New Sky Kids! Both: We’re going to build a kitchen! [relaxing music] Girl2: I’ve got a piece of frame. Girl1: Pancakes! Girl2: No pancakes for you. You’re not allowed to
have pancakes anymore. Girl1: Pancakes. Girl2: I like hams. I like hams for breakfast. Greasy, good hams. Girl1: This is like a drum. Girl2: I love breaks.
Girl1: It’s all done! Girl2: Oh, how did you do that by yourself?
Girl1: It’s easy. Girl2: Oh, you just have to put these on.
Girl1: Yeah. Girl2: Oh, your job was much
easier than mine. Why? Why? Girl1: They started fighting
over that and I’m like, “Come on, guys, Cinderella’s more important,”
and I’m like, “Come on!” Girl2: Oh, Estee, don’t you cry.
You didn’t get the part, but… But you don’t cry. Girl1: What part? Girl2: The part. Girl1: Which part?
Girl2: The part part. Girl1: Part fart? Who? Girl2: You! You didn’t get the part fart.
[laughs] Girl1: Metallic rocks. Girl2: Metallic rocks. Metallic rocks. Metallic. Girl2: It’s lunch time.
When it reaches 6:00 that’s nap time. [singing] Faucet, faucet, faucet,
faucet, faucet, faucet, faucet. Girl1: Faucet… It’s broken. Woman: No! We can’t do the sink!
Girl2: It’s broken! Girl1: I like broccoli.
I like broccoli. I like broccoli. Girl2: I like broccoli.
Girl1: I don’t like orange juice. I like broccoli. Girl2: I like broccoli but not orange juice. [upbeat music] Girl2: I put a secret hideout in that hole. I’ve just never told you. Girl1: I know where it is.
Girl2: Where? Girl1: Under – in the laundry thing. Girl2: How did you know?
I just wanted a nice place to play in. I have no idea. Maybe below that shelf. How would we do that?
Girl1: I don’t get it. Girl2: Let me see the instructions… Okay. Oh! Oh, that’s supposed – this is going sideways,
and there’s going to be a little shelf right here. We’ve got it the wrong way! Girl1: Power drill! [drill sound] Girl1: It’s done. Girl2: Turn around the camera. Girl2: Turn it around.
Girl1: Okay, that’s expensive. Don’t break it. [rapping]
Girl2: Don’t chuck it, don’t break it. It took more than a month to make it. That’s my twin. Girl1: It is a stove! Woman: A stove? Girl1: There’s got to be a piece 2… And that was piece 3. Girl1: That wasn’t me.
That was my cousin, Freddie. Girl2: Freddie?
Girl1: Freddie. Girl2: I haven’t heard of him.
Hey, but we’re twins… I don’t have a cousin named Freddie. Girl1: No… Uh… He’s my cousin and you don’t know him. Girl2: But we’re twins, so…
Girl1: You don’t know him. You never met him. Girl2: But I haven’t seen any… Any pictures or any sign of him.
Girl1: Because we don’t have any pictures of him. Girl2: Or any traces of him in the family book.
Girl1: No, we do. We got rid of our family book. Girl2: I – No, we didn’t.
Okay, I’m getting it right now… Girl1: Nice and tight. [cheerful music] Woman: Do you remember what you say
to remember which direction to screw it in? Man: Make a left…
Girl2: Yeah. Lefty right… Lefty tighty… I mean, was it lefty?
– Righty tighty. Girl2: Righty tighty, lefty loosey. Girl1: Righty loosey, loosey tighty? Girl2: Righty tighty, lefty loosey!
Woman: There you go. Girl2: Come on, stop that! Girl1: Righty tighty, lefty loosey.
Girl2: Oh, that’s it. Girl2: I’m not sure…
Girl1: Now, it’s all put together. Girl2: I don’t want any visitors. Come on! Girl2: How was it at dance class? Girl1: Terrible. I ran away. Girl2: I’m going to call the number right now.
Girl1: No, no! Girl2: Hello? Mrs. Madam Gazette? Well, my daughter is at the house.
She said you were a terrible teacher… Uhh… Beep. Leave a message at the tone. Girl2: Okay, no more dance class for you. [cheerful music] Girl2: Hey, didn’t I open this last episode? Girl2: Butter is bad. A banana is good… Butter, no good. Girl2: I said no to the butter
and chocolate chips, but here’s your pancake. Would you like another pancake?
– No. I’m good. Girl2: This one –
I’ll do chocolate chips and syrup. Who is it? Who is this? Who is it? Daughter? What does she need?
She’s right here. Daughter, did you need me?
– No. Girl2: Did you call my cell? Did grandpa or one of your friends?
– Yeah. Girl2: What number does she have?
Girl1: 55-5555-555… Girl2: 55-55-55555. Girl1: I kind of burned this pancake.
Girl2: Do you mind? Oh, I’m so proud of my daughter. Girl1: Burn all of the healthy stuff! Girl2: I’ll be right there to get
an apple – a candy apple. [whispering]
It’s just a plain apple. Girl2: Candy apple! Girl1: Candy apple! Give it, give it! Bleh! That’s not a candy apple!
– Yes it is. Daughter, if you want
to run this house – just run it. I am done being a mother! Girl2: I want my money! Girl2: Just get a job! – Whoops, sorry. Hello? Yeah, I’m busy. I’m busy right now. Girl2: Didn’t I say not get a job? Girl2: What?! How did that happen? Part of it’s from the snow. Woman: What is it? Girl1: Dessert Mania – strawberry, ice cream cone,
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