Koraishuti’r Kochuri what makes a good koraishuti’r kochuri? 1: puffy and evenly golden 2: evenly spread filling 3: a light flaky exterior maida (all-purpose flour) 150g salt 3g
sugar 8g oil 15g distribute oil evenly for a flaky crust warm water 75–80g knead until smooth cover and rest for the filling you will need… kaalo jeere (nigella seeds) ¼ tsp
hing (asafoetida) ¼ tsp ginger paste 10g
coriander powder ¼ tsp cumin powder ½ tsp
water 1 tbsp make a paste koraishuti (green peas) 150g cook in boiling water strain immediately if you’re using blanched peas, there’s no need to boil them transfer to a grinder jar green chillies 3 pcs
salt 3g sugar 4g blend until smooth; unmashed peas may cause the filled kochuri to burst! scrape sides, add a little water, if needed heat 10g vegetable oil kaalo jeere hing ginger, cumin, coriander paste fry on medium heat ground peas sauté on medium heat until dry stir continuously cook until the mixture gathers in a lump filling must be dry but soft for even spreading divide dough in 25g portions tuck from all sides to form a uniform skin keep covered divide filling in 10g portions roll into balls for even distribution flatten by hand ~5cm oil rolling pin oil the dough roll and rotate apply even, gentle pressure 14cm diameter oil two pieces of baking paper We picked up this life-changing hack
from Shyamali Sinha at Foodie’s Hut.
Link to her video is in the description. lower into hot oil, over 200°C the puffing of kochuris depends a great deal on how hot your oil is gently press down splash oil on the side facing up make sure the oil is really hot so the kochuris puff nicely hold against side of the pan to drain excess oil making kochuris for a lot of people?
on low heat, toast for 15 seconds on both sides cool completely stack between baking paper and refrigerate in airtight bags until you’re
ready to fry them! we can vouch this trick works! [photos from January 2016] niramish alu’r dom chhola’r dal