Dear Daniel I can’t believe you have pushed me to the point of a poem. I usually write about those I once loved,
but you and I were never lovers. Yet we got as close as two people could get without actually ever touching I wonder if maybe you can still smell my skin in the folds of his bed. But each time you kiss him you are kissing
me and now the ghost of my lips trails across your body too. How does it feel to be the one who is haunted? Dear Daniel, You were supposed to just be his “friend.” But here you are with the title I sacrificed
my art for. Here you are now called boyfriend when I was
called lover and through pain I found out they do not mean the same thing. But he was good at making me change the definition
of words like vocabulary had the fluidity of water and now I’m drowning. Dear Daniel, Dear Daniel he told me he loved
me too and our meanings might have been different but a lie is a lie no matter how you dress
it. How many lies did he tell you to make you
stay? Because all the words you hold close to your
heart were rehearsed on me and I had the strength to walk away and star in my own one man show
because I am nobodies understudy. I am not his bitch. I could never play that role as well as you. Dear Daniel, you may never believe me but
I can show you the scars that he left and match them with the photographs of us kissing. Or I can bundle it up in his jacket he gave
me for those nights I felt him grow cold because now I know you will need it more than I will. But if you want to find traces of me look
in a box in his garage because I myself outgrew the four walls he used to try and confine
me. Dear Daniel Dear Daniel I wanted to feel bad for you yet
you stayed knowing the entire course of your relationship was built on the foundation of mine, but if mine so easily cracked and crumbled I wouldn’t be surprised if I soon find you
among the rubble. Dear Daniel I hope he doesn’t break your heart. Because if he left me for you, it better have
been fucking worth it. Dear Daniel, I hope you grow comfortable with
forgiveness because he will ask you for all of it. Get used to reciting, “It’s okay” and “that’s
fine” and while you’re at it learn it in a few different languages just so you can feel
like you’re mixing it up. Dear Daniel he picked you out of convenience
and I’m sorry I had to tell you but we all know he would never tell you. When I asked why he picked you and not me
his response was not love. He simply said because you live there with
him in Australia and I’m American. Dear Daniel look at history. I come from a country that has learned to
fight for its independence and I will always come back on top. But just like my country I am at one of my
weakest points. But that means I am on the brink of something
better than once was. Dear Daniel thank you. Because I am no longer living with a monster
under my bed because he is too busy sleeping in yours.