I’m just about getting ready to head
over to Wisconsin’s newest supercharger which is Oak Creek Wisconsin south side
of Milwaukee Milwaukee County and a little bit too close to Pleasant Prairie
and it’s also gonna be Wisconsin’s largest supercharger at ten stalls one
more on that coming later why don’t we shift over to my friend Alex from efore
electric he has just traveled to Kettleman California which is between
San Francisco and LA that is where Tesla has opened up their
newest 40 stall supercharger but there’s a little bit more to it not just being a
supercharger it is also a lounge they got a coffee
shop a little place to work and they also sell merchandise in there so Alex
why don’t we shift it over to you and tell us a little bit more about the new
Kettleman supercharger hey k man this is Alex gruberman thanks for having me on
your channel for those of you who are not familiar with me I also have a
youtube related to Tesla and electric cars in general it’s called efore
electric you can find a link to that channel down there but today I’m here in
Kettleman City California if you don’t know where it is that’s
perfectly fine I didn’t either until a few days ago when they opened up the
largest supercharger in America with 40 stalls and so it’s half way from Los
Angeles to San Francisco I drove from San Jose it only took about two and a
half hours but this is a treat there’s this rows and rows and rows of
superchargers and the best thing is their solar panels all over the place
above the superchargers feeding the energy to the cars being charged at
Saturday today so normally it would be pretty crowded but there’s just so many
of them there’s just not enough Tesla’s to fill all the spots so it’s really
cool it’s just a kind of a separate location it’s not a but part of another
property a part of another parking lot but best of all there is an owner’s
lounge here that’s right you can actually come in there’s a lounge and
you to code in your car when you get in before you’re getting out to charge your
car there’s a code that you can punch in so you can actually get in there because
it’s exclusively for Tesla owners and it’s a pretty nice and spacious place
actually there’s kind of two areas there there’s
also a kind of a coffee shop there we can get some coffee and some snacks you
can buy some Tesla merchandise it’s really nice and quiet you can you can
snack you can catch up on your emails there’s even a place for kids to hang
out and play there’s also another section where it’s
kind of just for individual people just kind of sit in there kind of a half
cubicles bathrooms are really clean I mean it’s just a really nice and clean
place I’m really excited as you know many other to supercharge your locations
are somewhere they’re a part of these shopping malls or they just have like
one or two restaurants now in this area there are plenty of restaurants around
as well and a lot of gas stations ironically so but this is just kind of
an exclusive property for Tesla owners so that’s pretty exciting I walked
around here I mean I spent some time catching up on my email because we I
barely made it here with just two miles left the the other supercharger was
probably about 30 miles north from here and it was it was you know we didn’t
really need to charge so that was pretty cool on the way here we saw a model
three charging and the Guillory supercharger which was also a treat all right well I am so glad I drove all
over here from San Jose this is really kind of a playground for our Tesla
owners and everyone’s just mingling and talking to each other so it’s really
really cool actually I’ve met a guy who I’ve already seen that the Earth Day in
Santa Cruz is the second time on my channel welcome back yeah thank you so
much of what a coincidence I I you just drove in I know this this is what I’m
talking about guys everyone kind of meet needs here whether we like it or not
right all right so what do you think so far have you been here before what do
you think no I have not and it’s a really nice charging station here a lot
of open spaces and I think alone puts really his actions to where his mouth is
I guess you say and you know and yeah two days ago they at the semi truck
event the announce is going to be mega charger so I wonder if this is a mega
charger already location I it could be I mean from a location perspective it’s
highway 5 is right next to it I love it and my wife is in the lounge and waiting
for me and I’m sure they have a good char and I’m sure she’s comfortable it’s
really nice inside we love it we love it and I only need it 15 minutes to really
get to my oh you can’t just spend 15 minutes here I mean you gotta hang out
man all right came in so I hope you enjoyed this report I hope you actually
stopped by one of these days when you’re here it was super nice meeting you at
the semi truck event we had an amazing time
other than that see you next time and remember to stay charged thanks Alex
that was rather awesome and I can’t wait to stop by the kettlemans supercharger
and take a peek unfortunately I did not have time during the last trip to LA for
the Tesla semi event but you know me I always got a road trip of some sort
coming up and that would be definitely a high on my list of priorities to stop at
and I know Shao lei definitely wants to visit Los Angeles and San Francisco
again so obviously that’s right smack dab in the middle and yep that’ll be
right there and I also want to see what happened to Tesla’s old battery swap
facility at a Harris ranch so yeah I’m
really exciting to see that and it was interesting to see how they took the the
idea now some of you might might not have known but the Cincinnati Ohio
supercharged location is inside a service center there’s really not too
much within walking distance so what Tesla did and that was kind of a pilot
to the Kettleman location and they have a 24/7 lounge at the Cincinnati location
which is also has the pass code on your Tesla map screen and they had coffee in
there at one time they actually had free snacks but people kept cleaning them out
of their snacks and just stealing them all so they had to just downgrade it to
bottled water and coffee and lifesavers which is good but it’s I’m glad they saw
the potential of that and expanded it and it’d be great to see what they do in
the future for more locations like that so if if you are interested in seeing
more from Alex you can check out his channel information and link below
efore electric and I know he does a lot of live streams for you all daily live
stream and I hope to work with him more in the future and it was great seeing
him again at the Tesla semi event and see you all later