This this is my room review. I’m just gonna use duel camera here. Let’s go with the main one and then I want to show you around Using the phone here on the gimbal this this is my review of a hotel Dang Derm hotel on Khao San Road Which is a cheap budget hotel…ish. It is cheap and it’s a really good hotel, especially for the price So I really wanted to show you this Let me show you the room and then I’ll talk about the other facilities that we have here. So the whole the whole idea with this hotel is is it’s What’s the word I’m looking for authentic authentic? Thai so you’ve got The the wood the beds I showed it. Oh here I can show you here a bit You see the pace slow down Yeah, and it’s like authentic Thai which is really nice and it’s a good quality room there are things like Water so you’ve got water every morning. There is room service For drinks if you want also quite a nice set up here with the thing Yeah, it’s good they do stuff like Toothpaste and of course him in the bathroom. So as you come in, The bottoms like this with this like semi opaque warm Shower I’ve no idea what this taps And then you go toilet It’s face nice really nice It is hoped I was really good so the hotel was touch over 3000 but I have the receipt here for three nights So you’re looking at somewhere 20 something pounds? 30 bucks a night. I’ll put it on the screen but for a good quality hotel, this is like kind of western standard hotel kind of what we expect to have my hotel if we have back home even which is great because there are other Facilities here too a pool on the roof, which I’ve been swimming in which is really really nice what there isn’t here’s so here’s the balcony here with this slider for nighttime, but I’ll show you it has Maybe the best This is my view from the balcony Not great You got your TV of course, which I have the camera on sorry TV, which I’ve not even tried little fridge Slippers robes toilet paper. Yes, love it towels room clean daily Really good, I’m really happy with this This room is really nice, and it’s a nice break. So if you haven’t seen my other videos on budget hotels I stayed in Pattaya And also to quite expensive when I stayed in two but going check those out you can see with the other budget hotel in Pattaya like it was Maybe half the price of this So you can see what you’re getting like what more you’re getting for your money You can get a hotel as much cheaper than one them in now on cosine Road hospitals backpacking if you really don’t care But the thing is sometimes We’re like, oh it’s half the price Yeah, it’s half of twenty something pounds for the night. So it’s not half of a lot of money It depends what your budget is and this channel is all about budget and doing things cheap if you don’t know this channel I Welcome one and I quit my job. I’m going around traveling for as long as I can on very little money So join me and see how I do it. I show you the prices for everything how I get cheap flights cheap hotels What the hotels are like food everything? everything everything So yeah, that’s pretty much yeah Well, I’m going to show you okay, let’s go look around the hotel I guess and the main thing is that this street. It’s on cosine road if you’re not familiar with what cosine road is cosine Road is like the number one backpacking street in Thailand and in Bangkok for sure and it’s a like a long strip of shops and ambass There was a club too But I show you some of the nighttime stuff because this is where you want to go if you’re coming here I wouldn’t be here for too long personally. It’s completely up to you, but it’s great If you fly all the way you find a Bangkok, of course all the way from where you’ve come from UK US, Australia whatever you are you come in to Bangkok you could spend a night or two here where the Backpackers. There are more Westerners here than there are tired people Chill out have fun have some drinks have some buckets They’ll come in buckets the cocktails and I’m feeling a little bit fragile this morning because of that But you could spend a couple days here before you go off on to say Koh, Samui ProCare or something, which I’m doing so do Do hit the notifications because I’m about to go to Koh, Samui and you can see those great videos Anyway, that was this room I do have a 360 video of this so you’re able to look around the screen if you’re unfamiliar with 360 videos you can move it yourself in your phone or on your desktop Dragged around and look in your own time that video you see the coming up. Maybe I have it up now I’m talking about the future, of course, or maybe it’s up tomorrow So hit the notifications and you can check out this room completely 360 see where you get it for your money