New Sky Kids! Both: We’re going to build a kitchen! -I wonder what color it’s going to be.
-I don’t know. -Uh, a phone? -No, it’s…
-Does it have games on it? -It’s a clock.
-Aww, I thought it was a phone. [making sword fighting sounds] Iiit’s snowing! -Where is it?
-There’s a lot of, like… -Does it not come with instructions? -You open this one. -There’s not—uh, words, words. Hey, you got the instructions! You can get the lightest
one, okay? Since you’re my little sister. -There, you hold it by yourself.
-Okay. The whole set’s heavy.
Do not try that at home. I think it’s tight enough. Yeah. Dear future husband, if you’re watching
this video, here’s my phone number. -That one’s okay. -When can we have a break?
Woman: Somebody needs some coffee. -Ooh, hot chocolate! Make me 1,000 chocolate cupcakes now! Woman: Hey, what’s brown and sticky? -Uh, um, syrup?
Woman: A stick! -How is it sticky? -Can’t wait to make some muffins in this kitchen! -Ahh, muffins! It’s so cold outside. There’s got to be a hole right there. -Let me do it, Copey. -Maybe it goes here? Oh, yeah! -Making sure they work. ♪ [“Muffin Man”] -I’d like a 2-foot birthday cake with extra vanilla frost—
No, make the vanilla frosting pink. No, I do not want it 3-foot tall! [frustrated yelling] -Electricity! Help, help, help! [sighs]
-I’m tired. I just want to snuggle with you. -I’m busy.
-I just want to snuggle. Aww, I woke up early. I’m home-schooled. I’m not used to it. Woman: What time does the oven clock say? -1:23? Woman: It’s 12:33. -Oh. Is it 12:33 in real life? -Almost! -Almost!
-Like, only like, one, two minutes ago! -Two minutes ago! We should have
done this like two minutes ago! -Because, I’m gonna wash my screwdriver. -And just so you know, this is an easy project.
-[making noises] [indiscernable] ♪♪♪ -Estee, you didn’t tighten this all the way. The oven, these knobs, work perfectly. I would buy this if I were the person
watching this computer commercial right now. For your phone.
Better—it even has Minecraft on it. ♪♪♪ -Brrring, brrring! Hellooo? Call me later! -I wish I could swap my kitchen for that. Man: There you go. -I want a cheese pizza with extra pepperoni. -Cheese pizza with more cheese. -It’s a refrigerator door. Copey, give it back.
-I want to take it for free. -Nope, you’re not. -It’s my new kitchen door.
What do you think? So put in the comments if you think
this will match my kitchen door. Do you want to see my kitchen? -Pretty diamonds for this door. Woman: What kind of drink is that?
-Ooh, it’s lemonade. -Write down in the comments section
what’s your favorite color. -Purple or pink? I love pink!
I think you should do pink. -Do whatever color you like. -Piiink! -Man, this is taking forever!
-I have an idea, dude. [power drill] [evil laughter] -Donuts! Okay, grape juice. Yum. Ooh, cupcakes! Ooh, there’s chocolate one
and a vanilla one! Fruits and vegetables.
-Bleh. I’m gonna bake some cupcakes! -Don’t we have cupcakes that come with the set? -No, we don’t!
-Yes, we do! You’re opening it, right now! -I know! I could make another batch. -Good idea! So we can have
cupcakes to share with everybody! -Hurry up! …Tear this apart. ♪ [“Itsy Bitsy Spider”] Both: We did it! -I can’t wait to play with this new kitchen! All of our friends are going to love it!
-Yeah, they are! Where do I put the potato chips? -Well, I think it came
in a container. I don’t know. How about you just keep looking? Where is Estee? Does anybody know where Estee is?
-These are potato chips, YouTube. Have a stack of them.
-Get it, get it. We double dog dare you,
triple-dipple dog deep dog dare you. Eat the potato chips.
Do we have any chickens? Do we have any chicken? -Why? -Because we need some
chickens and noodles to make my famous chicken noodle soup. Ahh! Oh no, my new pot! Is my pot okay? Great. I think I need some salt. I think I need some of this
for my vegetable soup. Oh no! Woman: Is it spicy? -It made fire come out of me! Now it’s all green and flat and smushy.
Now I need to put it in here for half an hour. What do you think?
Which pot has more room? I don’t know, but I can make one
for green tea and one for green stew. What? You don’t like—you don’t like popcorn? [screaming] -Oh, no! My green tea! Ohhh! I’m throwing the rest in the trash! -Ooh, cereal.
-Oh just—I—hey, hey, hey! [yelling] [kazoo music] Click to subscribe Or watch more videos!