What is it? What is happening here? What numbers? You are showing me numbers? Numbers. What to do with numbers? What to do with silver button and all that? Spice?? Where is the spice? We need spice Use your head Bring some spice We need spice Where do I get spice? Hungrybaaj presents Foodka That means, like boss was talking about Bringing spice into every episode What I thought of as spice We cannot show that spice But the spice you thought about that would definitely do.
Absolutely Then let’s keep that only? Yes The fun part is that the spice they use in 5 star hotels and restaurants Pice hotels also use the same spice. Copy that once please? Same spice is used in a Pice hotel. Spice. Pice Absolutely. Pice.Spice. Which means masala. More masala. More spice If we omit the S for Spice Then we get Pice. Bravo! It took this long to justify why we are dressed up like this Let’s go to Pice Hotels. In Foodka So in this special episode for Foodka Pice hotels our first destination is 8/2 Bhabani Dutta Lane, Swadhin Bharat Hindu Hotel Foodka with his Bhaipo And we have our special guest Ambarish with us Our appearances are enough to make people understand that we are foodies Ambarish you have watched Foodka right? Yes, all the episodes. All the episodes? I have also told you previously That I wanted to come over for an episode? Yes, long back Since the food is here Then Actually we are also big fans of Ambarish Which is the reason why We want to fan Ambarish. There are a lot of regrets in life That I could not get Jamai ador, today I don’t have that regret anymore This kind of Jamai ador He is your father in law, I am your mother in law We are both fanning you Now give it back Actually, in each episode we have a different budget for small props Which we don’t know how to use That is why we used this Since we are both fans of Ambarish Ambarish, the experience of having food in Pice Hotel Before we know more about it, lets describe to people Where is 8/2 Bhabani Datta lane actually located We are near College Street Junction. And just in between Presidency and Mahatma Gandhi Road There is a bylane which contains Swadhin Bharat Hindu Hotel So any experiences before this? Yes a lot of experiences. Because I have eaten in a lot of Pice Hotels Not only in Kolkata Even in the surroundings around Kolkata, where I went to do theatre I will talk about one Pice Hotel I don’t know whether you guys will trust me on it. A lot of people doesn’t believe it. Why? Jorabagan Police Station. The four point crossing To its right is Nimtala Cremation Ground, if you take a left from there There was a restaurant, whose name people have forgotten It was colloquially known as Pichkiri Hotel Pichkiri Hotel The reason behind that being The number of employees working at the hotel were very less The owner of the hotel used to sit on a high seat And people used to sit to eat in lines Not like this. But like a wedding, in a single line And where the owner used to sit, just below him There were two big drums which had meat gravy and fish gravy The rule of Pice Hotel is that, you can take as much gravy and as much rice as you want. Exactly For fish or meat pieces, they charge you extra 13 people used to sit there It was a small place The gravy used to be splashed from a water gun What? Say suppose table number 8 needed some gravy. The regular customers who used to sit and eat there They used to ask for gravy The owner use to absorb the gravy into his water gun And throw the gravy into the platter, and he was so perfect in his calculations The gravy used to reach the plate on the 8th table only And people who were regular customers there, they were used to this And people who used to eat food on adjacent tables They used to dodge with their head in reflex The gravy used to swish past them It used to spill a bit on table 6 & 7 also But it was miraculous This hotel was called Pichkiri Hotel The food we are eating right now There are various items. This is Uchher chochchori It is a specialty here Foodka has recommended this item from here before This is the first time I am having Uchher Chochchori In Swadhin Bharat Hindu Hotel Or in any other Pice Hotel There is a tendency We get food and flavours of a home cooked meal Not a lot of fancy preparations Like Chicken this, Mutton that. Nothing of that sort Normal daal, bhaja chochchori, like we have in our home, is what is available here After starting in 1910 This was A haven for the freedom fighters of that time It was also a hide out Hide out as in , the one who was the owner back then Panda Moshai, he has blocked the door While the freedom fighters fled out of the backdoor This too has happened Another story we can tell, in 1943 The Great Bengal Famine They used to serve Khichuri here to hundreds of people Till now It is believed that the hotel is running so well due to their blessings This is a historical hotel. Then it was called Hindu Hotel The day India became independent, 15th August It is said that around 14th-15th August, the name was changed And Swadhin Bharat was added to it That became Swadhin Bharat Hindu Hotel The name was Hindu Hotel previously Then after that time it was Called Swadhin Bharat Hindu Hotel. Absolutely How are you liking it Ambarish? Amazing. You cannot get the same taste anywhere else The things you must have here are It is the chochchoris of old times Uchcher Chochchori, Enchorer Torkaari Macher Matha diye