This is the main market area in Kaza There is no mobile network of Airtel, Vodafone or Jio here I went to the Himalayan Cafe to get a bike on rent But I couldn’t get it. I’ll try somewhere else Maybe I’ll hitchhike to go somewhere I’ll stand at this place and ask for lift to Kibber, Langza or Gete village If I don’t get any help in time, I’ll stay here This road leads to Manali via Losar, Batal, etc. There is no petrol pump other than this one in Spiti. If you are coming from Shimla, then Powari will be the last petrol station on this way ASKING FOR LIFT ASKING FOR LIFT Its 8 am… 27 may 2017 I am staying in this guest house in Kaza It is located beside the Petrol station Today I am planning to hire a bike to do a local tour I have got a ‘Pulsar’ bike for 800Rs. You have to pay for petrol The sound is coming from that Monastery Today I’ll be visiting nearby villages like Langza, Komic, Hikkim, etc. World’s highest post office is located in Hikkim village Now I am going to have ‘Aaloo ka Parantha’ in breakfast for Rs 20 Let me share an important information with you You may face High Altitude sickness in Kaza If you face any problem, you can visit the Government hospital which is situated nearby You can also ask the locals or your hotel/guesthouse for help Try to have the local food. For eg, don’t forget to take the local Salt tea I had this tea in Ladakh, which is also therapeutic This is the Kitchen Aunty is preparing Aaloo ka Parantha for me This guest house has 4 rooms and tariff is between 600 to 1000 After October this area cuts off from rest of the world due to snow fall This is the dining area This guest house is ok.. These are the contact numbers of this guest house Here comes my bike There is a Decathlon store, if you want to purchase some adventure gear, etc. I purchased this jacket from a Decathlon store in Delhi, just before this trip I am going to purchase Gloves from that store I want to get comfortable on this bike before going I start my trip I just got 4 litres of petrol for Rs 300. I think it enough for my trip i have just got these gloves from this Decathlon store Carry enough cash with you whenever you visit Spiti As i am going to use some other person’s helmet, I am putting a layer on my head I am ready to start You can come to this shop to do phone calls They charge Rs 4/Minute This person says – getting an internet connection in Kaza can be a challenge There is almost no internet coverage here The broadband can help you in sending text messages According to him watching or downloading YouTube videos is almost impossible I have kept one of my bags with the GuestHouse’s aunty Its 11:45 am.. I should immediately start