Hello its Kinoshita Yuka today I have been invited to eat at Google’s staff cafeteria this is my first time at a staff cafeteria and this is one exclusive to that companies staff members so I am very excited to be here alright lets eat shall we there are many types of food to sample here at google’s staff cafeteria they really take the nutrition of their staff very seriously its a sirloin beef ‘saikyou yaki’ (japanese style flavor) since today is Christmas there is a roast chicken and turkey here ╬ everything is super delicious ╬ they really take nutrition to heart ╬That’s right!╬ ? x ? dressing is very different>>my first time seeing it taking a closer look they tell you what ingredients they use here so its really nice for those who have allergies this is Jugo koku mai. (15 grain rice) they’re really putting a lot of though into this there are so many different types of toppings its looks super yummy they even have my favourite type of pasta even the staff are dressed up in Christmassy’ attire its so fun there are so many fruits here ok I got everything I wanted. would you look at all this! there is so much food here I feel that it is even more of a selection than a restaurants buffet on top of that each individual dish looks super good. you may be asking why I am at a staff’s cafeteria it is because I was invited here and I also really wanted to come here as well they always tell me that they are delighted when they see comments saying that seeing my videos of OoGui gives others the the ‘Genki’ – energy to eat and at a cafeteria like this where they supply ‘genki’ -energy to many people I believe this place is amazing since they are making so many people ‘genki’ and the energy to carry on their day. and this is why I am at Google’s cafe and looking for a clue as to how they supply this ‘genki’ to so many people ITADAKIMASU this all looks super Delish’ lets start with the salad wow they laid out a very colourful salad this is a ?corn? dressing it has a flavor like a corn soup with a bit of sourness it is very good Wow you can really tell you are here at Google. everyone around is speaking English, that’s so freaking cool!!! I will move onto this dish now it looks crazy good with all this steak is having all this extravagant food alright? its so wonderful its so well marbled and very soft and so delicious would you look at this This is a Christmas ?turkey? it is so very rich and it is nice and fragrant this is a freshly made pasta it has bacon and asparagus everything they make here is so very pretty, they’re really overdoing it lol they have a few different portions available and I picked the largest one afterall its so creamy. the richness of the pasta is just right. this is a maitake udon and of course I picked the largest size the 200g one look the maitake tempura looks super delish’ this is really awesome the flavor is spot on we can choose our own topping and that is so nice as well the Google staffmembers here are spoiled rotten here you can totally be re-energized with all the food here I am so jealous of them. this bread here looked super fluffy oh look it even has cheese in the middle the cheese that I love there are even 2 types of Curry an Okra Curry and a Seafood Curry the Okra Curry is very smooth this is the the 15 grain rice look at how dark it is they’re really looking out for the health of their employees the seafood curry is packed full of ingredients ahh everything here was so yummy… if I ever became a staff here at google…. well it will never ever happen but I’d totally be here everyday. I feel like even on my days off I’d come to eat here and now to finish lets have desert they had so many different types of desert they had so many fruits here this is an orange this is a pineapple this is a kiwi they have prepared these to be very easy to eat it is for a busy workplace afterall, even a busy person can enjoy some healthy fruit look its blueberry! you don’t find blueberries too often here I picked this yoghurt and mango here would you look at this its a cookie its so CUTE!!! its a handmade cookie. its a ginger ?bread? cookie they even have cake its my most favourite cake a strawberry shortcake I like tarts as well but I like strawberry shorcakes so very much too this is as good as a cake from a bakery final mouthful itadakimasu gochisosamadesu it was all so delicious its not that it was tasty there was a crazy variety of food here it was all so very healthy for you as well you can tell they put a lot of thought into it. the people who are working here also looked like they were having so much fun and even today they all dressed up in christmas attire even if you are tired and bogged down at work this was a truly great Oasis of fun in the middle. Today was a truly fun day I totally want to visit other staff cafeterias in the future everyone please eat delicious things and work hard at your jobs and as always thank you for watching and if you liked this video please hit the like and subscribe buttons BAI BAI