Muger Daal Definitely Macher Matha diye Muger Daal Any kind of Chochchori, Mutton My personal favourite is Pabda or Tyangra Gravy, Distinctly made with cumin seeds Which is different from other gravies If you have more appetite after having all these dishes, then have Ilish-er Tel Jhol Absolutely. And if you want to have a Meal for two people here, it will cost around 600 bucks Considering we are having Ilish as well as mutton That is why before we bid goodbyes, we will hear a song from you People think you only eat. You have a huge appetite A very large appetite It is not just that. You also do a lot of other works You also sing a lot of songs. A lot of people tell me the same I pity them because They do not know how to eat They don’t have the appetite Out of my pity for them I will sing a couple of lines Definitely. Irshad! Ambarish Sings Jeno Kichu Mone Korona You can also come. 8/2 Bhabani Datta Lane 8/2 Bhabani Datte Lane Swadhin Bharat Hindu Hotel Those who are married please don’t come Because this place is named after Independence From Swadhin Bharat Hindu Hotel we have now arrived at 40th Kailash Bose Street Where we have Jaganmata Bhojanalaya Bengalis have a close connection with Odiyas And we will explore and discover that connection Extensively with a full appetite inside. Absolutely Ambarish didn’t come, but we did We have arrived at Jaganmata Bhojanalaya Which is at 40th Kailash Bose Street The history of this shop is more than 100 years old The people from Orissa They only started cooking here And the confluence of Oriya cuisine and Bengali cuiine We have a great ambience in Jaganmata Bhojanalaya One thing I should say, if someone comes here for the first time The place might be a bit difficult to find If you are used to smartphones The location is tagged in Google Alternatively, if you follow the tram route Which cuts Kailash Bose Street, take the right from there After 8-10 buildings, you can find a lot of boards on the walls of the building Where you can find directions written in Bengali and Oriya We don’t think finding it would be a problem. It’s a thin bylane At the end of which you get the sitting area While we were coming here, Foodka told me that There are a lot of famous personalities from the food industry Or the hospitality industry Who wants to come and eat here, which means the food here Is really delicious I have come here for the first time So I will taste the food according to Foodka’s recommendations And we will recommend you as well There is Panch Meshali Torkari, Mourala fish curry Apart from that we have daal, muton Mango Chutney, Here we have Parshey Mach And I have got Ilish, which is a favourite Let me see, Here we go Here is the Ilish Let’s show it to everybody Here it is Ilish Mach for Foodka Parshey Mach for Bhaipo Mutton for both of us. Very good Am I looking at bronze plates? Till now They serve food in bronze plates Above it, for looks and hygienic reasons They put banana leaf Amazing ! Let’s start. Jaganmata is probably Kolkata’s Only Pice hotel Where there it is still a trend To sit on the floor and eat. Okay I haven’t told it because They will force me to sit on the floor after this and torture me And I cannot sit because of my back ache So do we cut this shot and start one afresh? So then let’s cut this. Yes let’s cut this You go back there once, where you will sit on the floor Then we will start from the beginning again You did not let me play with the bucket You will sit there and eat You guys will not interfere in this No one will interfere! You did not let me play with the bucket! Why will you not sit there? Caught! The first time one comes to Jaganmata What all can they eat? When you enter please ask whether mutton is available or not? Because here you get soft and tender Mutton light gravy. Not curry Nothing else. Just a light gravy. Order that You can have their Mourala Macher Chochchori. Definitely try it And Mango Chutney. This one These three things you must have These are for the people who come here for the first time Recommendations Foodka’s favourites The people who come here for the second time What all can they eat? Parshey Mach, Ilish Mach Shol Macher Tok with Kancha Aam. Putting it all together According to my estimate. from 300-500 INR You can get a meal for two. Very safely Safely. Where can we sit on the floor and eat here? In the front. Let’s go and see Let’s go and watch who all are eating there Hey! Sugarto Sen Are you well? And we are very well We were sitting on the table and having food. Didn’t know you were here Why are you sitting on the floor and eating? People who sit on the floor and eat, do you know what is it called in English? What?
Down to earth After all this time, what we understood was, in all the Pice hotels There is a basic set of rules for eating Number One The seating arrangement in Pice hotels is completely democratic If I think I can eat alone in a table People will have to share tables Because it is crowded all the time. Number two The menu changes every day What fish are available in the morning According to that, the menu varies And they write it on the whiteboard now, earlier it was handwritten on a blackboard Number 3, after you finish your meal before leaving If you tip the waiter How big a piece of fish or how much bones there will be in the meat is dependent on that If you remember these things you can enjoy eating at a Pice hotel completely