Hello there welcome to proper Dubai where we give you the most accurate, the most comprehensive and the most down-to-earth reviews on everything Dubai and Abu Dhabi My name is Stuart Mathews and today I’m in Dubai to look at this The JW Marriott Marquis So before we go any further just like to clarify this pronunciation of the name of this hotel They tell me on the front desk its JW Marriott Marquee Although spelt Marquis now Marquee is the French pronunciation of Marquis Which means nobleman now in English, we pronounce it Marquis, which is actually in British nobility higher than an Earl or Viscount But below a Duke and obviously higher than a Baron But I don’t need to tell you that do I So it’s Marquee rather than the Marquis as in Marquis de Sade It was actually a French explicit author in the 1700s who got up some really naughty stuff That’s why I spent half his life in prison, but I can’t tell you about that because I’m in Dubai And if I did I would end up in prison as well So it’s Marquee which is a bit strange because in English Marquee is another name for a big ten the sort of thing You hire and put up in your back garden for your daughter’s wedding, which I’m sure wasn’t the vision Marriott had for this hotel Anyway just some background on this big tent this hotel is actually owned by Emirates and run by Marriott. It’s within the business bay area of Dubai and it’s right next to Sheikh Zayed Road and this which is the extension of the Dubai Creek It’s about two and a half kilometers away from Burj Khalifa in Dubai Mall Which is about 30-40 minute walk if you’re feeling fit although it’s a lot closer to Business Bay metro station on the red line Which is just a five or ten minute walk down the road So both towers here are 355 m high with 82 floors both containing exactly 804 rooms and suites Which means that’s a massive total of 1608 rooms making this the biggest hotel by room size in Dubai and actually between 2012 and 2018 is also the tallest hotel in the world Recently that’s just got beaten by another one down Sheikh Zayed Road, just a couple of kilometers away So being a very large five-star hotel it obviously has the normal meeting and banquet rooms It’s got a large spa and health club gym swimming pool all that sort of stuff But I’m also told there’s no less than 16 restaurants and 18 shops actually inside the hotel So I’m really interested to see what this mega hotel looks like. So let’s go inside have a look I love you So I’ve just been looking around the room here and there’s a couple of things I really like The first is this touch sensitive control panel next to the bed which controls both the AC and all the lights So for instance, you can turn the bedside lights on and off from here and even the master when you go to bed There’s nothing like a challenge in a hotel room and managing to turn off all the lights when you go to bed The second thing I really like about this hotel room is the bathroom Absolutely five-star, large, well fitted out, luxurious, cannot get better than this JW Marriott 10 out of 10 So the other thing I’ve just noticed about this room is this desk area which is not only huge It’s just really nicely laid out with the mirror behind Obviously powerpoints also got HDMI and USB to connect into the TV over there which is interesting I haven’t seen that before The other thing I quite like is not only a very clean and tidy room service There’s another booklet here that also shows you everything that’s going on in the hotel Which is really quite nice to read because it’s glossy and rather than the traditional A4 information booklet we have the same but in a very glossy and well done information sheet So everything from checking out, telephone and TV is all in here And when you read through it, it makes you very pleased that you’re at the JW Marriott Marquis So I’ve just paid 380 Dirhams for this hotel for the night that’s without breakfast That’s about 80 pounds or $100 which is about the cheapest you’ll ever see this hotel I was just lucky on an off weekend that they were doing a cheap deal The staff here have been absolutely great the young lady on the desk that checked me in check me in efficiently, quickly, comfortably She knew far more about the hotel than I did and was obviously keen on her job While I was looking around the staff in the spa were very keen to show me the the rooms And I must say not only just luxurious but actually a massive massive spa area Separate for men and women and some of the common areas and the saunas the steam rooms some of the areas for relaxation Absolutely huge – just went on and on. So if you are into spas and you can afford it definitely somewhere to come One thing that is very evident here it’s a big hotel, so don’t be surprised to see Dozens if not hundreds of people checking in or in the foyer when you turn up It’s a 1600 room hotel so I suppose you need to feed people in by the coach load One thing they haven’t done is scrimp on size that the common areas large the rooms are large multiple restaurants the size of the spa Absolutely massive and I’ve never seen anything like it So in summary, this has been a great stay definitely recommend this hotel its very five-star you’d have a great time here Facilities are massive, great place to be if you’re going to come into Dubai for a few days This is a very central area with Dubai Mall just up the road, Sheikh Zayed Road, Metro around the corner very very central place So I would highly recommend it Just one last thing about my room I must say the room worked really well. The bathroom – absolutely stunning and I’m going to push a boat out here I think that’s probably the best bathroom I’ve ever had in any hotel room around the world Well done Marriott! So, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video If you have please check out the other ones on my channel Which are reviews on hotels and things to do around Dubai and Abu Dhabi and if you’re feeling really brave Please subscribe so from the best “big tent” in the world See you next time