Kachkola’r Khosha’r Chachchari: a spicy mish-mash of unripe banana peels potatoes 60g; pumpkin 60g kachkola (unripe bananas) 400g: for this recipe, we need just the peels green chillies 3 pcs; dried red chilli 1 pc
kaalo jeere ¼ tsp; nigella seeds grated coconut 15g dal’er bori (sundried lentil dumplings) 6 pcs yellow + black mustard seeds 35g, soaked for 2 hours turmeric ¾ tsp; sugar 10g; salt 15g mustard oil: for cooking 25g; for garnish 5g divide kachkola in 5cm chunks 8g salt; ¼ tsp turmeric 450g water boil on medium heat for one whistle let the pressure release naturally carefully remove the peels so that they don’t break save the boiled bananas for kachkola’r kofta (link in description) cut peels against the grain to produce smaller fibre strands that taste less fibrous while chewing (same principle as a steak) cut 5mm strips cut potatoes in 1cm sticks cut pumpkin in 1cm sticks too soaked mustard 2 green chillies 100g water grind until smooth: take your time and do this patiently no grains, only tiny specks! heat 25g mustard oil until smoking gently fry bori until golden (20 seconds) set aside fry pumpkin on medium heat (2 minutes) set aside dried red chilli kaalo jeere potatoes fry on medium heat (2 minutes) coconut kachkola peels remaining salt (7g); ½ tsp turmeric fry on medium heat (3 minutes) sugar mustard paste sauté on medium heat (5 minutes) sprinkle water and keep frying until the raw smell of mustard goes away break bori into shards fried pumpkin, fried bori sprinkle water again, if needed mix gently: all vegetables should retain
their shape and texture green chillies; 5g mustard oil one last stir