Ready… 1 2 3… Hahahaha~ Food’s ready! Haha! Hey!! Time for another… KTOWN EATS!! Where are we today? We are at Zan Beer. ZAN BEER!! So we’re on the second floor of the Brown Derby Plaza. Just need to take the nice escalators up to the top. To the delicious beer heaven that is Zan Beer. We actually ordered something already. Yeah! I know! It just appeared here… Yay! This is the signature Super Zan Burger. It looks pretty…scary This is a very complicated sandwich! What do we do~~ Hahaha! Oh! And today we were lucky enough to get our own beer, special beer flight. Oooh~ We asked them if we could try a bunch of their beers on tap, because they have a very extensive beer menu. If you guys are big beer drinkers this is definitely a good place. Good place to come And watch some games! Yeah. What’s this called again? “Iron Triangle”? The “Iron Triangle”! * Cue “Game of Thrones” Music It does sound like an epic beer. I have my “Iron Triangle” on the “Iron Throne” Hahaha! Jjang! Ooh~ Dark. It’s a very strong beer. How should we attack this burger? I don’t know… Hahahaha! Too much work! Hahaha! OH NO~~~~ I RUINED IT~~~ Ok. Almost didn’t make it out alive did it. I know this is not the correct way of eating a burger but how the heck… Oh~ My giddy aunt. Cristina! You just ruined the whole hamburger. I’m sorry~~ I don’t know what to do~ OHHH~ MYY~ GOD~~ Nice hand full! You can eat it that way, I’ll eat it this way. Hehehe MMMMM~~~~ That’s a hamburger. Um hm! I thought it would taste like… too much stuff’s on it, but it actually all evens out pretty well. Wow. I need a bunch more napkins. Bring a bib if you’re gonna eat this…hamburger. Bring a baby bib! How are we gonna tackle this again?! I don’t even! Is it a hotdog?/ It’s all so messy! It’s in a hotdog like…BIG…like…brioche. This is pub food. How is this pub food? Usually you just have like..what just… You usually like get a thing of like nuts. Hahaha! It looks like a… It feels like a full baguette that they put this on. Not even like half… They like stuff bulgogi meat in the baguette. Oh my…giddy aunt. It looks like a hoggie! RIGHT?? It actually looks like a philly cheese steak. Without the cheese. Yeah. MMMM~~ Everything’s so messy! I know! It just feel out… STOP FILMING ME! I’m making a mess on my face! If you’re trying to impress your date or something, don’t order these things. Hey honey! Haha! Spilling juices all over…Eww. Other than that, it’s really good! Uh huh. A little messy but I mean the messier the better right? Right. Let’s try the Saint Archer. Saint Archer! Next on the flight. Cheers! Jjang! I like padak personally. PA…DAK Hehe! Very nice! It’s very lightly battered and lightly fried and delicious as you can imagine. That sauce has a little kick to it though. Not gonna lie. It goes right up your nose. Why did you dump it ALL in there?? I have a death wish! Don’t let the color full you guys. I know red is scary but, green is scary too. Lightly…lightly tan… Hehehe! It just shoots right through your nose! Last but not least is the honey butter chicken! Mmmm! It already looks good. Lightly battered, lightly fried. Not too overpowering. Excatly! It’s like a cheesy…like parmesan…like… taste to it. Yeah. It’s not very sweet at all so, if you’re worried about ordering honey butter chicken cause you get HONEY and you think it’s drizzled in honey. It’s not! It’s not like just fried dry chicken. No. It’s like, it’s like has a moistness to it. Moist-ness! Moist~~ Tehe…Ehhh~~ Hahaha~ It’s sounds so weird~ But it’s true!! Well, that was Zan Beer! Hope you guys enjoyed it! Delicious. Nice spot to the bring your friends to have a drink. Um hm! To have a pint! And have some laughs. I mean it’s really awesome cause, they really outdo themselves with the food that they offer on the menu and patrons are usually very excited and happy. I’m happy! I’m happy. CHEERS~~ No bowls of nuts for me. No. Until next time guys! Until next time~ Bye!!!