That’s nasty. I feel like
that’s a solid MC too. I don’t know who the (bleep)
this is, but that’s nasty, man. Feels like something my rhyme
partner would put together. El, that shit’s way nasty.
I like audacious rap, when you say really
wildly ridiculous things and create a vivid image. I’m a holy (bleep),
what did he just utter? Like, that’s a reaction
being pulled outta you. You hear something, you listen
like, oh, shit, the (bleep) he just utter? Then he say, I’m a marksman,
orphan a (bleep) born, war-torn life
of the harvest. A fair-trade target
of air raid starter kit. That shit’s nasty right there. That’s like, kid was born
in war-torn, you know, World War II
from a prostitute and just becomes
the illest sniper ever. I almost feel like
El might of said this shit or someone like that.
But it’s dope, I like it. It’s like a four, five.
This is dope. I like a rich ass,
freaky ass man. Want this (bleep)
on this mustache man. I know who this is.
I can’t remember who this is but this is nasty,
freaky, dirty, raunchy. The type of rap that you
like on Friday nights, you (bleep) up with the homies
and y’all is perusing (bleep) bars together.
I love it. This is what
the side chick plays when she calls your girlfriend and lets her know
you got two girlfriends. So this is, come on, this is top
four, five with that kinda shit. Rude bipolar gang,
diamond tennis chains on huge. This is funny.
This feels like a young MC did this. Rude bipolar gang,
diamond tennis chains on huge. I can’t guess which MC it is
but the flow patterns and the cleverness
and wittiness is like Drakish, Tory Lanezish.
It’s very clever. New rappers in terms
of their lyricism have master sarcasm,
wit and being clever. So I would put this one at,
amongst that type of rap, I would do this one
at probably like a 3.5 to 3.8. It’s dope, it’s good,
it’s solid, it’s 100. Cause I’m as violent and vicious as killin’ Christians
and Christians. On the eve of a Christmas,
say we got sick and sadistic. This is me or El.
This is a five. Who is it? Yeah. That shit is evil. I don’t even know why the church
let me get away with that. That’s a slick one.
That’s some slick street shit. That’s some of that game where
you just get talked too (bleep) up, like y’all are rapping ’cause you know
you got more money. This is like, I feel like Ralph
or Moneybagg Yo or some shit like that.
Like that (bleep), you know they had it for real,
you know they got more of it now and they gonna shit on you.
I give this like a 3.8 or 4. Also street shit,
it’s nasty. Chillin’ with my n-words,
say it like a white kid. I don’t know who this is. I feel like they’re from
California, though, if they like saying
n-word and (bleep) mad white girl’s
lying to him. I think Tyler’s technically
an iller rapper but he will say
some crazy shit like this. Travis Scott will say
some wild shit like this, you know what I’m saying? Even I could see Blueface
saying some crazy shit. So I don’t know who said it but this is one of them ones
where I’m riding on my sixty-o
and we both laugh at that line. So I give this one a 3.5,
3.8 I guess. Yeah, my receipts,
be lookin’ like phone numbers. If it ain’t money,
then wrong number. It’s cool, I ain’t got
that kinda money though. So, I give it a three. – Ariana Grande.
– Turn that shit to a two. I don’t know who ever wrote
that shit for her was laughing when he wrote
that weak ass shit. I do shit that you dreamed of.
I was born with a mean mug. That’s nasty, that’s nasty. I feel like
that’s a solid MC too. I don’t know who the (bleep)
this is but that’s nasty, man. Just for the breast milk
outta a lean cup shit, I got to give this one a strong
four on some street shit. It’s nasty. They call me Mr. Ravioli,
Mr. Streudel. I don’t know who that is
but that’s slick as (bleep). That man said put my cocker
spaniel in your poodle, that’s actually a slick line. After school tutor, Roto Rooter,
addicted… since I had the Roto Rooter
pornography, how to fix a drain, using pornography
teaching people trades in my scene, I got to give this one,
yeah, I got to give you
the 3.9 for this ’cause it’s the use of a topic. I was that cool mother(bleep) I’ve heard this one. I don’t know what club I was in,
how high or drunk. I give this one a three,
3.5 I guess, 3.5. What’s up, it’s Killer Mike
and I just rated those bars.