hey everyone today we’re going to be
showing you the drive from the Kelowna airport to downtown Kelowna will
highlight the hotels restaurants and attractions along the way so first off at the airport you got your
departures it’s on the right hand side it’s the first two entrances there’s
also a Tim Horton’s inside there for you to enjoy coffee at the north end of the airport we’ve
got the arrivals location so as we would come around the corner
here on the left-hand side there’ll be a s o and a Tim Horton’s you can get some
more coffee when you get to highway 97 turn left
that’ll take you towards downtown straight ahead is the four point
Sheraton there’s a Starbucks Tim Hortons Dairy Queen Nestor’s Market and a
pharmacy straight ahead so up here if you’re going to UBC
Okanagan you’d turn right on University way so that’s up here on the right-hand
side the next intersection is called Reed’s
corner old Vernon Road to the left is set Smith to the right there’s a Tim
Horton’s and a subway in this area we’ve got Scandia golfing games on the
right-hand side if you’re up for some mini-golf for arcades batting cages that
sort of thing and on the left-hand side you’ve got the grand 10 cinema energy
Plex there’s also a triple O’s and a Quiznos if you’re looking for something
to eat on the left here we’ve got Canada’s best
value in days in Howard Johnson and the North Point Inn and on the right hand
side we’ve got the Comfort Suites Kelowna right after that you’ve got the
super 8 hotel on the right-hand side as well Okanagan Seasons Resort is on the left
as well as Costco there’s Joey’s restaurant there as well and the new
Holiday Inn Express is on the right hand side there’s also the Fairfield Inn and
Suites by Marriott on the right hand side they’ve got a really nice
waterslide there Walmart Home Depot Montana’s cactus Club
Starbucks all on the right there’s also a golf town over there on the left here we’ve also got the
other Holiday Inn Express there’s a Canadian Tire over there on the right
hand side you’ve got the BEST WESTERN PLUS for Kelowna coming up here on the right hand side
you’ve got white spot restaurant on the right as well there’s also the del worth
in the Ramada Inn for Kelowna Sandman Hotel and Suites there’s a Denny’s over
there as well and Perkins restaurant and on the left hand side you’ve got Orchard
Park Mall there’s mile stones red Robins famous players theater there’s also tons
of fast food around here Tim Hortons McDonald’s Burger King Wendy’s Arby’s
and W on the right hand side London drugs if
you’re needing some pharmacies there’s also some pizza parlors around here coming up on the left you’ve got the
landmark business area and on the right you’ve got the Parkinson rec center that
you’re looking to do some swimming further down if you head down Gordon on
the left you’ll come to the h2o water park so when you see Gordon on the right
hand side here you’ve got Brown’s social house there’s also a couple of dollar
stores here bulk bar and that sort of thing left-hand side you’ve got the coast
Capri Hotel and Old Spaghetti Factory and on the right side you’ve got
accident Kelowna and in Suites there’s a Ricky’s of Starbucks on the right-hand
side there’s also a Dairy Queen in this area this is Gordon so if you do hang a
left here you drive for about five ten minutes and you’ll find the h2o swimming
complex beautiful water slides one of those indoor surfing parks that sort of
thing there’s also a couple of skating rinks for hockey down there the prestige beach house Kelowna hotel
is straight ahead on the right hand side we’re gonna turn right here on Richter
and head towards Bernard which is the main street for downtown Kelowna
we’ll turn left here to get on to Bernard on the left hand side there’s
also a Safeway and there’s a Shoppers Drug Mart if you’re needing any pharmacy
supplies coming up on the right hand side you’ve
got the Royal and hotel as well as there’s a Starbucks across the street again there’s lots of restaurants in
this location you’ve got Earl’s on top Kelly O’Brien’s Memphis blues doc
Willoughby’s there’s also a Tim Horton’s straight ahead down at the far end
there’s Kelowna City Park so it’s beautiful swimming down there turn right
on Water Street here which will take you towards Prospero place on the right-hand side here we’ve got
the city hall and coming up on the left you’ve got
Stuart Park where there’s the outdoor skating rink for the winter as well as
the cactus club and the Kelowna Yacht Club if you’ve enjoyed this video I do
have another video of a tour of just downtown Kelowna I’ll put a link to that
at the end for you to to watch got the Kelowna courthouse here coming
up on the right-hand side so if you continue straight down down this Water
Street you’ll notice Prospera place will be on the right-hand side that’s the
home of the Kelowna Rockets there’s the playtime casino up there as well on the
left-hand side if you turn left here you’ll find that Delta hotels by
Marriott thank you so much for watching this dry from the Kelowna airport to
downtown Kelowna with hotels restaurants and attractions please share like and
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