesame seeds on top The galangal and fermented rice smell so good Over here, this is a special kind of vegetable in Sapa This is called “Ô Dây” leaves or sour green Sapa people eat this kind of green in their daily meals Now I’ll wrap this leaf outside a… Oh! The chicken has come out [Khoai]: Why are you laughing at me!? [Waitress]: I thought you have finished your grilled pork [Khoai]: It’s okay
[Waitress]: I brought the pork first for you to eat [Waitress]: This is the sauce
[Khoai]: Thank you [Khoai]: I’ll try it [Khoai]: This sauce has some garlic, right? [Khoai]: Oh, it’s a secret
I won’t ask you, you won’t answer anyway [Waitress]: I really don’t know what’s inside the sauce [Khoai]: Thank you a lot
This chicken is huge [Waitress]: I thought you have finished your pork [Khoai]: I was ready to eat [Waitress]: I was afraid you have to wait so long [Khoai]: It’s okay, thank you so much! The waitress thought I have finished this dish Because I tended to wait for the chicken to come out, and then I’ll eat both of them at the same time But it was so long, so I was about to eat this pork But she brought out the chicken Let’s take a look, guys! This chicken is huge I thought it’s gonna be small It has a great fragrant of lime leaves on top This chicken is roasted crispy then it will be eaten with bamboo rice and some boiled veggie I’ll eat it later, let’s finish this black pork first Put it inside The pork was marinated with spices so you don’t need to dip into any kinds of sauce, just roll it up The “Ô Dây” leaf is kinda sour The taste is just like tamarind leaves The pork has a strong flavor of galangal And a slight smell of sesame seeds In the North, we call pork is “thịt heo” and in the South, they say “thịt lợn”, it’s kinda weird for me to say “lợn” This dish is such a nice combination In the pork, it has a slight sweetness from fermented rice Combine with the sourness of “Ô Dây” leaves Because it’s sour, so the people here also call this is sour green It’s one of the raw veggies that people eat in their daily meals When you eat oily dishes like pork or their organs You should eat with these leaves Omg~ These leaves are so instense I’ll have another piece I’m holding chopsticks but I just use both of my hands anyway The skin of the pork is grilled crispy And the fat was reduce
But actually, with local pork They don’t have too much fat, local people feed them with what they have They use less industrial food, so thay have less fat I don’t know if because I’m hungry Or because it’s really good
But this dish is really tasty Specially, these leaves They really like tamarind leaves But they’re more crispy This leaf is super sour if you eat it only But the more you chew it It still has sourness, no other flavors behind Normally, with sour leaves like tamarind leaves, after you chew them properly and swallow You can taste the sweetness then But this one is special, it’s only sour Maybe these leaves can only be grown in Sapa, where has cold temperature If the South can grow this kind of leaf, this is gonna be my most favorite vegetable Because it’s both sour and crispy at the same time I love sour foods After trying this dish, I’ll try the chicken
It tastes better when you eat it hot This is free-range chicken that is grown by local people, But the special thing is, these chicken have opportunities to climb the mountains So maybe the meat will firmer and chewier than normal chickens There’re…1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 pieces of bamboo rice This bamboo rice was grilled They’re kinda crispy, you can hear the sound… I’ll grab a thigh They sprinkled some lime leaves on top Dip into this sauce Looks so delicious This chicken has a good smell of lime leaves
The sauce also smells so good with the flavor of garlic A bunch of flavors come directly into my nose The chicken is very juicy and so sweet They didn’t marinate the chicken too salty And the main flavor I can taste is from lime leaves With this sauce, the sauce has a great flavor of garlic Just like you’re eating a kind of garlic oil With the cold weather like this, this dish is such a match I don’t know why but I really love mountain grilled chicken Local people make very good grilled chickens Although they only use basic spices These spices are very familiar but the way they cook the chicken and also because the chicken is already good Because that, so when they marinate with normal spices, the flavor of chicken is highlighted And this is a… a wing! I’m eating most delicious parts of the chicken Normally, my mom said that eating thighs to run faster Eating wings to fly higher (I don’t get this) I don’t remember exactly
It’s correct! Now I’ll focus on finishing my dishes, I still have a lot of foods Let’s take a look It’s huge So I have to finish them, then… Go back to the hotel, take a rest Tomorrow I’ll trekking to a homestay on a village, it’s very pretty I’ll share with you later Goodbye everyone, I’m Khoai Remember to subscribe to watch more weekly videos about eating and travelling