– I have been, and this only
happened to me one time, but it’s this side of
Korea about the ignorance that really gets to me is that I have been
kicked out of a bar before for being a foreigner. – Really?
– Yes. – So how did they detect that?
Were you admitted inside? – So I walked in, there was
no ID check or anything, so I went in and the thing was I had been to this bar
multiple times before. And one of my friends from
Colorado was visiting. – A black guy? – She’s Native American. So we went in and the
guy who worked there, who I have spoken to,
ordered drinks from before, was just like, in Korean told me, “oh, sorry, but there are
no foreigners allowed here.” I said, “I’m sorry, what?” and he was like, “no foreigners allowed.” And I said, “why not?” and he was just like, “sorry,
no foreigners allowed.” And he just kept saying that and didn’t really give me an explanation so I just kept asking. I was like, “yeah, you
said that, but why not? “Why aren’t there
foreigners allowed here?” And he just kept doing this, like, “sorry, no foreigners allowed.” And I just felt this spark of
rage igniting inside of me. And I took a step back and I
told my friend, I was like, “you know what, let’s just go “because I don’t want to perpetuate “whatever stereotypes or
whatever thing they have “in their mindset about foreigners. “I’m not going to be that foreigner “that just reimplements
whatever stereotypes they have. “I’m not gonna give them
a hard time about it. “If you don’t want foreigners, then fine. “You just won’t have my business anymore.” And I called them out on it. I was like, “I was here two weeks ago. “What’s the issue?” And he just kept saying the same thing, so that’s what was really getting to me. – I’ve heard this a few times as well and just like what you said, ’cause my reaction to just
hearing someone relay that to me is we’re living in 2019. It’s like you’re going
all the way back to 1950, 1940 America or something. – I was like, “did something happen? “Did something happen “that you don’t want foreigners
allowed here anymore?” But the most ironic thing was they only played American
hiphop at that place. – I just had this conversation just now. – Only American hiphop. – I was just having this conversation. – Immediately, I told one
of my friends about it and she was just like, “you
need to go back in there, “videotape the place and whatnot.” But this isn’t America. You can’t do that. If I do that in Korea,
I could get in trouble because it could be libel. – Yeah, there’s definitely some laws there that are kinda stricter,
something like that? – I understand that I am an ambassador for foreigners in Korea. I feel that way. I should not act rowdy, I should not act out of character, treat people with decency, but it is not my job to educate you. That’s how I feel. It is not my job to educate
you about your ignorance. I kind of just was like,
“okay, all right dude. “Have it, you win, whatever, it’s fine.” – I’ve heard this so many times. Trust me. I don’t know, my take is, I’m like that’s wrong. If someone is coming in
and they’re being rowdy, I understand okay, you know what, for the sake of the other
patrons, please leave. But if someone is coming in and they’re behaving like a
normal person, respectable, what are the grounds to kick someone out? – I also don’t agree with places in Korea that don’t allow Koreans in because they want foreigners to come. I don’t agree with that either. There was one bar that I went to with two of my friends who
are also black and Korean. We went into this place and they had some kind of deal going on where at 11:00 p.m., if you’re there, you can get a shot and get one for free, buy one, get one free. So my friend, she asked the bartender, she was just like, “hey, if we come back, “can we still do the deal for
the buy one, get one free?” And the bartender was like,
“oh, it’s only for Koreans.” And so my friend was just like, she started speaking in Korean, my friend was just like,
“well, we are Korean.” She was like, “so, we’ll
be back at 11 o’clock “and we can get our buy one,
get one free shot, okay?” And the bartender, she
had an attitude on her, so she was just like, “fine, that’s fine.” And I was just like see? Now why does she have to
get an attitude about it? That’s what I don’t understand. If we identify as Korean
because our moms are Korean, what’s the issue with it? We’re living in Korea. We speak Korean. I know my Korean’s not perfect but I can hold a pretty
decent conversation in Korean. – I guess it just really
rubs me the wrong way. Every time someone communicates it to me, I always, I get a little bit emotional ’cause I’m just like, but I gotta move on with the conversation. But it’s something that I
think some people might say it’s their country, so
they can do whatever. It’s just something that
feels, it’s just wrong. – Yeah, a lot of being here
has taught me it is what it is and the way you react to it is
what your experience will be. It sucked that that happened but I didn’t let it get me down too much ’cause I was just like, “let’s
just go somewhere else.” I was like, that sucks, ’cause
I really liked that bar. The drinks are good, the music was good, but I was just like, “it’s fine.” If that’s what they want, then there’s not much I can do
about it. – But there are other
places you can go to right? – The guy’s not even giving you a reason so it’s like he doesn’t care. He’s not even telling you
why so you’re like okay. He’s like, just, no. I’m like, that’s it? – Exactly, that’s what I was. I was like, is there something that I should be
conscientious about for myself the next time I go somewhere? Is there something that Koreans don’t like that foreigners do that maybe I can make sure I don’t do? But I mean, if you’re
not giving me a reason then I can’t really do anything about it. (relaxed electronic music)