Hello, coffee lovers ! Welcome back to Koling, Kopi Keliling ! It has been a while since we had our Koling. There is something exciting in this Koling. Right now, I’m at Jakarta (the capital of Indonesia). Jakarta is widely known as crowded and the traffic jams. This Koling is located in the middle of a park inside the Graha Niaga building. Around the park, it has a coffee shop. It is Bukanagara Coffee and Roastery. Let’s check it out ! Bukanagara Coffee and Roastery is located in the middle of a park inside the Graha Niaga building. This kind of coffee shop even has their own roastery. It’s so unique until make me curious. It’s crowded time as still office hours. But, still so comfy. Let’s get in ! Hello, good afternoon ! What are the signature drinks ? Right now, it’s famous with Kopi Susu (milk coffee). We have some brewed coffee like cappuccino, cafe latte. Beside the coffee, What is Nagara Honey Lemon ? It’s a combination of honey and lemon. Is it one of signature drink as well ? Okay, I’m going to order one Es Kopi Susu Nagara. Then, one Nagara Honey Lemon. Which one do you want, sparkling, hot or ice ? Which one is more unique ? Okay, one sparkling. I want V60 for my filter coffee. These beans are all from West Java. Rancakalong is quite popular, right ? Rancakalong is not very popular. All beans are popular. Mostly known with Jayagiri. Okay, one Jayagiri please. I believe with your choice ^^ I have ordered some coffees, so let me find seat to enjoy it. The place is very fun ! Good selection of songs ! So many green. When you’re stressed thinking of jobs, It can help you relax. Feel the ambience and the beautiful of park. It cures your stress while enjoying coffee here. Finally my Jayagiri of V60 is arrived. They don’t serve Jayagiri only here. Have so many options to choose. This drink is one of best seller. It’s a special honey as not from eastern honey bee. It’s from giant honey bee. Comes with sparkling. It’s so refreshing, taste like lemonade. So instagramable whether it’s indoor or outdoor. This cafe can fit around 30 person including with the outdoor area. If you have any gathering or meeting, it can fit maybe around 20 person. The most special thing from this cafe is the coffee machine. They use two coffee machines from three groups of KEES VAN DER WESTEN. Who knows about coffee machine, must have known the price. Not even counting all the machines here. It can buy me a new house already. These two machines can buy me a new house. Just imagine that. This coffee shop produces their own coffee. They have small roasting machine. Beside you can enjoy the ambience on indoor or even outdoor. You can enjoy their specialty coffee by their own roasting. Okay, that’s all Koling on Bukanagara Coffee and Roastery. Open every day, from monday to sunday. On Monday to Friday, it opens from 8 to 10. On Weekend, it opens from 8 to 4. On weekend is much comfortable, mostly few people. You can enjoy more your me time. Follow Instagram : @ottencoffee Follow Instagram : @bukanagara.coffee For those who likes this video, Don’t forget Subscribe, Share, Like. Just comment bellow if you had ever come here. See you on the next Koling !