Mr Taffer:
So let me tell you why I’m at this bar. Billy wrote me a letter and I
want to read it to you. Dear Mr. Taffer, I’ve been to
two of your seminars in Chicago a few years ago. You said if I ever
needed anything you’d remember me and help.
I’m willing to step back in and do whatever it takes
not to lose my business. Please, Mr. Taffer, help me.
I will do anything. Mr Taffer:
Kev, what’s Billy doing right now? Kev:
Play pool and taking shots. Mr Taffer:
He’s not doing anything. Mr Taffer:
There’s Waterman. Waterman:
Where the hose at? Mr Taffer:
Waterman is a friend who worked there for years, who chose to step up and be
a manager. He doesn’t want to, but if he doesn’t,
this place is going to go down. Rezzo:
Let’s get (beep) up. Let’s get high.
Let’s get drunk. Mr Taffer:
There’s Rezzo, she’s a bartender. Mr Taffer:
Look at her. Speaker 5:
No. Mr Taffer:
She’s pulling a beer with the cigarette in her hand. Kev:
Look at that right there. Mr Taffer:
Over the drink. Speaker 5:
Grabbing on the mouth is always a great option too. Mr Taffer:
There you go, Kev, you just licked her
cigarette filter when you take a drink
of that glass. Speaker 5:
No drinks here. Mr Taffer:
There’s crystal. She’s a bartender
and assistant manager. Mr Taffer:
There’s Carolyn, she’s a server. Carolyn:
I don’t know what’s going on with
[inaudible 00:01:11]. Mr Taffer:
There’s Rob, Kev. He’s the kitchen manager. Rob:
Give me a little while. They just put in a big order. Mr Taffer:
For recon, I got to Kansas City Chiefs, offensive linemen,
Mitch and Andrew. They know bars.
They know this town. I thought they’d be perfect
to give us the scoop on recon. Mr Taffer:
So this is a big moment for Billy and his staff.
Let’s see if they deliver. Rezzo:
What are we having tonight? Speaker 8:
I’d usually do something mixed, maybe a little sweet or fruity. Rezzo:
You can do like a long beach, which is basically a long Island
but with cranberry juice. Speaker 8:
I’ll give that a shot. Mr Taffer:
Did she give them a menu? Speaker 8:
I don’t know what to order, I need to look at the menu. Mr Taffer:
So she’s made no effort to sell them anything. Speaker 8:
Oh, they’re getting live over there. Mr Taffer:
So the shot comes first. Let’s see. Now she’s going
to clean up the shots. She now has everybody’s
saliva on her hands, right from touching the rim
of all those glasses. Wipes her mouth with her hands.
Put her hands through her hair. She’s doing it all along.
She hasn’t done one thing right! Rezzo:
Long beach. Mr Taffer:
Oh, look at the color of that. Speaker 5:
I’m actually confused at what she just put in there. Even if it’s sweet
and sour and cranberry, that color is not normal. Speaker 9:
Does that taste good? Speaker 8:
It’s not doing much. It just kind of watered down. Speaker 5:
Oh man. Speaker 8:
So what’s the deal with ordering this food again? Rezzo:
Okay, so you’re going to go around
to the food window. You’re going to order
from the food window. Mr Taffer:
Now the fact that she couldn’t write it down
and bring it over there with the nine customers
they have in the room is absurd. Speaker 9:
So I don’t get why you can just order there,
but whatever. Rob:
You guys got any questions about the menu? Mr Taffer:
Now, would you ever order food from a guy with a towel
on his shoulder like that? Kev:
No, not at all. Speaker 5:
No. Kev:
I would ask him, did you clean your neck with that towel?
I just want to know. Rob:
What can I get for you? Speaker 8:
I’m going to order just the big burger. Speaker 9:
Can I just get grilled chicken? Rob:
And that’s going to be at least a 30 minute wait,
are you guys okay with that? Mr Taffer:
30 minute wait. At least. Billy:
Rezzo was supposed to have a shot
with the girls over there. I know. Waterman:
I wonder how many shots she’s had tonight. Billy:
I don’t know. Kev:
What kind of owner would just say whatever? Mr Taffer:
Shrug it off. Kev:
She can get drunk, steal money, fall.
