KaTom is proud to present Elbow Greez, a brand
new cleaning product from Cres Cor. This biodegradable oven cleaner works miracles on even the toughest,
grimiest cleaning jobs. Elbow Greez is a non-toxic cleaning product, so it can be used to clean
any appliance without having to rinse away residue. And, in just a matter of moments
and with little effort, you can even remove baked-on greasy food. Elbow Greez is the only
cleaning product that you�ll need for your commercial kitchen. But you can take this
cleaning paste out of the cooking area, too. It removes oxidation from aluminum and stainless
steel, erases scuff marks on most floors, and removes ink from hard surfaces including
white boards, vinyl walls, lockers, and bathroom stalls. This versatile product is a cost-effective
solution to countless cleaning problems.