– Do you remember the on national television? Golly gee, I do. Great. Next question. [music playing] Acting or directing? Acting. New York or Los Angeles? Waaa. [inaudible] I can’t with that.
KRISTEN SCHAAL: Alright. Selfish choice. Party or after party? Party. Who taught you how to drive? My dad. And I learned on a stick. Whoa. I could only drive
a stick because that’s the one car we had. How many songs does
your work commute take? Half of the “Lemonade” album. What was some
advice your parents gave you on the opposite sex? If I have sex before
marriage I’ll get AIDS. STEPHANIE BEATRIZ: Mm hmm. Mm hmm. If I asked your
best friend what topic you know way too much
about, what would they tell me? I think Courtney
would be like, gosh, she talks about
Bob’s Burgers a lot. – Favorite smell?
– I know. It’s lavender. Ooooo. Fear of needles? Not at all. STEPHANIE BEATRIZ: Me neither. In high school, what
social circle were you in? Theater kids. Oh, look at that! All done. How many people did
this to end interview?