You know what I’m saying? I don’t understand it. Mr Taffer:
And whose booze is she drinking? Billy’s! Kev:
Yeah. Speaker 5:
Exactly. Mr Taffer:
Here we go. So he’s throwing raw chicken
on the grill, Kev. Has he washed his hands? Speaker 5:
Oh, and he’s going in for more. Kev:
No, look, he’s going in the bag. Mr Taffer:
Now he’s going in the bag for… Oh chips. Kev:
So that whole bag would have to be thrown away.
Look at that. Mr Taffer:
So those aren’t nachos. Those are more like deathos. Kev:
Yeah, yeah. Mr Taffer:
Right? You’re going to eat some raw chicken on your nacho chips.
Can you imagine? Speaker 5:
No, I don’t want to. Mr Taffer:
Look at that grill. Now I thought that was
a Char-Broiler it’s so black. That’s a flat top. Kev:
That thing ain’t been clean since the early seventies. Mr Taffer:
Now whatever’s cooking has got to come out
with some black on. Kev:
Yeah, no duh. Mr Taffer:
Wipes that rig again. Touches it all
with his bare hands. Oh man. And now his spatula, he goes
to scoop up that chicken. And what goes with the chicken
on the bun? Some of that disgusting grill. Speaker 8:
Her eyes are definitely glazed over. Rezzo:
You guys doing all right down here? Speaker 8:
Do you guys have tequila or anything like that? Rezzo:
Oh yeah, you want some D? I’ll take the D. Speaker 8:
You can do mine slightly less. Rezzo:
Stop being a vagina. Mr Taffer:
She’s getting drunker and drunker. Rezzo:
I will (beep) you up bro. Mr Taffer:
So he writes me this letter, tells me he’s losing everything,
Rezzo is drinking. He doesn’t even care about it. She’s getting drunker
by the minute and he’s taking shots
and playing pool. You know what? I want to see
if he’s ready to do anything. I’m going to go in
and talk to him. Kev:
Go get him, John. Billy:
How are you doing sir? Mr Taffer:
The question is how are you doing? Billy:
Could be better. Mr Taffer:
So I read your letter. You said you would do anything
to save your business. Do you have any idea
what’s going on up there? Billy:
No. Mr Taffer:
So how are you going to save anything?
Billy: I guess I might have
to do something. Mr Taffer:
What did you do tonight? Billy:
Play pool. Mr Taffer:
Did you even look at what’s going on at your bar? So what the hell
are you doing, Billy? Billy:
I guess I’m doing it wrong. Mr Taffer:
No, you’re not doing it wrong. You’re not doing (beep). Mr Taffer:
So you’re a race car guy. When you lose and lose and lose
and lose, why do you do? Do you do something different? Billy:
Yeah, fix it. Mr Taffer:
What did do here? Billy:
Nothing. I didn’t do anything. Mr Taffer:
But you’re losing every day, right? Billy:
Yes sir. Mr Taffer:
And now you call me to bail you out. Let’s go over to your bar
for a minute. So girls, why don’t you light up
another cigarette back here. There we go. So is this legal
to smoke behind a bar, Billy? Is it?
Because things like this happen and now you can’t consume
any of those beers, right? Rezzo:
Right. Mr Taffer:
You’re pulling a beer with the cigarette
over the beer, but you didn’t see
that Billy, did ya? What about you Waterman? Did you do anything
other than drink water tonight? Waterman:
No. Mr Taffer:
Who does she work for? Waterman:
Us. Mr Taffer:
How many more shots are going to have? You have one more drink,
I will fire you. Do you understand that? Rezzo:
I am little intoxicated, I’m a little drunk.
I have taken shots after shots. I admit that. I feel stupid right now. I should have been sober, on my A game and I wasn’t.