– What the heck I don’t taste any fire. Chew chew. My tongue is hot. (upbeat music) – Hi, my name’s Kevaldi. – Hi, I’m Brooklyn. – [Boys] Hello. – Ow! – Yes. – Starburst. – A chocolate Starburst? – Oh I don’t like chocolate
I like vanilla more. – Yeah. – Yes. Salty and sweet, no. That sounds bad. – I like sweet and salty ’cause bacon is like kind of salty
and then I like cake. – I like both. – It’s all salty. – I can’t taste the salt. – What? – I don’t like sweet and salty together. – And there’s no salt in mine. – I can’t taste any salt. – What do you mean? It’s expresso candy. – I don’t even know what espresso is, I just know adults talk about it a lot. – A caramel frappucino
with whip cream, decaf. – I prefer the sweet and salty, but it’s pretty good. – Mm, this is really good. – Mmm. – I forgot. – Firey. Here goes. Oh, uh oh. – [Girl] I see a hot pepper. – Oh, I like spice. – Wimpy? Are you wimpy? – I can eat hot fire stuff. – It ain’t good. I don’t like chocolate. – Dad’s gonna love these. But I won’t let him have, oh, hot hot hot hot hot hot. I did not know that Snicker
bars could be spicy. – No. That hurt.
(laughing) – My tongue is hot. – What is that little bit of spice? Is that why you’re so. – Does anybody want this? – Oh really? It will kick your throat kind of. – Kick my throat? Mkay, I’m feelin’ it on my tongue. – That’s not bad. I like that.
– You can have it. I don’t like it, it’s too spicy. – It’s extremely spicy. – Wimpy. – Yes. Unimpressed. Bye.