Hi everyone. Welcome again to my
channel. I went to India during the Christmas and New Year holidays. We
stayed in six different hotels in different cities. The one I liked the
most is the one I am coming to introduced on this video the JW Marriott in Jaipur.
This hotel opened only about a year ago. Instead of a hotel I will rather call it a Palace. Everywhere is decorated as luxurious as you can imagine. The service level is extraordinary. They make us feel like Maharajas. We were very lucky to get upgraded to one of the Royal Pool Villas. The villa is very
spacious with 150 square meters Once you step in the beautiful entrance, you can see the private swimming pool So bad we visited during the winter season. It was too cold going to the pool. But it’s still good to sit outdoor in the Cabana, to have a drink or read a book. Let’s go inside to the master bedroom.
Just like any other JW Marriot They office super comfortable mattress, bad linen and pillows. We slept like a baby every night during
our stay. The only thing I can complaint about this villa is the air conditioning system During winter time, they only provide heating system. Even it’s winter, but in daytime is still like 21 to 24 degrees Celsius Even the temperature would drop down to 6 to 8 degrees in the evening. But because of the heat trapped inside the room during the daytime. The room was still too hot to sleep with during the night On the second night of our stay, the fire alarm was triggered by the hot air At the end we have to turn off the aircon, keep the door opened and let the cold air go inside. It will be much better if the
hotel can allowed the air conditioning system to provide cool air as well. I love this marble bathroom a lot. It is modernly designed with a little bit
of elegant Indian touch with it. There are many facilities available in
this hotel. Of course we got a very beautiful
swimming pool. There’s also a well equipped fitness center, a spa and a salon Steam, sauna and jacuzzi are
complimentary to all in-house guests as well. It’s so good to come here to relax a
bit after the long day touring the beautiful city of Jaipur. There are five dining outlets in this
hotel. There’s a lounge, a bar, an all-day dining international restaurant, an India restaurant, and also and a mediterranean rooftop restaurant. This international restaurant serves buffet in both breakfast and dinner time. The food quality is so good, and with a
very big range of selection as well. I highly recommend everyone to come
stay in this JW Marriott if you have a chance to visit Jaipur. Even the hotel is a little bit far away from the city but this is much more quieter
and exclusively. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you like it press the like button, or subscribe to my channel. I’m going to show you more and more other beautiful hotels around the world See you next time.